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Warnings: Language, violence, and darkness abound. I mean, it is categorized under Horror, right?

Noir Fait Varier Le Pas : Feathered Black

There are three presiding Worlds in the three Universes. Heaven, Earth, and Hell, in that order. Heaven is on top, while Hell is at the bottom, and Earth resides between the two.

Two of the three Worlds are ruled by Deities. Heaven is ruled by a ruler of many names. Usually he is called God or the Lord, but sometimes he is referred to as Maysu, the Deity word for "good." He is usually the most kind-hearted and forgiving living creature in the three Universes. Some say that he created all three Worlds.

Hell is ruled by Mysu, referred to on Earth as Lucifer, the Devil, or the Demon. His name is the Deity word for "bad", or "evil."

Heaven and Hell both have their own common folk, as well. Heaven is inhabited by angels – Hell, demons.

Earth, the final World, is ruled by no absolute ruler. The inhabitants, called humans, or, in Deity, the "Ae'un Neiyae", are broken into separate countries on different landmasses, and each country fends for itself against the others. Some of these countries are allied, but there is no absolute ruler.

The Ae'un Neiyae are very similar in appearance to angels, though they are closer to demons, which don't have wings as their counterparts do. But, unlike both demons and angels, the Ae'un Neiyae have no control over anything that defies the sciences of their world. They are limited to what scientists and nature tell them, nothing more.

But this story is about neither the Ae'un Neiyae, angels, nor demons. This story is about the Anon.

Millions of years ago, when the Ae'un Neiyae were just beginning to learn how to use simple tools and survival skills, controversy was brewing between Heaven and Hell.

A disagreement had brewed over something that both Worlds saw as politically incorrect.

A demon had impregnated an angel.

This had been completely unheard of until then. No one knew exactly how they had gotten into a situation where they could………well, you know, but it was infuriating the Deities, as well as the other angels and demons.

There was constant debate over whether or not the child should be destroyed or not. Who knew what sort of thing it might turn out to be?

Before the decision could be made, however, the child was born………or, in truth, children. A boy and a girl, twins – and they both soon after disappeared, along with their mother and father.

No one ever truly found out what happened, but the demon/angel children and their parents must had mated with others or amongst themselves for two thousand years later, during the middle of the Wars of the Worlds, Hell took prisoner what they thought was an angel. But when Mysu brought the prisoner forth and looked her down, he realized something that shocked the Three Universes. The woman was neither angel nor demon.

Nor was she human.

She had the potential qualities of both angels and demons, but she was neither one nor the other.

Hell quickly sent a messenger to the Gates of Heaven with the news, and the war ended temporarily on the grounds of the event. Mysu and Maysu met in the clouds above the Second World, Earth, to discuss the incident. They both decided that the best thing to do was to put the woman to death at the Gates of Hell.

Just before the execution, however, two more of the strange angel/demons swept down and carried her away, along with an angel and a demon.

The matter was left unsettled and the War began again.

Eventually these strange people earned the name the "Anon". Over time, they reappeared often, usually getting caught up in the affairs of Heaven and Hell. After some time, something strange happened that killed them all off.

Heaven and Hell were glad to be finally rid of the menace, which had been beginning to seem immortal as they were.

But, centuries later, something is beginning to stir, and Heaven and Hell are growing worried.

Final Note: And there is the Prologue. I'll upload Chapter One soon, ne?

- Midi Tenshi.