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'Asakura Yoh, some one calls for you.' Yoh stood up.

'Hai. I'll be there.'

'And you Ms Kyoyama, the same person called for you.' Said the girl. Anna glanced at Yoh, then stood up. She didn't say anything, but got up. 'Please follow me.'

'Anna, who do you think is there for us, eh?' said Yoh, nudging her. Anna didn't say anything, staring straight forward. Her mouth was a tight line. 'Anna?' She walked faster. Yoh frowned and ran to catch up to her. They arrived at the school gate. 'B-b-BAA-SAN?' yelled Yoh. The white haired woman smirked.

'Why are you scared to see me?' she said. Anna bowed.

'Keiko-samma.' She said. Yoh froze.

'You know her?' Anna shot him a cold glare.

'Yes. She's my sensei.'

'And you never told me?' accused Yoh. Anna looked at Yoh with cold, hard eyes. Yoh held his breath.

'I didn't know.' said Anna. 'Keiko-samma, why are you here?' The woman smiled. She took Yoh's hand and placed it with Anna's hand. They both felt a jolt of electricity through them. Yoh glanced at his grandmother.

'What?' said Yoh, unconsciously intertwining his fingers with Anna's.

'Well, you're going to have to hold hands some time.' said his grandmother. Anna glanced at her, then back at Yoh.

'Why.' There was no tone to her voice. Just flat out.

'Yoh, you know how we've been saying that you have a fiancée?' said Keiko. Yoh nodded slowly.


'Well, Anna's your fiancée.' Anna snatched her hand away from Yoh.

'What?' she said. 'I can't be.' Her look was full of spite and hatred for him. 'I cannot be.'

'Anna. I have only asked you this because you have been my best student.' Said Keiko seriously. 'I hope you honour my decision.' Anna glared at Yoh icily. 'You are not to tell this to anyone.'

'What about Hao?' said Yoh.

'Hao knows.' She said simply. Yoh gasped.

'Since when?'

'Yesterday.' Her voice was curt and sharp. Like Anna's. Anna turned around and walked back to the school. But before she went through the gates, she turned around and bowed.

'Keiko-samma.' Then she went in.

'Aren't you going to go after your fiancée?'

'But why her?' whined Yoh. 'She's the worst person possible-but I'll see to it.' He said, after looking at his grandmother's face.

Anna couldn't believe it. She was betrothed to the enemy. What? I can't love him. I just cannot…she felt something clasp her arm. Yoh. How could he?

'Hey.' He said softly. Anna didn't reply. She pulled her wrist away from him and walked on, past the rooms, past the students, past everything…

Anna couldn't help it. She stood in the common room, staring up at the stars. It was late-and she hadn't been able to sleep. Two strong arms slipped around her waist, holding her tight.

'Anna…' he said softly. Anna didn't say anything. A tear dripped down her cheek. 'Don't cry Anna…is being my fiancée that bad? Okay…I'll cancel it for you…' Anna shook her head.

'No. Keiko-samma would just get rid of me if I was to dishonour her wishes.'

'But, Anna, you're an individual, you can't let other people make your decisions, especially for marriage. You don't want to marry some one you don't love.' He smiled weakly. Even if I love you…Anna shook her head again.

'No. That's not it,' she said, turning around to face him. Yoh wiped her tears away with his finger.

'What is it then?'

'I love the person alright,' the words struck him hard. He blushed. 'But the person hates me.' Another tear fell down. She wasn't crying freely-you could tell. It was a controlled feeling, she was frantically trying to fight back the tears. Yoh pulled her close to him.

'Oh…and what makes you think that person doesn't like you?' he said softly.

'Well-I…' But Yoh silenced her. He kissed her…a kiss that blossomed like a flower, in the dark. He broke off slowly. She was still crying, but less. Less silent tears spilled out.

'Is this the part where I get slapped?' he grinned.

'Yeah.' Anna slapped him. Yoh sweat dropped. 'But it's also the part where-,' She pushed him against the wall. 'I kiss you again.' Holding each other, they kissed.

'Aishiteru Anna…'

'Aishiteru Yoh,' whispered Anna. Yoh took out something from his pocket.

'I want you to have this…' he handed her the necklace.


'I believe it's yours.' He smiled. Anna looked so beautiful when she was innocent and vulnerable. She took it from him. She gasped.


'I've missed you Anna…' said Yoh, a tear spilling out even though he was smiling.

'Yoh-this…' she sniffed. 'It's…It's…'



'Yoh-kun!' a little Yoh ran out of the house, holding something in his hands. A beautiful necklace…

'I got this from baa-san…I want you to have it.'

'But Yoh-it's so beautiful.' Said Anna softly.

'Yeah. That's why I want you to have it. It's beautiful-like you…'

The next day:


'Anna's gone…'

'Anna…can't be gone…'


xXEnd of flashbackXx

'It's…yours…' he said, closing her fist, then hugging her. 'When you left…I felt so empty…'


'You're real beautiful Anna, did anyone tell you that?' he said. He kissed her again. Anna blushed. 'You're blushing Anna…'

'No-No I'm not!'

'It's okay…I am too,' he grinned. He loved holding her delicate body, feeling the curves under the soft touch of his hands. Anna noticed something. He wasn't wearing a shirt…his chest was so hot…

'Anna!' he said suddenly. Anna glanced up mischievously.

'Sorry…I couldn't help myself…' Yoh laughed.

'Just remember I'm ticklish.'

'You are?'

'Oh…shit…' he said, sweat dropping. Anna pulled him into her room.

'Shit it right, Yoh.' She tickled him, he struggled, laughing. Suddenly, he accidentally tickled Anna, as an act of defence. She squealed. Yoh chuckled.

'So you're ticklish as well…' Funny. It had never struck him that Anna was ticklish.

'Don't you dare, Asakura,'

'Dare what?' He tickled her until she gasped for air. 'Hey, I know that you're trying to get air…but I'm a little turned on right now…'

'YOH!' she slapped him, 'You-.'

He placed his lips on hers.

I know when everything's perfect

When everything's right

When everything's the way it should be

When the sun's shining

And spring's here after a long winter

When everyone's singing

When nothing else matters

I know it's perfect…

When you're in my arms

By my side…

And I'm by yours….

'baka,' Anna finished-but with a smile on her usually cold face.

'Hai…I'm proud to be,' he grinned. 'You should smile more Anna…it makes you look more beautiful.'

'Oh. And what if I don't want to be?' said Anna, immediately reforming her old face. 'You don't tell me what to do, Yoh.' Yoh whimpered, and gave her 'puppy' eyes.



'Let me hold you…'

'Heck no!' but Yoh was already hugging her.

'Sorry, I'm a little deaf.' He grinned. Anna rolled her eyes, but she smiled…making Yoh smile as well…



'Don't you dare kiss me again without my permission.'


'I mean it…' But Yoh had already kissed her. 'Baka!'

'I love you too Anna.' Grinned Yoh.

'Please.' But Anna smiled to herself. Every time he said that, she wanted to smile…

'Asakura Anna…'

'Excuse me?' said Anna. Yoh grinned.

'Doesn't it sound right?'

'Shut up Yoh.'

'It does…doesn't it?' Anna only looked down. Asakura Anna…does sound right…'What's wrong?'

'Nothing.' Said Anna sharply. Yoh slipped his arms around her waist.

'Aw…c'mon, Anna…'

'How on earth do you cope with all those fan girls around you?' Anna said, her voice blank.


'No.' Yes. She crossed her arms.

'Aww…but I'd be jealous if you let the guys hug you…I'd be crazy with jealousy.' He smiled. Anna opened the door suddenly.


'What do you want?-Ms Anna…'

'C'mon. Let's go for a date.' Yoh's jaw dropped, so did Kei's.

'You're not kidding.'

'Does it look like I am?' accused Anna. 'Just let me get changed.' She came back out with a bikini top under a hot pink net shit ( those see-through net shirts), A sinfully short mini-pleated skirt, and wide toed hot pink/black trainers. Yoh's eyes basically dropped out of their sockets. So did Keis.

'C'mon Kei.' Yoh was burning with jealousy. He saw Kei slip his hand up her thigh…under her skirt. And Anna didn't react. He grabbed Kei.

'GET OFF MY ANNA!' he said angrily. My Anna…that's right…MY ANNA!

'What did you just call me, Yoh?' said Anna icily.

'Sorry Anna.' He still held on to Kei. Kei smirked.


'What do you think you're doing?' said Anna again, to Yoh.

'I-I…' Anna lowered his hand.

'Let me do the honours.' She punched Kei. Hard. 'That was for trying to feel me up, hentai.' Then she slammed her door in Kei's face.

'Jealous?' said Anna.

'As if-YEAH! DUH I WAS JEALOUS!' said Yoh. 'Anna!' he buried his face in her hair.

'Don't worry…I'd never go for him…' Or any one else for that matter…


'What do you think?' Yoh happily smiled and pulled Anna down with him, placing her on his lap.


'Don't call me that. Ever.'

'Sorry Anna…chan…'


'Sorry!' he squeaked.

'You'd better be…' Wow…he looks so kawaii when he's scared.

'Hai Anna!' Smiling, he hugged her, and she-surprisingly, hugged him back.

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