I've been having writer's block for my oncoming (multi-chaptered!) Sasu/Naru fic, along with one of my original stories in spanish, so I wrote this to try and get rid of it; and hopefully, it wont be that crappy. Acutally, I'm fairly happy with it, as it's closer to my style in Spanish (which I can't seem to get the hang of in English…)

Disclaimer: Nope, Naruto isn't mine.


By: Nekare

He glares at him, angry at the fact that Sasuke can still look perfectly composed while being in a closet with his former teammate. The darkness clings headily to both of their frames, pale skin almost translucent and blood red eyes shining. Their breathing has become ragged, but neither would admit it.

They stare at each other, silently. A hazy moment later the raven-haired boy advances – a mere step, for the closet is really small – and Naruto leans into the wall, keeping eye contact, and knowing he wouldn't be sincere if he tried to argue with the Uchiha's idea; even when he knows it isn't wise to hide in closets of the hokage tower.

But hey, the old hag was probably going to kill him anyway.

Hands brace themselves on both sides of his head, and he struggles to fight the grin that threatens to give his mirth away. Breath mingles, just as their blood has so many times before. Senses acute, he can hear every rustle of fabric and every metallic sound their arm protectors make when they move.

A small bead of sweat rolls down his neck, and Sasuke licks it away, salt in his mouth and oversensitive Naruto in his arms. "Bastard…" The murmur caresses Sasuke's ear softly, shaky voice with a tint of a pant. He smirks when his head is cupped between tanned hands and soft, sweet lips are crushed to his.

Naruto lets himself drown.