Okay, this is a ONE SHOT meaning this is going to be the only chapter. Please don't ask me to continue, that is why it iscalled a oneshot. Okay, now that that is done. I got this idea out of the fifth book chapter 21 I think. Mizuki had a night mare and ended up sleeping in Sano's bed. This is along the same lines (only it's purly mine...I came up with it!)

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Falling For You






What was wrong with her? Why wouldn't the silly girl just stay still?




Sano's eyes opened at the last sound and he glanced over to the side of his bed. It took him a moment for what he was seeing to register in his mind. A hand, a face and neck, and a bare leg from almost the thigh down, met his half closed eyes. His eyes traveled to the floor.

Mizuki's blanket lay in a crumpled mess on the floor near his bed. His eyes traveled back up to the girl sleeping above him.

Her eyes were screwed shut, and her mouth was twisted in a nervous line. Not only that but she was shaking slightly. It could be from the cold, but then again she had a small problem with nightmares.

The girl made a soft, frightened sound and attempted to toss again, only she attempted to toss in the wrong direction. Instead of flopping back onto her bed, she turned and fell off the bed.

Thinking fast Sano moved underneath her, and half caught the flailing girl. She was wide awake now, and they were both on the floor.

Sano had still been in his blankets when he had made the rescue, so the blanket had been pulled off the bed with them. It tangled around his legs and half covered the startled girl.

She looked down at him with wide eyes, "Oh! Sano! I'm so sorry!" She said attempting to scramble to her feet. The blanket had other plans though, and made it difficult for her to stand.

Mizuki over-balanced and toppled back onto Sano, who attempted to make her landing as painless as possible. "I swear, Mizuki, you do have a clumsy streak, especially at night time." He teased the girl in his arms, momentarily forgetting that she was pretending to be a he, and Sano wasn't supposed to know, "Or is it just a ploy to end up in my arms?"

Mizuki's strangled gasp revealed his mistake. "What?" She asked in shock.

Sano closed his eyes, not realizing one of his hands had wound up on her waist when she fell. One of her legs had fallen between the two of his, and the other was outside, putting her in a very awkward position above the high jumper. "Nothing, are you alright?" Sano desperately hoped that his blunder wouldn't be noticed.

"Um, yeah. I think so." The girl said, mentally checking to see if all her body parts were in working order. It was about that time the two of them realized the compromising position they found themselves in. Sano watched as Mizuki's cheeks turned ten shades darker. He knew his own face was a few shades pinker, but he didn't bother thinking about it.

Mizuki just about flew off of him, again forgetting about the blanket trapping them together. When she stood up, the blanket seemed to tighten, pulling her back down on top of him, for a third time that night. "Uh!" The breath was knocked out of him, and his arms automatically wrapped around her.

"Sorry." She muttered again, getting off him. This time she took the time to disentangle the blanket from around their legs, refusing to look him in the face.

"It's ok." Sano muttered as he too sat up. He climbed onto his bed and patted the mattress next to him, "So, another nightmare?"

Mizuki sank down next to him, "Yeah." She answered heavily. "I'm sorry for waking you up."

"What are friends for?" He answered easily, then turned somber eyes on her, "You wanna talk about it?"

The girl looked down at her hands, her eyes had a haunted look, "Not really." She admitted.

After studying his room mate for a few moments he scooted into the bed, leaving plenty of room for her, "Hop in." Mizuki just stared at him like he's gone mad, "Don't give me that look, you usually end up down here anyway."

"And what's that supposed to mean!" She demanded hotly.

Sano chuckled at the fiery girl sitting on the edge of his bed, "Every time you have a nightmare, you end up sleeping down here with me." He pointed out, pulling the blanket's up onto the bed.

"Oh." She said, looking uncertain.

"Don't worry about it. Just grab your pillow and climb in." He still couldn't believe he was doing this, yet Mizuki seemed to have this type of effect on him. He wanted to protect her. From everything, and that included bad dreams.

The girl didn't give it a second thought as she reached up and pulled her pillow down onto his bed, then climbed in next to him. "G'night." She mumbled, stifling a yawn as she snuggled into the pillow. Sano couldn't help but wish she was snuggling with him, not the pillow.

Her breathing deepened and he just stared at her. There was no doubt she was asleep. She looked so beautiful. Her pale hair cascaded to shade her lightly closed eyes. Her soft pink mouth was half open and she looked so relaxed. He was reclining on one of his elbows to look down at her.

"Mizuki." He said longingly as he reached out a hand and brushed a few strands of her hair away from her face. It was silky to the touch, and he paused to play with a strand absently, still looking at her in a sort of daze.

The lock of hair slid from his fingers, his eyes were glued to her lips. Slowly he leaned forward and pressed his lips on hers gently. He pulled back with a heavy sigh, "Oh, Mizuki, when am I gonna be able to do this and not be afraid of you waking up?" He wondered allowed.

The girl made a soft sound and shifted closer to his warmth. He lowered himself down next to her and was rather pleased when she snuggled into his chest, instead of that stupid pillow. Well, if even for a little while, he'd be able to hold her without fear of someone finding out.

He drifted to sleep with his arms around her, gently trapping her against him.

Well I sure hope you all enjoyed it. I had fun writing it.