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Unheard love

by Growing Pain

Seto Kaiba; a wealthy young man with more luxury than a common man could ever ask for. He was a man known for his cold ways and professional business manner towards people of all sorts. A man with more power than anyone in his age. A man with heartache deep inside.

He was a smart person, which many people admired. But he had no social relationships except for his little brother Mokuba, for that young boy was what he loved with all his heart. He knew this very well, as did others, and he had accepted those emotions. He did not try to push them away. That little brother of his was probably the only person who he could feel comfortable to show gentle feelings towards, such as love and care. Also the only person that truly cared for him.

Seto was a man of rational thinking and logic. Emotions always came in second hand when he based decisions. His cold ways grew on him and seemed permanent to others around. Those attributes helped him in ways few people could understand. Avoiding feelings was a perfect defence mechanism against emotional pain. Backstabbing could never happen since he never put true trust in anyone.

Yet it had happened. The most unthinkable things in Seto's dictionary. He fell in love.

He was not a stupid person, just because he usually stayed away and cut off unnecessary emotions. No, he was quite aware of what was going on inside him. Since he always needed an upper hand it would be illogical if he didn't know about his emotions. That way he could control them.

But some things are just too wild to be tamed.

Too make matters worse, he had been having those sort of emotions towards his enemy, and a boy nevertheless. The combination of them both made the whole thing impossible for it to ever come true.

He realised these feelings as he always seemed worried when the object of his love was late to school. At those occasions he would often look at the clock, and having a hard time concentrating. He realised those feelings when he, for no apparent reason, felt a stinging pain in his chest when Jounouchi screamed out he hated him, in those fights they usually had. He realised he was in love when he was jealous over seeing him having fun with other people, instead of being with him

He also realised that you don't get a problem solved by denying it, instead one should find solutions instead. And that is was what he did.

To begin with, he slowly started to decrease the quarrels the two of them had. As it was the only time they ever really 'spent' together, he found it only logical that the feelings should cool off if Jounouchi was pushed away. The fact that he also quit calling him nicknames, such as 'mutt' and 'puppy' was merely because he always had a bad conscience afterwards, and it affected both his work and concentration.

Though as much as he had hoped that solution would work, his desire did not come true. For some odd reason it still hung on strongly in his heart, as annoying as ever. It was really becoming irritating.

In his frustration he came up with another solution; making himself believe he hated him, as he had hated him once before. So instead of feeling a longing every time he saw Jou, he focused on his flaws instead. Like his voice was too high, or he was always sickenly happy.

That only worked a short period of time though. His love would always overpower his forced negative emotions.

He was really getting frustrated, and the pain inside never subsided. As always he had no confidant to talk to about these things. Sighs were always heard when he was trying to defeat this problem.

It would have much easier if he was a girl. If he himself hadn't this high position in society. If it only weren't in this life, but perhaps in another.

Coming to terms with being homosexual was hard to get used to, but it certainly explained a lot of things, like he never was interested in girls. But how would Mokuba react if he found out? Would other kids tease him, if it came out? Most likely, yes.

And how would it affect his company? Surely people was still not as open-minded with this subject as they claimed themselves to be. There would probably be a huge slip in the profits the company pulled in.

And to be honest, even if the two problems above would be solved, if Mokuba would be fine with it and not get teased, and his company would not suffer financially, how big was the probability that Jounouchi would both be gay AND like him back? Not high…

So he kept it to himself, since too much was at stake. He could not even believe he occasionally considered the act of confessing his love to Jou, but apparently some things are just too wild to be tamed. This did not mean he would stop trying. He never stopped, his determination was sky high. He would make himself fall out of love.

No matter what.

To Be Continued?
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