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For Love of a Half-Breed

Inu Yasha leapt out of the Bone Eater's Well, floating to the forest floor gracefully. He stretched his arms above his head and gave a bored yawn, as if he had just woken up from a nap instead if having just fought one on one with a werewolf. His demon blood had already healed his wounds and he was once again in perfect condition. He turned to crack his back only to find Kagome staring into his face. He immediately regretted not helping her out of the well, but he had his reasons.

If he helped her out of the well, she might get the idea that he liked her. Well…he did, for a long time now in fact he had been starting to think of her as more than just a jewel detector and friend. Every time he messed up and did something nice he immediately came up with an excuse or changed the subject and avoided her eye contact. She had such pretty eyes. Anyway she did not need to know the reasons for his actions.

As these thoughts ran through his head he offered his hand to help her over the last part of the well. Much to his desire she grabbed his hand.

She knew she was usually mean to him, but he was mean to her sometimes too. Well, maybe lately he had been nice to her and he was usually embarrassed and made some stupid excuse after or tried to change the subject. And.Maybe…she overused her power over him and made him "SIT" a little too often than necessary. Maybe she should give him a chance…

And as these thoughts ran through her head she found herself sitting in the grass, leaning her back against the well looking at the full moon and the stars. She felt Inu Yasha sit down beside her and felt him move over closer to her by her side.

And he was still holding her hand, his fingers were intertwined with hers and he had not let go since he had offered her his hand out of the well. She waited for the usual quick letting go but it never came. Nor did his rough apology or excuse. He sat there examining something in the grass and tracing his claw through it avoiding her eye contact. She smiled and thought, "Is his hand sweating?"

Was his hand actually sweating that much? With his luck she'd probably find it gross and let go, then he scolded himself for letting a human girl have this effect on him, Inu Yasha son of The Great Demon Of the Western Lands and holder of the Legendary Blade Tetsusaiga. The silence was killing him now and his ears picked up on every minute sound and he listened to her breathe for a while. He absently shifted to the left away from her and immediately found his right shoulder cold.

Now she was cold, and all she had was her stupid school uniform, that stupid green skirt and that horrid top. Why did she wear that to this time anyway? He had moved away from her but he was still holding her hand. Time to break the ice.

"Am I really just a jewel detector Inu Yasha?" she looked at him and touched his knee.

Did she really believe that? He was just being a stupid ass because that jerk Kern had called her his girlfriend. If she were really just a jewel detector why would he be here holding her hand? Silly Humans. He turned to her and decided it was time for the truth.

"I will die protecting you Kagome, not because I need you to find the jewel shards, but because I need you…period, I…"

But he could say no more because her lips were pressing against his and he couldn't speak. They could have stayed that way for an eternity…and Inu Yasha wouldn't have cared. She pulled away and stared at his amber eyes as they looked at her in a way she had never seen before.

Inu Yasha struggled to try to remember what he had been saying before she had kissed him. He knew it was important and shouldn't be left unsaid, but damn now what was it? Suddenly he grinned as he remembered.

"Love you"
"I love you too"

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