Hello everyone!

So, after much deliberation, proddings from many of you, and multiple bashings of my head by whatever creature has decided to inhabit my brain WHACK! OW! What was that for? Get on with it! WHACK! OW! OKAY!

Anyways, I have decided that I shall continue this story!

As a sequel.

So look for my new story, Repercussions !

And since you were kind enough to read my ramblings, I shall favor you with a preview of the first chapter!

(I'm in an exclamation point mood today. Usually I don't use this many of them. This is totally bizarre. I think the strange creature has given me brain damage or something by his bashings)

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never mine. But it's nice to dream.

A young woman stood on a hilltop, overlooking fields and greenery. A gentle breeze rustled the curls that hung about her face and at the same time brought color to her cheeks and an added sparkle to her eyes. She rotated slowly, taking in all the land around her, a bonnet swinging from her hand. A dot of motion caught her eye, and she turned to regard it more closely. Softly, a happy smile stole across her features as recognition appeared in her eyes. She began her descent down the hill towards the dot, which had become distinguishable as a man, all the while schooling her features into indifference.

After a few minutes of brisk walking, for she was an excellent walker, the two met on the pathway. The woman made the first move, looking up in feigned startlement.

"Mr. Darcy!"

And there you are folks! Stay tuned for more!

Oh, and if any of you care, I haven't abandoned Darcy vs. Wickham. But I think some of my block will go away if I get this baby out before it explodes out of me.