Well, here I came up with a (in my opinion) good idea. Why not take the heroes/known people from FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10 and FF10-2 and FF7:AC and put them all into a one huge academy, whisk in a couple OCs and see what happens! Anyways, this is my plead to you, people! I need your imagination here! I need more OCs to the story, so if you may, please help a writer in trouble, promote this to your friends or something! Thank you. And now, without further ado, here is the prologue of my story:

The Eternia Academy

It's the year 2035. Technology is advanced, and monsters roam the lands. A military academy called Eternia Academy has been founded in 2000, to train mercenaries to ward off these monsters. 'Tis not easy to get in, but once you do, a whole new world awaits you. You will learn the art of blades, master black and white magic, meet new people, learn to battle monsters and to uphold peace. You will learn the ways of a warrior, the path of a healer, the ways of an excellent technician, close combat and how to handle animals. Many adventures await you, young one. It would be a shame to pass them up...

"Mom! Mom! I got accepted!" A girl with funnily braided auburn-hair ran from her room, and into the living room. She lived alone with her mother and her little brother in a medium-sized apartment, three bedrooms, a washroom, a toilet, a kitchen and a living room. As she ran, she was holding a slip of paper in her hands and a thousand-watt smile on her face.

"Slow down, dear! What happened?" Her mother, an intelligent-looking woman with her warm brown hair on a high, elegant bun asked and stopped her sixteen-year-old daughter's stampede. Her daughter was still jumping under her mother's emerald gaze, and after a while, she lifted her own, seagreen orbs to meet her mother's.

"The Eternia Academy! The high-tech academy I applied into? I got accepted!" She shouted and waved the small, yet so important letter in her hands.

"Oh my God! That's great, honey!" Her mother congratulated her child and hugged her, jumping up and down together with her.

"What's going on?" A groggy voice asked, and the sleepy face of eight-year-old Daisuke stood at the living room door. The older woman caught her daughter's important document, she knew what was about to happen.

"I got into the Eternia Academy!" Ione shouted, lifted her brother to her arms and spun him around while giggling.

"You did? Hey, no fair! I wanted to go!" Her brother protested and smacked his sister's back with his hands.

"Yeah, but you're not sixteen yet, suckaah!" Ione taunted her brother, and in return, he pinched her cheeks, rather painfully.

"OW! You're cruising for bruising, monkey!" Ione shouted, caught her brother in a neck lock and began to noogie him.

"Noo! Stop, stop, lemme gooo!"

"Okay, enough you two." Ione's mother, Nyoko, smiled and unhooked her son from her teenage daughter's deadly neck lock. After Daisuke was on his mother's arms, nodding off, Ione did a victory-dance. Secretly, even Daisuke was happy for his sister. She had wanted to go there for as long as he could remember, and now she could. And, he thought, I only have eight more years until I can apply. I want to beat my sister in grades! With these thoughts, he fell asleep again. Nyoko silently put him in his bed, tucked him in and gave him a kiss goodnight. She went into the livin groom, closed the door after her and turned to her daughter. She smiled kindly.

"So, it's happening, then." She stated.

"Uh-huh! I also got a list of school supplies I should buy before starting." Ione answered and sat on a green, soft sofa. Her mother joined her.

"When does the school start, dear?" She asked and held her daughter in a hug. Ione wrapped her hands around her mother's waist and stared into the TV, not really watching it.

"It starts in two months."

"Well, there's plenty of time then."

"Yeah..." Nyoko stroke the teenager's hair and stayed silent. She was truly happy for her daughter. Ione was strong-willed, relentless and hot-headed. She also knew that she would not dance on flower petals in that school; they did make the students face monsters... Suddenly, Ione stood up, releasing her grip on her mother.

"I'd better go into my room and start organizing stuff."

"Honey, it's in two months!" Her mother exclaimed, surprised that for once, her daughter would actually do something in advance, not leave it to the last minute.

"I know! It's too little!" Ione huffed out and vanished into her room. Nyoko watched at her closed roomdoor, and smiled gently. Yep, she thought, she is so much like me in her age. In Ione's room, she had begun to organize her clothing and other materials into bags. She looked at the list and crossed out those she already had, and planned to buy those she didn't. All the time, she had a genuine, happy smile on her lips. I truly hope I'll meet new people in there... She wished and glanced at her family photo, the one with her father. She took the picture into her hands and ran her finger along the outline of a handsome young man with short, auburn hair, gentle blue eyes and a grin plastered on his face. On her shoulder was a small girl with auburn hair on pigtails, about the age of ten and beside him stood a young woman with a baby boy, about two years old on her arms. Ione smiled at her father.

'See? I told you I'd get in and be a great warrior. Just you wait.' She put the picture back to it's rightful place and allowed her gaze linger on it.

'Just you wait, pops.'

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