Title: Come and Get Me
Disclaimer: This is purely for entertainment; none of the characters are mine.
Pairing: B/F
Rating: T
Note: This is the sequel to 'The Only Way Is OUT.' Hopefully this shall remain short and sweet. Hope you liiike!

Chapter 1 - Snatched

Mexican heat was not something I'd familiarised myself with. Sure, it was hot in California, but this was about that times ten. Hundred.

We had enough money to keep us going. Faith found a job in the bar not far from here, and I waitressed in a small café up on the tourist strip. It was always busy and people often gave tips. Sometimes it pays to have a figure you can show off and a smile that people pay to see. It was good. On the weekends, we would sit out on the beach and talk, and sunbathe, and sleep. And she would hold me from behind sometimes and tell me how she'd dreamed of living out here. And that I was the perfect person to be with.

'Now that we're here, I never wanna leave,' she whispered, the sun setting and the oceanfront lapping up gorgeous white waves onto the shore. Her cheek pressed to mine, her warmth giving me these fuzzies I so often thought about, I couldn't be happier. To be honest? It was perfect and I mean perfect down to the T. Running away had become the farthest thing on both of our minds. Especially because we had each other.

But you know as well as I do that perfection does not last forever. Even in the best of situations. But I stopped counting the days that we'd been gone. We were so happy that I pretty much forgot about what we left behind in Sunnydale. She'd agreed not to tell them. Willow, Giles and Xander. I respected her for that. God, I will never forget how she wrapped her arms around me that night. Not even if banged my head and got amnesia.

I guess it was a sequence of events that raised my suspicions about where we were staying. It sounds weird. But it was all true. We'd get looks. People would watch us intently as we worked. And on the beach. I noticed old men stop and look at me as I opened the door and left for work. Oh, but…then again…Faith was wearing what little underwear I'd let her put on after early morning, er…you knows.

But still. I just couldn't shake the feeling of someone "following" us. I should've let her know. Faith noticed thing, but if it wasn't in the beginning, then it wasn't at all, for her. And naturally, she believed we received stares because we would hold hands, canoodle and smooch in the middle of the street, and on the beach. But it wasn't necessarily when we were together, that we'd receive the looks.

A man sat across from the café I worked at all day for three days once. Wearing a long, black jacket and needless to say the rest of his attire followed suit. Now, that's yelling 'obvious' in Mexico, considering temperature's always at enough to cook a human wearing no more than a hat.

I was gonna talk to Faith about it. But in more ways than one, I guess we never got round to it.

We spent every moment that we weren't working together. Cooking. Sleeping. Showering. For our own safety. And comfort, of course. She always watched me as I got ready for work in the morning, sprawled out on the bed and tangled between the sheets, or at my side, removing clothes I tried to put on so I could leave the house looking decent. Happened a lot. She'd remind me of a little morning fantasy she'd dreamt up and was yet to put into practice. Details later.

As stupid as it sounds, I felt incomplete whenever we weren't together. Together we ran. I lost her, but then she found me. I was lucky. She could have so easily gotten on the bus back to Sunnydale if she wanted to. But she chose to come here and be with me. Together we fought. All those nights we'd patrolled side by side, watching each other's backs. Together we lived. Together we loved.

In truth, I didn't see much point of "being" if it wasn't with Faith. My mind flashed back to the night a Council Member chased after me. I was alone. I was alone and I needed her. And as soon as I got back to the motel room, I felt safe. Because we were together. Because it was me, and her.

I brought her drink out to her and watched as she emerged from the ocean. Her hair clung to her back and her body glistened in the golden sun. She approached me slowly, flashing me a grin as I leant back on my shoulders. 'Did you just get in?' she asked as she sat down beside me.

I nodded and motioned for her to give me a hug. She did so, and planted a kiss in the dip of my neck. 'Thank you for this morning, gorgeous,' she whispered into my ear, eliciting a chuckle from my lips.

'You are more than welcome, Faith,' I told her. 'But I expect the gesture to be returned,' I quipped, and she smiled.

She clucked her tongue and hissed through her teeth. 'Well, not sure if I'll be a match for that action, although I do have a couple of ideas.'

She stood and brushed herself down.

'See ya later on,' she winked and hurried off, though I sat up and called her.

'Working late again tonight?'

'Just 'til midnight! Mwah!' she yelled as she kept walking.

I gotta admit. I kinda didn't like the late nights she worked. I wasn't worried that she wouldn't be able to handle herself, just that she might have to. There was that, and the fact that I got so god awful lonely. But while she was gone I often ended up taking a swim, just as she did…then I'd take a nap so that when she got back we could get down to…business…Although on her late nights I often did forget to wake up and then would find my stupid alarm waking me, rather than her.

The sun started setting and I took footsteps towards the ocean, deciding that I didn't need any clothes. People were barely seen on the beach at sundown, so I didn't have anything to worry about; in terms of being…oogled, I mean.

As I swam I started to think of what Faith and I would do when we got home, what she'd say to me, if we would talk for hours. I loved our chats…or if we would just lie in bed and hold each other. I tried to think of her expression when I woke up and she'd just gotten in from work; rather than seeing her asleep as I woke to get ready for work. But either way, I couldn't wait to see her again.

I wasn't used to waking up so late; the sun usually didn't allow me to sleep for more than five or six hours. But it was weird. I felt strangely alone. But when I blinked my eyes open I realised I was ACTUALLY alone. There was no one in the space beside me. The bed was tidy on her side. She hadn't slept in it tonight.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes, calling out her name through an indolent sigh. 'Faith; are you home?'

I felt myself taking steps through the entire house to see where she was. The bathroom. No Faith. The lounge. No Faith. The kitchen. No Faith. The bedroom again. Still no Faith.

The beach. No one. This didn't make sense. She never stayed out all night. Sure, it was like her. When she was single. When we were in Sunnydale and she liked her one-nighters. What had happened to her? I know she would never cheat on me; the though never would've even crossed my mind. But then where was she?

I dressed in record time and grabbed the keys. My stomach was beginning to do roly-polys, of the worried sort. The moment I stepped off the porch I knew something was wrong. There were crowds of people in the street; people covering their mouths with their hands. People looking directly at me.

What the hell was going on?

It wasn't until an old man hurried to me, that my stomach began to do serious somersaults. Of the freaking scared kind.

'Buffy! Buffy,' he called as he approached me. 'Big truck come and say where is Faith…'

'You know where she's gone?'

He nodded frantically and continued to explain, out of breath. 'They come in to my bar, and take her.'

'What did these guys look like?' I asked immediately, trying to stay calm.

'Biiiig. They…have…pssh, pssh,' he demonstrated.

'Guns!' I asked.

'Si, si…they take her, just now!' he explained further, and the moment he pointed to where the van was; I found myself running with all my energy, to get to her.

I could see the truck. I had to get to her. Fast. And even though it was moving, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to it, running as fast as I could. But I was a Slayer; not the world's fastest cheetah. I couldn't keep up for long and soon the truck was moving away from me.

I didn't even feel the tears coming. Or hear the calls coming from within me. I was numb.

I ruled out the possibility that she went willingly. She proved that she wanted to be with me just by coming to Mexico. And with everything that had happened between us; she'd stuck with me all this time. Why leave now?

I barely made it back to the villa before breaking down into fits of cries. Why did this happen to her, and not me? Surely the knew it was me they were after, not her? Or maybe they'd taken her because of me…to punish me.

My cheeks stuck to the wall as I pressed my face to it, unable to move from crying so much. Though soon the sadness was overwhelmed by anger and I started punching at the walls, and screaming.

Nothing made sense. Why would they take her?

I eventually calmed down and found myself sitting on the bed, opening the draw to her nightstand, and flicking slowly through what few items she stored in the cabinet. Passport, a couple of photos, some money, a bus ticket; the bus ticket she'd bought on her way here. A napkin. It only caught my eye because it had some writing in it…and when I pulled it out I noticed it was my handwriting in the napkin. That same napkin I'd written the address to this place on, in case if she asked that man.

I clutched hold of it and scanned my eyes over the deserted room for a moment.

I had to get her. Now.