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A weird plot bunny that came to my sleepy mind at 2 am. Thus, it's kinda weird, but I like it all the same. Sort of a follow up to the first drabble. Kudos to Jasmine Starlight and azn anime addict (my favorite reviewer) for having taking the time to leave a review.


By: Nekare

Roller coaster

It was strange, but The Sensation (and it had grown so important to him through the years that it had ended up being capitalized), kept on shooting from the pit of his stomach – raw energy, excitement and something lemon-lime flavoured that he couldn't quite put his finger on – going up, up, up; getting caught on his throat (in where it made him do the funny noises he always ended up being embarrassed of and that Sasuke kept making fun of), passing through his lips (which never seem to care, as they were always preoccupied at that moment), and going straight to his brain; in where it created havoc, his mind numb with brilliant blue-tinted sparks and overwhelming emotions.

And it was weird; for it had happened the fist time he had kissed the raven-haired boy. And it was strange because even after he had kissed him forty eight thousand and thirty two times (not that he was counting, of course, but he rather liked to keep tabs of every dealing with the other boy), The Sensation kept on mangling with his head every single time pale lips would crush – violently, everything between them had always been volatile – his own mouth. And it probably wasn't normal (nor healthy) since he had developed quite an addiction to the breath-taking feeling.

Not to mention the fact that withdrawal was a bitch.

"Why do you always keep on kissing me like that?" Had asked Sasuke once, lips still dark red and swollen, a flush in his ghostly face; not long after Naruto had jumped him in the middle of his guarding duties. Tanned hands were still holding the white fabric of his ANBU uniform, breaths mingling in the space between them. Dark blue-purple-ish bruises marred both of their skins, a souvenir from their last stress venting (heavily disguised as a sparring session).

"It feels like a roller coaster," had replied the blond boy with closed eyes, "And damn it, but I wanna go along for the ride."

Sasuke shrugged. Lips met again. "Life is a roller coaster."