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"Princess Serenity, please wake up!" a maid called to the princess through the bedroom door.

Princess Serenity groaned lightly before rolling on her side and covering her head with a pillow. "Just five more minutes, PLEASE!" she yelled out.

"Princess Serenity, your mother wishes to see you this instant!" the maid said as she cracked the princess' bedroom door slightly.

"What for?" Serenity yawned out as she sat up in her bed. All sleep had been yanked away from her.

"I'm not sure, Princess Serenity, but the Queen said it was important." The maid said as she scurried to the Princess' closet and pulled out a suitable dress for her to wear.

Serenity swung her feet over the side of the bed and stretched her arms up in the air in an attempt to awaken her body. "It is probably about that incident with Prince Edymon from earth!" Serenity said in a bored tone.

Serenity had to smile lightly as the picture of the arrogant prince running back to his ship limping from soreness in his. . . ahem. . lower regions. 'Serves him right for trying to force himself on me!'

Serenity was interrupted from her memories when the maid pulled her up and started to dress her.

"Princess Serenity, we must hurry unless the Queen be angry from waiting!" the maid said as she tied the princess' corset.

"Eepp!" Serenity squeaked when the corset became too tight.

"Who in the name of Selene introduced this 'thing' to my mother?" Serenity gasped out as the maid tightened the corset further.

"I believe this, along with several dresses, was a present from their king and queen from earth! I believe Prince Edymon found that you look exquisite in the gifts they brought." The maid said as she tied the corset and handed the princess her dress for the day.

"Thank you!" Serenity said as she slipped into the dress. 'Whatever! He had only one thing on his mind. The baka prince was so self-conceded!'

The maid bowed before taking to the task of fixing the princess' hair and makeup.

Queen Serenity sat on her throne in her throne room listening to the day's events that she would have to attend.

'Where on earth is my daughter?' the queen thought to herself as she continued to stare at the doors.

"Your Highness!" the day planner called out.

This snapped the queen out of her staring contest with the door. "Yes?"

"So you will agree to let the demon lord, InuTaisho, and his son come to visit the moon?" the day planner asked skeptically.

Just then Princess Serenity came through the doors.

"Yes, that will be fine!" the queen said before waving the day planner away.

The day planner bowed to the queen and princess before making his way to have someone deliver the message to InuTaisho.

"Serenity, my daughter, you are looking more beautiful every day!" The queen said politely to her daughter.

Serenity tried her best to bow but it was considerably hard considering how tight the 'garment from hell' had been tied.

The queen stared at her daughter a moment before she chuckled lightly. "Having problems dear?"

"Yes, how could you NOT tell?" the princess said as she clutched her stomach. 'Damn women on earth, they mustn't need air to breathe if they wear these things. Unless they breathe from the other end, which I highly doubt. Most of the women I met from down on earth act like they have a stick shoved up there ass!' Serenity thought to herself as she tried to breathe in the life force that is AIR. Pictures of Beryl and Ann were flashing through her head.

The queen watched as her daughter's look of discomfort turned into a look of pure loathing, "Serenity, you do not have to wear the corset after today!"

"Can I burn the wretched things and send them back to hell where they came from?" Serenity asked with enthusiasm. 'Along with a couple of other things or people!' Serenity added silently to herself.

"No, I'm afraid you can't!" the queen said with mirth in her eyes and voice, "You will need them for when the King and Queen of earth return."

"That is if they return! I don't think that Prince Edymon will be wanting to come back anytime soon!" Serenity said with a triumphant smile gracing her heart shaped face.

"True," the queen said as she shook her head at her daughter, "but that leads into the account of finding you another suitor!"

"B-but mother?" Serenity whined out slightly.

The queen lifted her hand so that she would hear no more back talk from her daughter.

"However, I am going to give you ONE month to find a suitable male to marry before I choose for you!" the queen said.

"And who, pray tell, would you choose mother?" Serenity questioned as she raised an eyebrow at her mother.

"Either Prince Edymon or Prince Diamond!"

Serenity shivered at the thought of having to marry either one of them. "Fine mother! I will go along with this scheme of yours!"

"Whatever do you mean, daughter?" the queen asked innocently but her eyes had a look of mischief about them.

"I know I didn't get my scheming abilities from my father! Not all of them anyway!" Serenity said. "I don't even know who my father is? Who is he mother? I've never seen a picture of him or anything!"

". . . "

"Mother!" Serenity said sternly.

"I don't know!"

Serenity starred open mouthed at her mother. "How can you not know who my father is?" Serenity said before she realized what she was asking.

"Well you-"

"Never mind I don't want to know!" Serenity said as she covered her ears with her delicate hands.

The queen laughed before sending her daughter to do her daily lessons.

"My Lord!" came a small sharp voice from a short green toad-like demon.

The toad-like creature ran through the halls of an enormous castle until he reached two gigantic doors in which was his Lord and Master's study.

Two massive demons opened the doors at the nod from the small annoying creature. The toad-like creature ran into the room with his staff in one hand and a parchment in the other.

"My Lord!" it called as it walked up to a huge table where his Lord and his son were looking over some maps.

"What is it Jaken?" questioned the Lord.

"We have received an answer from her Majesty the Queen of the Moon!" Jaken the toad-like creature said as he bowed low to his superiors.

The Lord nodded his head as a sign for Jaken to approach him.

Jaken kept his eyes glued to the floor as he handed his Lord the note.

All the while the Lord's son was still looking over the map. Never once did he look up to give any heed toward Jaken or Jaken's intrusion.

The Lord took the note and read:

Demon Lord InuTaisho:

The Queen as regarded your request to visit her magnificent kingdom carefully and with thought has decided that your presence in the kingdom would be a wonderful honor. We are expecting you here in three days time as you stated you would arrive in your previous letter. We will have rooms for you and your son prepared immediately. The Queen wishes you a safe trip to the moon!

Queens Day Planner

Mr. Conterdims

InuTaisho smiled to himself before handing the letter to his son, "What do you think, Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru scanned the letter before tossing it to the side carelessly, "Why should it matter what I think? I have a feeling I am going whether I want to or not!" Sesshomaru said with an emotionless tone.

Jaken grew wide-eyed at the way Lord Sesshomaru was talking to Master InuTaisho. 'I do not see how my master and lord could stand the way Lord Sesshomaru is talking to him.' Jaken thought but decided to keep his eyes glued to the floor.

"Jaken have the servants prepare my sons', mate's, and my necessities together! We are going to visit the Queen of the Moon." InuTaisho said as he dismissed the Jaken.

"Yes My Lord!" Jaken said as he ran out of the room to do his masters bidding.

Sesshomaru merely looked back at the map that lay in front of him and tried to find a way to figure out how to win the upcoming battle.

"Do you think it is wise to travel when we are so close to war?" Sesshomaru question his father.

"There will most likely be no war. All these mindless happenings are just pathetic demons searching for some attention." InuTaisho said as he set to work.


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