15 years later...

A barefoot lighted down on a branch, merely an inch away from a nest of birds. The babies did not even register the presence, save for a slight swaying of their branch. The figure bounded through the tree tops, moving swiftly and silently not even rousing the leaves or wildlife to its presence. It was one with the wilderness.

There was a loud commotion in the distance that had the entire forest bristling with activity and excitement, the atmosphere crackled with electricity. Smoke was rising in the distance and it was in that direction the figure was heading.

A blur of crimson and silver, the figure rose up into the air before dropping to the forest floor, hitting the round running, long silver hair flowing behind it as it ran.

The scent of smoke filled its nostrils as it neared the village. Leaping into the pen, bristling with excitement, the figure landed on top of the nearest hut. Several huts were on fire as village men carrying torches and pitchforks were thrown into them, setting their own homes ablaze.

The figure skidded to a halt, claws digging into the roof as it had bolted past the grossly oversized lizard youkai undetected. It crouched on the roof top like a dog, flexing its claws, biding its time. A child in the arms of its mother suddenly looked up and spotted it on the roof.

"He's here!" it shouted in glee and many villagers turned to look.

"It is him! I'd never mistake that hair or those bright pants!" another man confirmed.

The figure on the rooftop rolled its eyes. The villagers had given away his location. The lizard locked its great rolling eyes on him and darted its tongue out, thick drops of saliva dripping from its massive jaws.

"Damn," he swore flexing his claws before pushing off from the rooftop with such force the roof collapsed under it.

"IRON REEVER SOUL STEALER!" it cried slashing its claws at the lizards face. The demon roared in pain before falling to the dirt, shaking the trees, and disintegrating.

It touched down in the dirt, a hand on its shoulder as it cracked the joint.

"That was easier than I thought it'd be," it stated, as swarms of village people surrounded it.

"It's him!" people spoke to each other in hushed tones. "The hanyou…Inuyasha!"

"He hasn't aged at all…"

"...and he wears a different haori,"

A woman behind him suddenly spoke out. "His ears... oh my they are terribly frost bitten and mangled!" her hands reached out to touch the dog ears on top of his head.

He ducked out of her reach spinning to face her. "They aren't frostbitten!" he barked defensively, his ears twitching in annoyance.

Another grabbed at his shirt. "Inu Yasha never wore black!" He jerked out of her grasp.

"He's an impostor!" a man in the crowd accused. The villagers all stepped back in fright. One brave soul stepped forward, brandishing a pitchfork.

"Explain yourself demon, who are you?" the man demanded, although his quivering voice did little to intimidate. "How dare you impersonate the great hero Inuyasha!"

The demon chuckled, strode forward and grasped the pitchfork, tearing it from the mans grip and jammed it point down in the dirt.

"I ain't no shape shifter," he growled and stepped closer to the man, being sure he got a good look at the fangs in his mouth. "And I ain't Inu Yasha…" he said slowly, emphasizing each word with disdain. He smiled as the village man shook in fear, and patted the man on the back with a crooked grin.

"I'm his son…Kentamaru,"

I hope you haven't forgotten about little old me. Anyway...The sequel is out. Pure Bred Half Beed. The sequel will be BIGGER...BETTER...and with a thicker, darker, more twisted plot.

Summary: Inuyasha's teenaged son Kentamaru has alot of things going on all at once. How can he keep up when a mysterious figure emerges from the shadows...seducing him with tales of his own revered fathers dark past and his family's true history. What do you do when everything you thought you knew...turns out to be a lie? What do you do when your greatest hero...isn't even a hero at all?

Intrigued? While you guys have been snoozing...I've been writing. There's six chapters of it up already. So what are you waiting for?