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Nothing farther then he uttered- not a feather then he


Till I scarcely more than muttered, "Other friends have

flown before-

On the morrow he will leave me, as my Hopes have

flown before."

Then the bird said, "Nevermore."

-Edgar Allan Poe, "The Raven"

Chapter One:

Time Flies

Silence reigned over the tower as Robin sat restlessly at the kitchen table.

"Where are they," he wondered aloud.

It was almost noon and the masked wonder had seen neither hide nor hair of any of his teem mates. If it had been simply Beast Boy who remained unheard from then he wouldn't have been worried, but Raven was usually up long before anyone in the tower. If she was missing in the morning then something was wrong.

With a sigh Robin stood from his seat and walked across the room. He had every intention of finding the others and beating them within an in of their lives when he found them. They shouldn't have been making him worry. That is if you find them, stated a nagging voice at the back of his head. Robin growled in frustration with his own thoughts as he made his way down the hall to Beast Boy's room.

When he arrived he knocked on the door loudly. A few seconds later he knocked again. And again. His hand was in the air, ready to knock again when a groggy Beast Boy opened the door.

"Dude what is so important that you had to wake me up? I was trying to sleep!" the changeling grumbled.

"Sorry, Beast Boy, but have you seen any of the other titans?" Robin asked him.

"No. Wait, Raven came up here earlier to ask me for something or other, I think" Beast Boy stated.

"You think?" Robin growled.

"I know it was her; I just can't remember what it was she asked for," he defended himself.

"How can you not remember? She never comes to your room. I would think that this would stick out at least a little in your memory," Robin said through clenched teeth.

"The only reason that I remember she was here at all is because she usually avoids my room like the plague, or something. I mean, come on, I was more than half asleep. No way I'm gonna be able to remember what Ice Queen was up here for. But I'm pretty sure I remember that it was something weird, something that none of the rest of you would have. I just can't remember what," the green boy responded exasperatedly, "Why did you ask?"

"I haven't seen anyone but you all morning," Robin stated dejectedly.

"Have you checked their rooms?"

"No. I was about to. Yours was just the first one I came to. Thanks Beast Boy."

"No problem."

Robin walked off down the hall, feeling a little bit better. All his worrying was probably for nothing. The others were most likely just sleeping in. All three of them on the same day? That's pretty unlikely, whispered that nagging voice at the back of his head again. Robin wished that voice would go away. He kept telling himself that the titans were fine, that when he got to their rooms they would be there. He just wished that he could convince the butterflies in his stomach of that.

The next room he got to was Raven's. He rapped softly, but firmly on the door. No response. He knocked again, this time with a little more force. When he still received no answer, he pounded loudly on the door.

"Raven, I know you're in there, now open up," he called. There was still no answer from the room beyond. Robin sighed and punched in the access code for her room. He hadn't wanted to invade her privacy, but if she wasn't going to answer than he had no choice. What lay in the room in front of him made Robin's eyes bulge. Raven's normally tidy room was in disarray. There was a large black circle on the wall to the left of her bed that looked as if it had been drawn on there with a thick permanent marker. Everything in the room seemed to have been pulled toward that circle. Her bed was no longer against the wall, but in the middle of her room. All of the items on her shelves looked as if they had been thrown toward the dark circle. Her room, in total, looked as if a tornado had literally ripped through it.

Gasping for breath, Robin stumbled from her room. He took off in a sprint down the hall as he made his way to the rooms of the other titans. Their rooms had been similarly trashed. Robin wondered briefly what could have done this before he heard Beast Boy's yell from the changeling's own room.

"What the hell? Dude, what's going on? Robin, get your ass over here! This circle's trying to suck me up!"

"Beast Boy!" Robin yelled, running to the green titan's room. When Robin reached it, he could have screamed in anger. He was too late. Beast Boy's room looked just like the others'. The dark circle seemed to gloat at him as he punched the wall in frustration. Robin walked down the hall with the intention of finding a computer to see if he could learn anything about what had happened to his friends. Unfortunately, his plans were cut rather short. The circle on the wall seemed to suddenly open up. It pulled Robin towards it. He knew his struggle was futile but he couldn't help it. He was determined not to let it take him like it had apparently taken his teammates. As Robin was drawn into the swirling vortex, he gave one last attempt to keep himself from being sucked down. He threw his grappling hook out of the room. It caught on the doorway, and Robin used it to keep from being pulled through the hole in the wall. Suddenly the rope connecting robin to the frame of the door snapped and Robin was pulled into the vortex. Reaching his hand through the portal, Robin tried to find something to grab on to. His hand met something sharp, and it cut through his glove and into the skin. With a sharp cry of pain Robin let go and was pulled into the spinning mass of energy in the wall.


Robin was aware only of the sensation of flying. It was completely dark. He could discern nothing in the gaping black before him.

Suddenly he hit solid ground. As the dust settled around him he realized that he was no longer in Jump City. There were no paved roads, no concrete, not a skyscraper to be seen. He saw in place of these things that all the roads around him were either dirt or covered in smooth, gray rocks. The buildings around him looked extremely primitive. They were all of the rather small, rock-walled, thatched-roof variety. Looking around, he saw people looking out of windows and peering at him silently.

If I didn't know better, I would saw I landed in the middle of a Medieval Times Festival, he thought to himself. As if the ridiculous outfits of the people in the homes weren't enough, Robin got the surprise of his life when he looked down at his own attire. He was wearing tight, hose-like pants that extended to his ankles and over that were shorter, looser pants that puffed out slightly and gathered just below his knees. His shirt consisted of a loose, deep blue cotehardie over a more closely fitting, dark green doublet.

In short, Robin was shocked. So shocked was he that he didn't notice when a little girl approached him, and he jumped about mile into the air when she spoke to him.

"Excuse me, Lord," she said softly, "but art thee looking for someone?"

Robin looked at her in surprise. She didn't appear to be older than eight, but she had the look of someone who had to grow up much too fast.

"Lissa," hissed a boy to her left, "you ought to know better than to talk to the likes of him. He's above our rank. I'm sorry, good sir, that my sister speaks out of turn. She doesn't realize your station. We will not bother you again," he said directing the last comments at him. Robin noticed that the boy wouldn't look him in the eye.

"What is your name?" Robin asked the boy.

"T-Thomas, your l-lordship," he stammered.

"Thomas, may I inquire as to what town I am in?" Robin questioned, doing his best to play the part of the lord the children obviously thought he was.

"Camelot," the boy stated with more stability this time.

"Thank you. I will be on my way now," Robin said as he turned to walk off down the coble-stone road.

"Wait, sir, do you not wish to ride? Your horse is just behind you," Thomas interrupted.

"Um, yes, I believe I will. Thank you again Thomas."

As the two children walked away Robin eyed the horse nervously. He had learned to ride horses when he lived with Bruce, but he hadn't been on one in a while. Here goes nothing, he thought and he quickly mounted the horse. Thankfully, Robin remembered most of his training on how to ride a horse on the slow ride to the city. Robin had woken up in an area of the city where there was mostly houses. It was a sprawling city but a he looked at the horizon he found where he guessed was the area where business was done. He figured he had more of a chance of finding his friends there. So with a heavy heart and his brain on overload he set off towards the best guess he had on finding his friends.


Robin looked around the town square with awe. He saw dozens of tiny little shops ranging from bakeries and produce stands to metal smiths and glassblowers to shoemakers and dress shops, not to mention the random people in the street shouting at you to buy whatever they had on hand. These people were selling everything from small daggers to fine jewelry. One man was even selling slaves. Though he knew the market place would have been loud anyway, the cobbled streets were making things even more ear-splitting. The sound of horses' hooves and the squawks of barnyard animals kept echoing around and it was positively deafening.

Robin got off his own steed and began leading it around on foot. It was much easier to maneuver his way around like this. Robin made his way to the end of the street where he saw an inn situated on the corner. He tied his horse up on a wooden post sticking out of the ground and turned to enter the building. As he trudged his way inside, he became aware of several people staring at him. Ignoring them, he walked up to the front desk.

"Would you like a room for the night, sir?" asked the plainly clad man behind the desk.

"Um, yes, actually, I would," Robin stated uncomfortably.

"I need a name if you are to stay at the inn, sir," said the man.

Searching around his brain for a name that would be suitable for the time era, Robin managed to say, "Uh… Lord Grayson of… um… Jump."

"Lord Grayson, I am so sorry. I did not recognize you. It has been some time since your last visit. Come, I will show you to your room," the man said quickly before getting out from behind the desk and leading Robin off down the hall. "Do you recognize me? No, I suppose you wouldn't. It's Jonathon. I used to work the desk sometimes a few years ago. Now I own the inn. I never was the one at the desk when you would come up to the city though. Here is your room. I hope you find it to your liking."

And with that the man was gone. Robin shook his head at the man's strange behavior and entered his room. It looked comfortable, if a little impersonal. All in all, Robin thought it would be acceptable for the night. By the morning, he would have a plan to look for his friends. Then he would be off from this place. Robin sighed. It had been a long day. It was now past sunset, and Robin decided that he needed a good nights sleep. But before he could lie down he had one more thing to take care of. He left his room and walked down the hall.

"Jonathon," he began.

"Do not worry about a thing, my lordship. Your horse has been taken to the stables for the night. She will be well taken care of."

"Yes, well, thank you, I suppose," he said before walking back down the hall. He had hardly laid his head down to the pillow before he was off into sleep.


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