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NOTE: Before every section of a Forgotten Realms book, Drizzt gets to talk for about two pages. So, it's only fitting that before my fic he gets to talk as well. Yay for prologues!


Love is a double-edged sword, so everyone says. Love. The most mystical force in the universe, for which words cannot do justice. How many songs have bards written about this thing called love? Young girls dream of it. People search for it their entire lives. And, once found, it is the greatest joy a person can ever know.

Why, then, does love sometimes fail? What happens?

I had been in love with Cattie-Brie for a long time, and she with me. After Wulfgar's apparent demise at the hands of the yochlol, my relationship with Cattie-Brie changed. For the better, I had thought. Though it had taken years for us to realize our feelings for one another, it was as if it were all new to us. And, even though we were different races, I desperately tried to make it work.

Cattie-Brie, however, had serious reservations. Being a long-living creature, I would still be a young drow when she was an old woman. Any children of ours would be shunned, for they would be half drow. Her fears eventually overwhelmed her, and she soon tried to distance herself from me. I gave her space, hoping against hope that she would return to my side.

Cattie-Brie had other ideas. Spooked, she ran off. Everyone was worried sick during the year she was gone, myself included. Then, one day, she returned as abruptly as she had left. Only, Cattie-Brie didn't return alone. She came home with a husband and baby boy in tow.

Crushed though I was, I was happy Cattie-Brie was happy. And, though I understood her motives, I felt as though my heart had been ripped from my very body. I left Mithral Hall and met up with Deudermont, where I have been ever since.

Why, then, did my and Cattie-Brie's relationship fail? What was it that snuffed out that flame of love? Perhaps, our relationship was terminated for a reason. Perhaps, Cattie-Brie was meant to find another man. And perhaps, waiting out there somewhere, is my own soul mate.