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The outcasts and the shunned

It was a late afternoon much like any other in Konoha. The first few people were beginning to return home from work or school and the village began to take on a more relaxed quality as the autumn sun began to sink low on the horizon. However, for one village resident all was not well.

A small nine year old boy was running down the street his long sunshine blonde spiky hair streaming out behind him. Tears poured from brilliant blue eyes which, if you looked close enough contained black pupils slit and almost feline looking. His most noticeable trait besides the unusually long (for his age) hair, were three faint whisker-like marks across each cheek. Short legs pumping furiously his old and dirty white shirt and blue shorts were soaked with sweat. This innocent looking child was unknowingly the bearer of a huge and terrible burden, for sealed within him was the ancient evil known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the nine tailed demon fox. This powerful demon was in no way content to reside in such a cage and in a fit of rage threw itself fully into the seal holding it captive, and began to fuse with its container, namely Uzumaki Naruto this blonde-haired, blue eyed boy. Most of the villagers glared at him whenever he was around and treated him as scum, not seeing an innocent child who was merely a container, but seeing the demon itself instead. With no parents or relatives to care for him Naruto had so far led a very solitary and lonely life for the past nine years. Unfortunately for Naruto the Kyuubi decided to merge with him just as he was in the centre of the marketplace surrounded by many of Konoha's adult population.


Gazing longingly at a vendor selling sweets Naruto suddenly felt an intense burning sensation in the pit of his stomach and doubled over in pain grasping his stomach. Gasping for breath he was blinded for a moment as shouts of "Demon!" began to sound all around him. When he was able to see again, the villagers had surrounded him, their eyes reflecting rage and an intense fear that he couldn't understand. A stone smacked him hard on his right temple as others picked up what they could find and started to pelt him with a whole manner of objects whilst screaming at him to die or to get out of their village. One or two of the more bold ones even dared to get close enough to start kicking him before he couldn't take it anymore and managed to flee through a tiny gap in the crowd. Unaware of where he was even running to, he suddenly found himself outside the main gates and just kept on running until he reached the next village.

Sucking in great lungfulls of cool early evening air he calmed down slowly and gave a slight shiver at his damp clothing and the strange surroundings. His stomach took that opportunity to growl noisily in the quiet and patting it fondly he decided to find a ramen stand.

Inuyasha was making his way through a small village on the way to get his sword fixed after a rough battle with Naraku and following an argument with his friends. He stopped at a small food stand sniffing at the enticing smells drifting out ' ramen seems like a good meal '...TBC

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