New story! I removed " losing secrets", because I want to change some things and work on it a little more. I figured that because the other story I'm writing is so dark and dramatic, I should write some fun fluff to correspond with it, hope you like this, it is set the week between the wedding and the coronation, starting from the morning after the wedding.

Please enjoy! It's sort of about them getting used to married life.

None of these characters belong to me, they belong to Meg Cabot and Disney, neither does anything else mentioned belong to me.

Clarisse squirmed as the sun light woke her up. It took her a moment to completely register the previous days events, and the fact she was lying in Josephs arms. She lifted her left hand up languidly and studied her wedding band, grinning broadly to herself. Joseph was her husband. Everything, spare the night they had spent together last night was a blur. She couldn't recall the journey from the cathedral or the reception or the dancing. She wasn't sure what time it was, in fact she didn't care.

She smiled up at her sleeping husband, listening to his breathing. He looked wonderfully content, like a child. She wasn't sleepy but she didn't want to move either, too comfortable where she was, moulded together with him. She wanted him to wake up, she couldn't wait any longer.

"Joseph", she whispered, reaching up and touching his face. He smiled lazily, his eyes still closed.

"Clarisse?", he murmured, squeezing her tighter to him.

"nothing, just wanted to know if you were sleeping", she laughed, tracing circles on his firm chest.

"I was, until a petulant little madam woke me up", he teased, prying his glittering eyes open.

"mmmm, you sleep for to long", she said airily, turning her back on him.

"Clarisse!", he admonished lovingly as he looked at the clock on the bedside table, " it's seven a.m. and we only went to sleep three hours ago!"

"that was your fault", she purred.

"tease", he smiled, kissing the back of her neck.

"not had enough?", she questioned, turning herself to face him.

"never", he breathed, devouring her mouth as soon as he was able too.


"Joseph", she moaned playfully, " let go of my…ah Joseph no, don't". but he wouldn't listen, he pulled her back down, and pinning her with his knees began kissing her again.

"cad", she smiled, running her finger down his beard as he detached his lips from hers.

"you secretly like it", he breathed, adorning her face with butterfly kisses.

"hmm, you'd be right", she laughed, her eyes sparkling with childish delight.

"I can't believe you're my wife", he suddenly whispered, his rough voice made even rougher by the emotion that laced it.

"hmmm", she confirmed, taking his hand from where it was propped beside her head and lacing their fingers together, " it's very surreal, isn't it."

"yes! Ohhhh Clarisse", he smiled, his eyes dancing with utter happiness and contentment, " you married me, you actually married me. You said yes!" she laughed richly at his childishness.

"I know I did", she smiled softly, " and god am I glad!".

"I can't believe it", he smiled, gently pushing stray hair from her forehead, " you're my wife".

"ohh, get over it", she mocked lovingly, " you knew it would happen". He rolled over, wriggling in laughter. He was utterly unconvinced by her seemingly innocent face and by the fact that only two days ago, she had turned him down.

"I don't think I would be lying in the same bed as you this morning if it hadn't been for your lovely grand daughters input", he laughed.

"might be lying in the same bed if I'd drunk enough champagne, but maybe not my husband", she quipped, leaning over and kissing his chest, " but now dearest husband, it is past 10 and we must get up".

"ohh, no!", he laughed, gleefully grabbing at her waist, " I told no one to disturb us last night, that includes Shades, Mia, Charlotte, your two stupid maids and Lionel. Come on, just for today, we don't have to go outside". he continued to kiss her neck, trailing kisses all the way down her back.

"Joseph, I have a coronation to plan", she moaned and suddenly realising how nasty she sounded, mentally kicked herself.

"oh so that's it", he said deflated with a hurt look playing at his face. She suddenly felt guilt but when she seem the wicked gleam in his eyes, knew he was only teasing.

"I'm sorry, I'm not very good at dividing my time or playing 'wife', but I promise - I'll get better", she said quietly, her usual self confidence waning, not for the first time in their short marriage.

"Clarisse darling", he smiled, kneeling in front of her on the bed, " do not doubt yourself, or how much I love you and I promise, I was only teasing. You're not bad at the 'wife' stuff, in fact from you performance last night - you're very good", he continued, earning himself a rich laugh and a playful slap on the chest.

"how about we compromise?", he smiled, twisting her hair gently in his hands.

"compromise?", she questioned, taking his hand and entangling it with her own.

"yes. You stay with me, eat breakfast, make love and leave me at one thirty. Deal?", he questioned.

"you have a deal", she smiled admiring his ability to make everything ok as she placed her hands on his chest, " now to more pressing matters", she added, pushing him back onto the silk sheets.


"Mrs Kowt?….. Yes, breakfast please. The usual for me and I expect-", she paused, looking across her suite to where her husband was lounging on her couch with a paper, he smiled reassuringly, relieving her a little, " and my husbands usual breakfast as well".

She smiled at him again as she put down the receiver and glided towards him.

"so what do you plan to do today?", he questioned, discarding the paper on the table and pulling her into his arms.

"start planning the coronation I suspect", she said glumly, "what about you, my darling husband?", she continued, still revelling in the fact she could say he was her husband.

"ahh, well I suppose you want me to-", he paused, studying her face.

"move in here", she finished, kissing his nose, " of course, unless you want to get a new chamber."

"no", he said thoughtfully, looking around the grand but rather feminine room, " I like this room but I'll have to make some changes".

"go on", she smiled, raising an eye brow.

"well the lack of Rolling Stones and Queen in your music collection is disturbing and I'll have to put up my " Dirty Harry" Poster-", he tried to continue but she cut him off.

"oh that can most defiantly be pinned up in your dressing room", she smiled.

"ok", he sighed in mock resignation, " I'll get Shades and God help me, Lionel to move my stuff with me".

"sounds like a plan, Joey", she smiled as a knock came to the door, " why don't you get it?". he smiled and standing up, obliged to saunter across the suite and open the door to a slightly embarrassed looking Mrs, Kowt flagged by the two most annoying maids in the world in Josephs opinion - Pricilla and Olivia.

"good morning, Mrs Kowt", he smiled happily, " come in", he continued, motioning with his hand.

As Clarisse sat down at the table and seen what was in Joseph's cereal bowl, she nearly died laughing.

"oh Darling", she teased, " you eat coco-puffs!"

"yeah, well they taste good", he said defensively, flicking one at her, " better than your stuffy croissants and Pear jam, which may I add tastes nothing like pears".

"you'll pay for that!", she laughed, pointing her bread knife at him lovingly.

"ahhh, getting violent are we, your majesty?", he gurgled through a mouth full of coco-puffs.

"cad!", she smiled, running her foot up his leg underneath the table.

"you do this with all your staff?", he laughed, raising an eye brow.

"only if they are good", she teased, sipping her tea coolly - pretending not to be annoyed by his implication.

"oh, so it's not just me?".

"no, you got special treatment. I usually kick them out before breakfast".

"hmm, really?", he smiled, standing up and moving towards her, " I find that hard to believe, my, beautiful, gorgeous, tease of a wife".

"I'm glad of that!", she smiled, running her finger along his chin, " may I get ready now?"

"if you insist, but be warned I might not let you leave".

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