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Dogs Do Rule the World


Yujiro sat watching his two favorite humans as they walked side by side in front of him. One was a young man by the name of Sano Izumi, a tall handsome boy that enjoyed the sport of high jumping. The other was what appeared to be a small boy with a rather feminine facial structure. The truth was that theis 'boy', Mizuki, was, in fact, a girl.

The whole reason Mizuki was masqurading as a guy was so she would meet Sano, her longtime crush.

It was obvious to Yujiro that they loved each other, but they never did anything about it and it was really starting to irritate the dog.

It should be so simple, he thought. If they wanted each other so badly why didn't they just mate already? That was the reasonable thing to do, after all,

But, he reminded himself, human's weren't exactly very reasonable creatures. sometimes they did the stupidest things. These two were no exception to that rule.

At the rate they were going they'd be dead before one made a move.

Yujiro tilted his head, watching them thoughtfully, maybe they needed help. Perhaps he could give them the little 'push' they needed.

Yujiro grinned to himself, his lips curling upward to expose his ivory fangs. yes, he could help their courting along. In no time at all he'd have a few pups to play with.

That thought had his tail flicking back and fourth happily. He had always loved pups, even though they tended to pull his ears and tail, he still loved them.

Yes, he deffinitely wanted Mizuki and Sano to mate and have a whole litter of pups for him to play with.

Now, how to go about helping them...He'd once watched a movie with Mizuki about two dogs that got their masters to fall in love by binding them together using their leashes. It was a brilliant idea, Yujiro thought, raising to a sitting position.

Mizuki was the one holding his leash, and they had both stopped their walk, now arguing about something, standing practically toe to toe. Yujiro had never before seen them bicker and wondered idly what it was about.

He didn't contemplate it to hard, though, that wasn't important. What was important was that this was a perfect oportunity for Yujiro to put his plan into motion.

Gracefully he pulled his body to a standing position and went over to brush against the girl's legs, accidentally-on-purpose bumping her to hard, sending her stumbling into the young man's chest.

Sano caught her automatically around the waist, brancing her against his chest, and taking a step or so back to maintain his ballance.

They stared at each other for a long time, Mizuki's arms locked between them against Sano's firm upperbody. Sano's hands were resting lightly on her slightly flairing waist.

Pleased with his success Yujiro barked happily at them, sitting royally and grinning at the couple in his doglike fassion.

The loud sound of Yujiro's bark seemed to break Mizuki from whatever transe being in Sano's embrace had put her under. She broke eyecontact with him, blushing so that her whole face resembled a rose in color. Sano's arms dropped to his sides as the girl stepped back, and Yujiro saw the vast ocean of disappointment swirling in his eyes.

Growling in irritation, Yujiro's tail ceased beating against the ground. He wasn't about to give up though, his future happyness depended on them getting together!


It was movie night in the dorm and Mizuki and Sano had stolen the living room first, banishing everyone else back to their rooms to sulk and wait for next week. They were trying to pick a movie when Yujiro made his move, picking up The Little Mermaid in his mouth and presenting it to his human's, batting his tail on the floor enthusiastically.

Sano laughed, "Looks like he picked for us." He said to Mizuki before turning to take the tape, "Alright, boy, but I pick next."

The two guys settled down on the couch a comfortable distance apart and Yujiro curled up at their feet contentedly. If he played theis right they'd be together by morning.

Ten minutes into the movie Yujiro got tired of sitting on the floor. So he got up and moved to the spot next to Mizuki on the end of the small couch. There wasn't enough room for the large dog on that tiny peice of couch so Mizuki scooted over to make room.

that was exactly what Yujiro wanted her to do. After a few minutes he started shifting as though uncomfortable. He wasn't really, he just wanted an excse to stretch out more in order to force Mizuki and Sano closer together.

It worked and Mizuki schooted closer to Sano. After that the dog braced his feet on the arm rest and used Mizuki's leg as a brace to stretch. The young woman shiftted uncontiously, not really paying attention to the dog.

She did, appearently, notice when her thigh pressed against Sano's and her shoulder brushed his. Embarressed she glanced over at him; he didn't seem to notice, his eyes fixed on the tv.

She ignored her rapidly beating heart and looked down at the creature crowding her.

Yujiro just grinned at her, white teeth flashing, and tail thumping against the cushins. She gave the guilty dog a suspitious look, could it...naw. He may be smart, but he wasn't that smart.


Mizuki may have thought Sano had not realised their close proximity, or that he simply idnd't care, but in reality it was quite the opposite.

He had been fully aware of her conintual shifting and inching his direction; it was driving him crazy. His mind raced with his heart and he found he could not even pay attention to the movie Yujiro had picked.

When her side finally touched his he had to force himself not to move. His arm just ached to be put around her shoulders and draw her soft form closer to his side.

It was pure torture to have the girl so close, but be unable to touch her. He was aware of every move she made, ever breath she took.

He was so distracted by the pretty girl next to him that it was a complete surprise when the movie ended and the object of his affection asked him to put in another. Sano was sorely tempted to pun in a horror film and see what happened, but he resisted, settling for a good old fashioned action movie.

About halfway through the movie Mizuki's head started to bob, finally landing heavily on Sano's shoulder. She was alseep!

His eyes were drawn from the girl sleeping on him to the dog next to her who had stood up and reached down to drag the girl's legs onto the couch by way of her pant leg.

Because she was now in an uncomfortable position she started squirming in her sleep, trying to find a more comfortable position.

Yujiro had jumped from the couch and stood watching them, tail wagging excitedly.

Mizuki had finally found a comfortable position, curled up with her head nestled on Sano's lap. Sano's eyes fixed once again on the dog, who now seemed to be grinning in satisfaction.

Sano's eyes narrowed at the dog slightly, what was up with him?


Yujiro had finally gotten fed up with Sano just siting there with his mate curling next to him. He should be doing something. Showing his affection towards her somehow.

Yujiro took the matter into his own paws once more by grabbing the sleeve of Sano's shirt and pulling his hand onto Mizuki's head. But still he refused to move!


Sano remained frozen for a moment, staring at his pet in disbelief. Yujiro stared by at him with soulful eyes. When the young man didn't move the dog made an irritated sound deep in it's chest and nudged Sano's hand with his cold wet nose.

Sano was confused, but his fingers automatically san into Mizuki's silk-like hair. The dog, seemingly satisfied, barked softly and trotted off, tail wagging from side to side.

Sano watched the mutt leave in bewilderment, his fingers abseltly tracing Mizuki's ear. What a weird dog.

Mizuki mewled in pleasure, tilting her head to allow him greater access. He smiled and continued to massage her hear until sleep took him as well.


Yujiro returned to the room at about one in the morning to check on the couples progress. Sano hasd seemed to understand what he had been instructing him to do, that's why he had left them alone.

His tail beat faster as he caught sight of the two sleeping on the couch. Sometime in their sleep they had changed position, both now laying down.

Sano was on the bottom, cradling Mizuki to his chest, one hand still in her hair, the other wrapped around her waist. Mizuki's head was resting lightly on the young man's solid chest. The looked extremely comfortable. Now confident that his two masters would become mates the dog went back to his bed.


Come morning Mizuki was finally awake, just not up and about yet. She hand't moved from the warmth of her bed yet, nor had she ventured to open her eyes, content to just lay and daydream.

Her daydreams, naturally, consisted of Sano and her, wrapped in eachothers arms. Sadly she decided it was time to get up, and attempted to sit up. Only, she couldn't, a steel band had somehow wrapped around hr durning the night, pinning her to her bed.

Confused, Mizuki opened her eyes and stared below her at the boy who had materialized from her dreams. Her movement had brought him from the realm of sleep as well and he bleerily opened his eyes. "Stop squirming, Mizuki, can't you see Im' trying to sleep?"

She most deffinitely could, but this puzzled her. How could Sano, a completely straight male, wake up and not be disterbed to find his roommate lying a top him.

Unless he wasn't as straight as she had thought. Mizuki's heart plumited fast, all her dreams of living happily with Sano vanishing. She desided she had to ask, "Sano?"

"Hm?" He asked tiredly, his eyes closed.

Mizuki shifted into a sitting position, strattling his chest, "I was wondering...are you gay?"

That woke the boy up. He opened one eye to stare at her, "No, why do you ask?"

Mizuki shifted uncomfortably, "Well, no reason." She said, blushing furiously.

He chuckled and she could feel it vibrate through her legs, a strange feeling to be sure. "I'm completely straight Mizuki, now I'm going back to sleep."


Yujiro yawned and stood up from his bed in Sano and Mizuki's room. He could hear the sound of someone walking down the stairs, so he went to see what was going on.

It was Nakatsu he was following, and they went straight to the living room where Mizuki was sitting on Sano's chest, staring down at him in confusion.

Nakatsu froze, staring in disbelief, "Mizuki?" He asked, his voice comming out a squeek.

The girl's head swirled to look at him, her face beet red. She quickly scrambled off her crush, "It's not what it looks like, Nakatsu, I swear."

Nakatsu put a hand to his head and left the room, trying to banish the strange feeling in his chest.

"Uh...I'm going to take a shower." Mizuki said quickly and fled the room.

Yujiro watched her leave, then his head shot to where Sano sat on the couch. Sano raised an eyebrow at him, shrugging his shoulders, "Don't look at me, she's the one who thought I was gay."

With a huff the dog went outside, if they didn't want to be together, then fine. They could have it their way! He gave up!

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