Burden of Knowledge

By TheLostMaximoff

Disclaimer: Don't own these characters. I have always had a fondness for the rogues that haunt the halls of Arkham Asylum. R/R if you like.

They say that knowledge is power. I wonder sometimes if it's true. Is the price we pay for knowing something worth the knowledge itself? Hmm, I wonder. What could we accomplish if we knew so much more than we already do? Why almost anything at all. We could create life, chart the cosmos, solve any quandary we ever had. All we need is more knowledge about the world around us. But where to get this knowledge, where indeed? How to get it would be a great riddle too. Hmm, I wonder.

But the grandest question of all is this one I shall pose to you now. What would be the cost of such knowledge? You see, now we're getting into a quandary. Would it cost you your sanity, your life, your soul? How much would it take to satisfy your curiosity? Could you stop or would you simply want to know everything? I have solved that riddle. The human mind cannot stop learning. We as humans have an insatiable desire for knowledge. But the thing we love more than knowledge is the act of learning. It's not the knowledge itself so much as satisfying our abundant curiosity. Look at me for instance. Have I come across a puzzle my mind has not been able to eventually unlock? Come now, you know full well I have not.

But knowledge comes with burdens, you see. The more you know the more you want to not only know but tell as well. You see, I know a very large secret. Oh yes, it took me quite a long time to solve the puzzle but I always love a challenge. I cracked his code, unlocked his puzzle, solved his riddle. For years upon years it haunted me and taunted me like so many others tormented me in my youth. But I beat him just like I beat them. I know the secret of the Bat. I know whose face it is he sees when he looks in the mirror. I know the dirty secret he hides behind that cowl. It plagued me for years but now I know.

Tell you? Of course I could. But the fun lies in the process of learning. When someone tells you a riddle you want to figure it out. You can't just ask them what the answer is, it's no fun that way. But the interesting conundrum is what I pose to you now. What happens when the Riddler wants to tell everyone the answer to a riddle, hmm? I do want to tell, you see. I want to scream his name from the rooftop of Arkham Asylum. Batman is really. . .. Do you know how delicious that would be to proclaim my crowning achievement to the world? So wonderful indeed.

Perhaps this is the burden of knowledge they speak of. It's not what you know that can kill you but how you use that knowledge that can. I know the secret but the burden comes in the fact that I can't tell anyone. So what good is knowing something if you can't do anything about it? Perhaps therein lies the greatest riddle. I know the secret of the Batman. The question now is, what the hell do I do with this knowledge? Answer that riddle if you can.