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Clarisse woke as the sun crept through the small portholes and the rocking of the boat bobbed softly underneath her. It took a moment to register as she lay on the soft petals, josephs arms wrapped tightly around her waist, his head buried in her back, his leg over her . Perhaps this was the nearest thing to heaven she'd ever experienced. They hadn't crawled under the covers after they'd made love from what she could remember of their blissful state, they had just fallen asleep talking about everything and nothing. The petals were wonderfully soft against her skin and she felt unbelievably live. Knowing her feeling alive was mostly because of him, because of his love for her. She only wanted him, she wanted nothing more. She wanted him to hold her, every second like this. His warmth, his passions, his desire flooding her even as he slept. She wanted to lie like this forever, without interruptions.

She was, however, hungry and gently moving so as not to wake her husband, she squinted around the room for something to put on.

"Where are you going?", he questioned groggily, tightening his grip on her and gently kissing her shoulder.

"I'm hungry", she whispered, wiggling against him, " But I don't know where the kitchen is".

"Darling", he smiled, squeezing her stomach, " You go explore the boat, I'll make you breakfast".

"Sounds wonderful", she whispered, closing her eyes, not ready to move quite at that time.

He kissed her shoulder languidly as he settled back down, lazily rubbing his hand over her stomach.

"You don't want to move", he smiled against her, " Do you?"

"No", she suddenly giggled, " But I want to eat".

"Come on", he laughed, gently releasing her and rolling over, sending petals drifting, reached for the two plush, thick bathrobes that where draped on a nearby chair.

"I have my silk one", she said absently, taking it from him anyway and slipping it on.

"Ahh but darling", he laughed, tying the robe on the black robe and motioning her to follow him, " As much as your silk one is much more appetising, the sea breeze is not kind to such a gentle body".


Clarisse, after wandering the wonderfully large yacht that now belonged to them, which just seemed to get bigger, made her way to the upper deck where they had previously dined the evening before.

The sea sparkled wonderfully in the blistering sun but Joseph was right, the early morning chill was still lingering in the air. The deck now appeared different. The small table was gone, replaced with fantastically large, luxurious cushions for lounging on that covered the mahogany floor. Joseph was lounging on one, picking strawberries and fruit and all sorts of breakfast delights from a tray in the middle, a cup of coffee by his side.

"Hello", he smiled, standing up, ever the gentleman, " Breakfast?". She nodded her head eagerly and taking the hand he offered, joined him on the fantastically comfortable area he'd created.

"This is just wonderful", she mused, taking a strawberry and biting it, " I love it". He smiled, lying down and resting his head on her lap.

"Good, you can swim today", he suggested, making tiny little circles on the skin of her exposed thigh.

"I don't do skinny dipping", she laughed, bending across him, taking a strawberry and feeding him it.

"No, I know that", he mumbled, through eating, " I brought you're swimming costume and your sun hat".

"Oh, you're so organised", she smiled, running her fingers over his head.

"Retrieving it caused me much embarrassment", he grinned, " I was rummaging through what you term you're "private" drawers for it when Olivia came in. She was utterly scandalized, forgot I was your husband and started giving me a piece of her mind as to what I was doing rummaging in your drawer."

"Oh! Did you remind her?", Clarisse laughed richly, shaking against him.

"Of course. In between trying to tell her to shut up!", he laughed, lifting himself up and planting a gentle kiss on her neck. She closed her eyes, enjoying his breath against her neck for a moment. It made her feel wonderful, the fact that he could breath against her, the fact it made him alive for her.

Pulling back, he scrutinised her for a moment, taking in her blissful appearance.

"You want to go swimming?", he questioned, gently moving down the collar of the bathrobe with his finger and in turn, kissing the exposed skin, " Or do you want to make love?"

"Can I do both, in a different order?", she questioned, pulling him down as she lay against a velvety red cushion. His hands, his mouth, his words quickly moved into action, much to her delight.


Joseph watched his wife stand on the ledge of the boat confidently and execute a perfect dive into the sea below, creating a delicate splash when she hit the surface. She surfaced a few meters from the boat, smiling at him as they made eye contact. Striding out her arms she ducked and dived in the cool sea.

Never had he known her too be so relaxed than this. He enjoyed just watching her move. Such a beautiful, majestic creature. He loved the smile that crept over her face, loved to hear her breathe when she slept, to hear her moan his name when they made love. Everything she done enthralled him, made him glad he'd waited so long for them to be married. Her body, something that was a creation of heaven, her smell when it clung to him in the evening air was part of him, was like sleep, or oxygen, or eating - he needed her to survive.

"Joey!", she shouted, emerging from the water after surface diving, " Come in and swim with me".

"Darling", he shouted, laughing heartily, " I don't do swimming".

" Do it for me", she shouted, wafting her hands to keep herself afloat. Tipping herself backwards she closed her eyes and floated. He watched her momentarily, admiring the curves of her body and how she seemed to glitter as she floated in the almost clear blue sea. He couldn't resist the urge, he wanted her in his arms and if it meant joining her, he would. Pulling off his shorts, t-shirt, he stripped down to his boxers, all the while keeping his eyes and intentions on the woman who was floating serenely, eyes closed in the water.

Lowering himself from the ladder into the sea, he shivered. Swimming quietly to where she floated, he suddenly pulled her up and into his arms. She let out a horrific scream, worthy of being murdered.

"Joseph!", she shouted, her eyes wider than his grin.

"I'm sorry", he laughed, grinning triumphantly. She took to her position immediately, wrapping herself around him. Her legs tightly round his hips, her arms snaking round his neck as he gently kicked his legs in the warm water to keep them afloat.

"You gave me such a fright", she laughed, gently biting his shoulder. He tasted of sea water and she grimaced.

"I didn't mean to", he smiled, " But I wanted to feel you, wanted to touch you". She pulled back, studying his face. Never had anyone made her feel like this, she couldn't recall anyone ever wanting her so much.

" Oh", she laughed, a little taken back by his sudden comment.

"Don't you believe me?", he questioned, a little put out, " I love being near you".

"Oh, I believe you, of course I do", she reassured, then tried to piece together an explanation, " I've just never been so loved before. I don't think anyone's ever wanted me like this. I love it". She nipped his ear gently with her teeth, and then continued.

" But it's strange, having you revere me so much".

"You want me to stop?", he questioned slyly, his hand stroking over her sides possessively.

"Never", she whispered, kissing his neck, " Never, never stop. I couldn't live without you - come to think of it, I never could before you were my husband".

"I've never loved anyone quite like I do you Clarisse, in fact I've never loved, or been loved by anyone but you. Sex is sex, making love is what we do".

"Mhmm", she smiled, pulling back so she could look at his face. Falling back, she let go of his neck, and tightening her grip on him with her legs, floated in the water. She reached out for his hands, and taking them placed them on her backside.

"Keep me afloat", she smiled, closing her eyes as she lolled in the water.

"Ok", he laughed, " Only if you promise to race me back to the boat". She sat up, his hand supporting her in the water.

"Hmm, what happens to the loser?", she questioned, eying him with mock suspicion.

"ahh, I don't know. I say that if you lose, you do a strip tease for me, or if I lose, you still do it", he laughed.

"I don't think that's a very fair deal", she laughed, running a finger down his face.

"Ok, ok", he smiled, kissing her finger as it slid along his lips, " however loses makes dinner".

She nodded her head and suddenly, without warning she was out of his arms. Flying through the water. He didn't even register as she streaked through the water he was so shocked by her sudden departure. Kicking his legs out behind him, he pursued her, soon catching up.

"I make dinner then", she sighed as he offered his hand, pulling her up the remainder of the ladder.

"Not exactly", he smiled, offering her a glass of water.

"Oh?", she questioned, more than intrigued and taking a sip.

"I've made reservations in Mertz at Esca's", he smiled, as he wrapped a towel round his waist and kicked off his dripping wet boxers.

"Oh, I'm glad. I can't cook, I'm horrendous and that's my favourite restaurant", she laughed.

" I made it for eight thirty, Shades and some men will escort us from the docks". She turned and gave him a rueful look.

"I had no choice, Clarisse", he said apologetically, " it's not safe, you know that".

"I know", she sighed, sitting down on the seats and spreading her arms along the back of the ledge. She tilted her head back, exposing her delicate neck. The sun beating down on her, drying the sea water from her skin. He swallowed as she tilted her head back, looking more desirable than ever.

" I hate them following me about", she whispered.

" Darling", he tried, moving towards her and resisting the urge to attack her neck, " I know. But our marriage is still hot press, it will be for months and it's just not safe". She raised her head and opening her eyes, looked at him. She smiled.

"Well, I don't see why people are so interested in our recent nuptials", she laughed coyly, "If only they knew…..they're 25 years too late to get any juicy stuff".

"late, but it certainly doesn't lack in juiciness", he laughed, kissing her collar bone, " It never will".

"mhmm, I hope not", she smiled, lifting his face from his neck.

"Oh, dear Joseph", she said, suddenly emotional, " I love you so much".

"I love you too, my Clarisse", he smiled, running his hand down her arm and lacing their fingers together, " More that I'll ever be able to illustrate".


Joseph, dressed in his suit, stood at the wheel, mastering the boat over the soft waves. Clarisse stood at the railings, looking at the quickly approaching lights of the town and realising reality was fast-approaching as well. Nothing compared to being alone with him, nothing compared to being able to act like a woman, not a queen. She could tell him, show him how she felt without the world's prying eyes on her back. She sighed, they would return to the boat this evening and this would probably be the last time she'd get to see it for months or spend ay time on it.

She knew the coming weeks allowed no time for herself….or her marriage. She feared the strain it might put them under, after all what marriage could exist if the two people in it hardly spent any time with each other. She resolved, demanded herself she'd make time for him, after all, for the last 25 years he'd made time for her. For the last 25 years he had come second to her duty, she wouldn't let that happen. The times where they had been together, times where she had been herself over the years were still branded in her mind. She had to repay him for that, prove to him she could be his wife and still be professional and do her duty. She wanted to prove it to him, but mostly to herself.

The tiny town drew nearer and as they docked the yacht at a small berth, the security below moved around, reminding her she could only escape for a little while.

"Clarisse", he said softly, trying to comfort her. He knew she was feeling that way, he knew she hated who she had become - he wanted her to know he loved who she was. He stood behind her now, taking there hands and lacing them on her stomach.

"The security", she whispered, her voice strained with the sound of looming tears, " They'll be waiting".

"They can wait", he whispered, " It's more important we talk about it".

"I can't explain it", she whispered, frustration evident in her voice, " I want to be like this when we go back there but it's impossible".

"You're always like this", he whispered, " To me, in the back of my mind I know you're a passionate woman. I know you don't like balls or formal dinners. I know you don't like meeting with diplomats, I know the press bother you……. I know you like it rough, do other queens like it rough?". She laughed richly and turned to him, smiling.

"and that's all I need to know. All I need to know is that when I take you away and leave Queen Clarisse behind I'll be with that women. The women who hums in the shower and who likes to be a merciless flirt and eats with her hands. But when we're at home and queen Clarisse creeps back I like her just as much because I know who she really is."

"What would I do without you?", she whispered, resting her head on his shoulder.

"You'll never have to know", he smiled, " And I'll never find out".


When they had returned from an enjoyable dinner, Joseph had quickly dismissed his rather disgruntled men. He refused to return to the palace with them, reminding them this was the 'honeymoon'.

He sped the boat out to sea, leaving them behind with a firm promise he'd return tomorrow. The wind whipped over her skin, cooling her down against the humid air of a Genovian summer as she stood silently, looking over the vast sea they were fast being enveloped by. She shivered, closed her eyes and tried to remind herself just how lucky she was to be here, with him. She didn't want her insecurities to ruin the rest of the little time they had together. Sighing she lifted her wine glass and took a gulp. Kicking off her shoes, she lay down on the cushions in front of him and closed her eyes. She felt the boat slow down, shudder slightly till it came to a halt, then the metallic sound of the anchor being lowered automatically.

Then he was hovering over her, his hands running slowly over her relaxed body. She moaned a little, aware of his worship, but intending to enjoy it with her eyes closed. He rolled her onto her stomach. She felt his hand brush over the zip of her dress momentarily but he didn't undo it, instead he began to massage her body. Starting from her tired legs right up to her shoulders. She shivered slightly as his hands moved her dress up her leg, a smile spreading across her face. He could tell she was smiling, even if he couldn't see her face. His hand ran over the hem of her stocking, gently tugging it down as he did so.

"Enough torture", she muttered languidly. He didn't listen, pretending to take no notice as he slowly undid her zip.

"If you won't do a strip tease for me…….", he whispered as she turned onto her stomach, " I'll have to tease myself". Then he kissed her, undressed her and Queen Clarisse was well and truly left behind.

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