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Wilson stood in Houses office he wasn't really hiding, he just hadn't made his presence known yet. He knew it was the only time that he would be able to witness House and Cameron, like this with their guard down. He knew that House had taken the death of this patent personally, that was the point to his visit. He wanted to make sure he wasn't huddled up in his office with a bottle of scotch and the patents file obsessing over every little detail. He cared a lot more about his patents than he let on, and the few that managed to worm in really hit him hard when he lost them.

Wilson considered backing out of the room without saying anything, but he decided to stay and stand guard for a bit. They couldn't stand that way much longer, but he still didn't want to run the chance of the wrong person walking in on them. House had made quite a few enemies at the hospital and even if they couldn't get rid of him they could always try to get rid of Cameron.

"Enjoying the show?" Wilson's head snapped up at the sound of Houses voice, he couldn't help the grin that tugged at the corners of his mouth. House was trying desperately to slip back into cranky old bastard mode.

"I just came by to see if you wanted to grab a beer, but I can see your busy." Wilson replied ignoring Houses question

"I could use a drink," Cameron piped up, moving back from House with the aid of her crutches to talk to Wilson.

"Good I'll meet you two at Murphy's around seven, that way you can drop your mom off at the airport first."

"Tired of her already Jimmy boy?" House asked with smirk, sinking down into his chair with a slight grimace. His leg was defiantly complaining, after standing in the same spot for so long with most of Cameron's weight against him. He didn't care that's what vicodin was for anyways.

"Don't call me that, you know I love her, but one of you is enough." With that Wilson headed out the door, with a grin on his face. House was finally ready to let go of

Stacey and move on with his life.

Later that night…

"Come on lets get out of here," House grabbed Cameron's hand helping her up out of her chair. Wilson had left the bar about an hour ago leaving them to finish there drinks, in the overcrowded bar. Cameron grabbed her crutches and followed House to the door weaving through the crowd of people. They both let out a small sigh of relief once they were safely seated in Houses car. Cameron defiantly had a new understanding for how hard things were on House, the simple act of leaving a bar magnified ten fold with her crutches.

"Where are we going?" Cameron asked once they had passed both the turn for her place and his. House glanced over at her, but didn't say anything instead he changed lanes and headed for the interstate.

"Your not going to tell me are you," Cameron stated as she watched the trees fly by her window. She shifted in her seat so that she could watch House, his face set in concentration as he weaved through traffic.

"You know its not polite to stare," House said relaxing back into his seat, with his hand resting loosely against the gear shifter.

"When has that ever stopped you," Cameron moved her hand to Houses on the shifter, running the tips of her fingers over the back of his hand, before covering his hand with her own. It was the small things like this that still amazed her, that she could just take his hand or touch him whenever she wanted to.

Cameron must have dozed off, because a few hours later she woke up when she heard House opening his door. Cameron blinked her eyes a few times letting them adjust to the light, before looking around trying to figure out where she was and where House had gone off to. She didn't have long to wonder before House was pulling her door open, he had two duffle bags thrown over his shoulder and a room key in his hand.

"Well are you going to get out or what?" House asked moving to the back of the car to wait for her. Cameron took a deep breath letting the salty air fill her lungs, she had always loved the beach. There was just something about it that always seemed to lift her spirits, not that she remembered telling House that.

"What are we doing here?"

"Well right now we are wasting a very over priced hotel room, if I knew you were such a fan of parking lots I could of saved some money." House quipped heading towards the front door of the hotel, by the looks of things she didn't doubt the over priced part. The place was beautiful, they were so close to the beach that she could hear the waves, and feel the sea mist on her skin as she followed House into the hotel. He must of checked in while she was sleeping because he headed right for the elevators.

Cameron watched the way House tapped his cane against the floor his knuckles were white from the death grip he had on it. He was nervous about something, judging by the way he kept sneaking looks at her it was her reaction that he was worried about. Deciding to put him out of his misery Cameron slid up next to House leaning against the wall next to him.

"How long do we have?" Cameron asked smiling up at House, letting him know that she was more than ok. With this little unplanned trip.

"We don't have to be back to work till Monday, I told Cuddy we were taking along weekend." House replied heading out of the elevator and opening the door to their room for her. Cameron had barely made it through the door before House was pushing her backwards toward the bed his mouth claiming hers in a hungry kiss. It wasn't easy walking backwards on crutches, but Cameron was to distracted by the wonderful things Houses mouth was doing to her to care.

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