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"It's true, I'm pregnant and it's yours Ado!" Kuki confessed.

"But…it can't be! Isn't it orange boys?" Ado asked.

"I'm sure it isn't because I haven't been with him as long as I've been pregnant, according to the pregnancy book, the symptoms I have mean that I'm probably about six months through!" Kuki told him.

"Damn", Ado cussed.

"Anyway, you don't have to sort out this mess, because you're going now Ado!" Wally told him.

"You think I'm that evil to leave my girl in this mess?" Ado asked him.

"She's not your girl!" Wally said threateningly with his teeth bared.

"What I say goes. I don't normally let people say things like that, I'm one of the big guys if you get what I mean. She's my girl and that's that!" Ado sneered at Wally.

"I don't care if you're one of the big guys matey, she's my girl and I'm not going to let her slip away from me just because you're one of the big guys. She doesn't need some big guy. She needs me. I'm going to bring up this baby like a father if she keeps it and treat the idea maturely if she gives it up for adoption!" Wally told Ado.

"Aww, how sweet! Orange boy is standing up for his girlfriend! Remember it's my baby and she IS my girl. Remember, I only left her to go on business and she prefers me really, don't ya Kuki?" Ado said.

"Erm…not really!" Kuki said.

"Yes you do!" Ado snapped at her. "Say you do. I'm not letting orange boy get one over me and if you don't agree you will pay".

"Yes, I do prefer you over Wally…" Kuki said unsurely.

"Kuki? But…but…" Wally said sounding upset. Kuki winked at him, but Wally continued looking upset and confused.

"Well good, that's settled!" Ado said, "there'll be no need for violence then orange boy!" he said unclenching his fists.

Wally gulped and agreed, "yeah".

"Right well, I'll need to talk to Kuki in private to make some arrangements then!" Ado told the rest, "come on Kuki darling!" he said going into the lounge.

"What do you want from me, Ado?" she asked abruptly.

"I want you and our child darling!" he said, running his finger delicately under her chin.

"Yeah right!" she said, "don't call me darling and don't do that!" she snapped at him, pushing his hand away so that he could no longer run his finger under her chin.

"But honey, this is our chance to make a new life and start again with our little baby!" he said, roughly gesturing towards her stomach.

"Don't call me honey!" she snapped.

"Okay, what can I call you then?" he asked, "sugar, honey, pumpkin, pie, darling, babes?"

"None of them!" she told him.

"Oh, okay Kooks!" he sighed.

"Now you have really done it!" she said, "nobody other than Wally calls me Kooks!"

"Stupid orange guy? Give me a break!" Ado said rolling his eyes.

"He is not stupid, I am not Kooks to you, I am not your girl, this isn't your baby anymore as far as I'm concerned, I prefer Wally compared to you and Wally is not orange guy!" she shrieked, punching him hard on the nose…which started bleeding again.

"Ouch, you're a kind girl really. Get me an icepack sweets?" he asked.

"I AM NOT SWEETS!" Kuki screamed at him and ran off.

"I want to speak to orange boy, he must have made you be like this", Ado said following her into the kitchen.

"So what if he did?" Kuki replied to Ado.

"You used to be a lovely kind sweet girl!" Ado said.

"Yeah, well you can't push me around like you used to anymore, Ado!" Kuki said.

"Leave my Kooks alone now Ado!" Wally said, jumping in noticing that she was upset.

"Give me a good reason, Aussie boy!" Ado challenged him.

"Oh amazing, the big boy has thought of another nickname for me!" Wally laughed, winking at his friends. Ado's face went bright red.

"My good reason is, that I can look after Kuki properly and you just push her around. I may be smaller than you but I'm more of a man! You are big and strong and have gangsters, but I have a heart which overall is much more. I love Kuki unlike you, you weren't very interested in getting her back until you found out about the baby! You should be ashamed of yourself!" Wally shouted at him.

"Okay then orange boy, play time's over. I'm getting my big boy gangsters in. You'll never live to see me again!" Ado laughed, walking out of the house slamming the door.