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Warnings: Language, violence, and darkness abound. I mean, it is categorized under Horror, right?

Noir FaitVarier Le Pas - Feathered Black
Part One - Epiphany
Session Three

What time is it now?

Is it time YET? I'm so anxious to awaken Tomoe that I'm sweating.

Once she is awakened, everything will be okay. She can help us defeat the Attributed and Himura. I just hope that I can reach her and Alleviate more power before I get sick too. If we both Alleviate then I'm positive that the girl Kaoru will get better and her memories of the Anon will awaken. Hopefully, she'll be able to awaken the others as well, and then all of us will be together again.

(The Anon must stick together,) I think, clenching my fists so hard that my palms are cut.

Almost before I can realize, there is an ebb of power at the edge of my mind.

He's gaining strength.

By the minute I can feel him developing energy, and for the first time I realize that he might actually Succeed before I Alleviate with Kaoru.

I must get there quickly.


(Why doesn't this feel right?) I asked myself, taking a bite out of my sandwich. The air that had felt so breathable and cool this morning was suddenly hot and thick. It was the kind of air I'd expect to feel in a nightmare.

"Fwuptz frong?" asked Enishi with his mouth full, even though his face looked concerned.

"I don't know," I answered truthfully. "It just doesn't feel right."

His eyes opened wide in alarm. "What doesn't?"

I slowly glanced around, taking in the room. I felt worse and worse every second.

"Everything...Being in this restaurant. I feel like something's coming. Something's gonna happen any moment now, but…I just don't know what."

Enishi set down his hamburger. "Should we leave?"

I took in another shallow breath and then nodded resolutely. I quickly wrapped up the rest of my chicken sandwich and threw away the trash. Enishi handed me my sweatshirt and then followed me out of the door.

As soon as we stepped out of the restaurant I shuddered. The feeling, though still there, seemed to lighten and I didn't feel so worried anymore.

"Are you okay?" asked Enishi, his hand on my shoulder, eyes worried.

I shrugged, and glanced behind my back. "I guess I am now."

Enishicocked his head to one side, and folded his hands behind his head. "I wonder what made you feel strange. I know you get weird feelings a lot, but that was just strange. Usually you know what's wrong. What kind of feeling were you getting in there?"

I shrugged. "I dunno…just…weird feelings, ones that made me…want to go somewhere else…"

"Like where?" he asked, stopping at the crossroads.

I glanced around, looking up, down, left, right.

Suddenly my head snapped to the right.

"Toa doshunattaa kasa'un ao'un?"

My eyes opened wide as the strange language filled my head.

"Ei," I answered. Yes.

"What?" asked Enishi, catching my eye. "What'd you say?"

"D…didn't you hear?"

He shook his head slowly first left… then right. "What are you talking about?"

"'Toa doshunattaa kasa'un ao'un?' Can you hear me?" I translated. "Ei. Yes, I can hear you."

"I didn't say anything," scowled Enishi. He frowned. "Are you feeling alright?"

I shook my head, and closed my eyes. "We should…go to the waterfall."


She heard.


I smile.

Finally. I shall Alleviate with her, and then I shall be able to force Himura back down. He needs to stay Unsuccessful for as long as possible. I will Succeed and keep him under wraps.

And then Tomoe shall awaken, and everything will be alright.

I look towards the waterfall, and examine this girl Kaoru. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is slightly above her shoulders and is thick and wavy. She is actually very pretty, not more beautiful thanTomoe with her long blonde braid and violet eyes, but is still pretty…for anineteen-year-old human girl.

"Zottu doshinattu sokui puyo washio sei iiloku sto doshinattu hashui. Perhaps I shall enjoy this far more than I thought."


She looked tired.

"Are you cold?" I asked, watching her wrap her arms around herself and shiver.

She shrugged. "A little," she whispered.

I reached out and touched her cheek. "God, you're freezing!" I exclaimed, and quickly took off my sweatshirt and offered it to her. She shook her head. "You'll freeze, too."

I sighed and forced it over her head and shoulders, her arms wrapped neatly inside.

"Hey!" she complained, but looked immensely relieved. "…Thanks," she added, and stopped shivering.

"So what exactly are we waiting for?" I asked, glancing around.

She didn't say anything, but suddenly perked up her head and turned to face the waterfall.

"I hear you," she said.


"Toa doshunattaa kasa'un ao'un?"

"Ei," I answered. "Doshinattu toa kasa'un doshunattaa. I can hear you."

The wind blew my hair forward into my face, pushing it free of thebraids I had tied it into.

The voice was definitely male. We were at the waterfall, just like in my dream, but where...

"Baidai…akotudai…seuntiu... tasae… baidai…anusaku… zaicho…anatawa…"

Ah. There it was. It was all going just as it had in the dream.



There she is. She's staring straight at me, even though she doesn't know that I had made myself invisible behind the waterfall. She looks older up close, and the power ebbing from her almost makes me shudder before I realize that this is Tomoe, not some lowly human named Kaoru. All I need to do is Alleviate, and everything will be okay. As soon as I lower my mouth to hers, the power that is making her sick andHimura stronger will be either transferred into Tomoe or will disintegrate. Hopefully the power will be enough to awaken Tomoe so that she can help us fight the Angels and Demons.

If Heaven and Hell DO want to fight, then the only Anin that can truly help us defeat them is... But before that…

It all lies within this moment.



He appeared suddenly. He was tall, with long,scarlet hair that was tied back high. His eyes, though long and narrow, were noticeably a bright vibrant amber. He was beautiful.

"Do you remember?" he asked.

I slowly shook my head no.

"We have to Alleviate."


I know what that is!


Too late. Suddenly the man reached down and lowered his mouth to mine, and all of my emotions went running free. Everything in my heart and mind and body went rushing up through my throat and into my mouth and disappeared, including my strep.

I couldn't keep my eyes closed so I glanced towards Enishi. He looked horrified.


(Tsuno yotoi doshinattu… puyo washio? Why am I…enjoying this?)

As soon as the Alleviation is over, I pull myself away as hard as I possibly can.

I stare at her in surprise.

Why did I enjoy it?

She stares, unblinking, back, her mouth slightly open.

"WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" demands the boyEnishi Yukishirofrom beside her. "WHO ARE YOU!"

I blink calmly at him, and then shift my gaze to Tomoe.

"Battousai," she says.



"Battousai," I said. "His name is Battousai. I think…or is it…" Pictures, images, words; a collage passed quickly through my head. "Is it K-Kenshin?"

"It is Battousai," he affirmed, showing slight disgust at the name Kenshin. "Has Tomoe awakened?"

"Who?" I asked. "Who's Tomoe?"

He sighed. "Zono zuichiopoli tou zaicho?"

"What will it take?" I repeated, cocking my head to one side.

He nodded. "What will it take to convert you back to the way you were, I wonder? I wish you to beTomoe again, yet I have no idea of how to transform you. We are in desperate need of your help. What shall we do without the strongest of the Anon?"


The voice that rang through my skull was slightly familiar. I recognized it as the voice that had identified itself as my Four Wings.

(Hello,) I thought.

Battousai gave me a strange look, but remained silent.

Enishi stopped in his tracks, turning to stare at me in confusion.

He wants to awaken Tomoe! The Four Wings said. If he does then you will lose yourself completely!

(Won't I be able to wake up again?) I asked.

A strange picture flashed through my head and I realized that the Four Wings was shaking its head.

(Well…WHAT DO I DO?) I thought frantically, trying not to let my panic seep through. I glanced towards Enishi, who was trying to catch Battousai's attention.

You cannot let him awaken her. It isn't time. You must try to convince him that you and Tomoe are one. If you do, then there will be no need for her to awaken fully. You and Tomoe are the same person physically, and she shares your personality in some part. Once Battousai realizes this, then you should be safe. Oh, and by the way…don't believe anything he says about Kenshin. They've been going at it for centuries, and he is going to try and persuade you into ridding him of Kenshin. They are enemies trapped in one body, and if one of them dies then the other will die as well. They just don't realize this yet.

(But what about me? I-I don't know how to convince him to leave me alone!)

Fight him of course, the Four Wings answered, and I thought I saw a flash of annoyance streak through a face.


The Four Wings sighed. I will help. Wait a moment; I need to transfer myself back into your body.

(Back into?) I thought. Suddenly someone let lose a cry. I blinked and noticed that Battousai's face was lit with a huge smile. It looked strange on his sad and serious face.

"Asai tyu'unn noyutowa! She has awakened!"

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A/N: Longest chapter yet, as promised. I'm going to go ahead and let you in on a little vocabulary lesson:

The Attributed - Risens and Fallens respectively.

Risens - Demons that have been sent from Hell to Earth or Heaven.

Fallens - Angels that have been sent from Heaven to Earth or Hell.

The Anon - A race of half angel, half demons.

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