Chapter Thirteen

Summer looked up as she heard footsteps approaching. She'd been curled in a ball waiting outside form him. It felt like she'd been there for hours, it felt like he was never going to come home. "Hey," she looked up from her knees as whispered as he got within an earshot.

"Hey," he took a few steps back surprise before reaching his hand out to help. "What are you doing here?"

"Well you haven't exactly been taking my calls, and I figured you had either left town or you were avoiding me. And the only way for me to figure out which one it exactly was would be to sit here all night and see if you ever came home."

"Oh," Trey fumbled with his keys in his jacket pocket.

"So you were avoiding me," Summer reached down and brushed herself off before moving forward to look at him closer. "Oh my God what happened to your eyes," she reached out and barely ran her fingers along his bruised eye.

"It's nothing," he roughly jerked his head away. "I deserved it."

"What do you mean you deserved it… Did…" There's no way, she thought to herself before voicing her thoughts out loud. "Did Cohen do this to you, God is he turning into Ryan."

"It's nothing Summer, it was my fault, I was stupid. I thought… I don't know what I was thinking…" he sighed and finished his sentence quietly, "About anything." His hands ran over his face and rested on his eyes as he spoke.

"Trey," Summer reached forward only to have him jerk away from her again like a wounded puppy. "Why are you pulling away from me?"

A thick lump slid down his throat and he tried to speak several times before the words would come out, "Don't Summer… I don't know why you're here but you should probably go."

"Why so you can continue to avoid me, do you not get why I'm here? I could have been calling Cohen all week but I called you, I could be at Cohen's right now but I'm here."

"Yeah I get it Summer, but what do you expect me to do, be glad that you're here out of sympathy?"

His words were so harsh and bitter, he'd never spoken to her like that. A part of her was shock, a part of her expected it given her past, and a part of her knew she had to make him understand. "I don't think you do get it. Trey the time I've spent with you… I've never felt more alive, I've never had someone who's shown me life the way you have. When I'm with you the world feels like it's this real big thing that I'm a part of, and that I can make or break, or have it make or break me. When I'm with you my heart feels like it wants to explode into a million fireworks in the sky for everyone to see and they spell out your name. I think…" Summer fell silent and inched closer to him. She reached out and ran the back of her fingers against his cheek, "Trey, I…"

He sharply jumped back and grabbed her hand, gently pushing it away from him, "Don't" He whispered his voice rough. Trey reached down and grabbed her other hand, pulling her against him for a second then pushing her back. "Don't say it, because you don't. I know you don't because I don't. And even if you did… Well if you did you wouldn't have left before the sun came up."

"Trey I left because…"

"Because you were ashamed, you came to me for comfort and when the sun started to break you realized what you'd done and you were ashamed…." Trey sighed and pushed his hands through his hair, stopping for a second to give it a brief pull. "You don't love me anymore than I love you, and I don't even know if I love myself, so how could I love another person. But I do know, that somewhere in this town there's a guy who's sitting by himself right now, probably staring at a picture of you and him together. And he's been in love with you for fifteen years," his voice dropped in tone a bit, "I haven't even known you fifteen days." His head shook a bit and he gave her a half a a pained smile. "And that guy is the reason you couldn't stay the night with me, because it's that guy that you're in love with…. Summer you're amazing. You're beautiful and you're witty and you get me… And I love you for all of that stuff, but more than anything I love you for believing in me the way you do because it's like no one else has. But I'm not in love with you and I hope that when I'm able to fall in love with a girl, she's half of what you are, even though I don't even deserve that. But you deserve the guy who's in love with you, and who you're in love with." Trey finished his speech, then impulsviely pulled her into a hug, he could fell her tears against his chest but they weren't tears of sadness, which made him smile a bit. Softly he pulled her back and gave her a simple kiss on the forehead. "You're always gonna deserve better than me, don't make me regret what I just said."

Summer pulled away from, quickly she wiped her tears away as if she were trying to stop him from seeing them, even though she knew he'd already seen them. All she could manage to do was nod and pull him into another hug. "Thank you," she whispered softly as she tore herself away from him.

Trey felt his heart sinking in his chest as he watched Summer walk down the stairs and leave. The air around him got heavy, and he felt as if he couldn't breathe. The only thing he had to compare it too was the day he walked into the prison for his first lock down. Once again his only savior was the ocean, Trey pulled his jacket tight on himself and started downstairs towards the ocean.

Ryan had seen in all in the distance, he hadn't heard the words, but he had been able to make out the actions. When he saw Trey head towards the beach, he could only imagine how his brother must have felt. Ryan had never been one to crowd anyone, so he gave Trey a few minutes alone before following him. Just as he'd figured Trey was on the beach, standing barefoot where the waves were hitting his feet.

"You know all those years I used to listen to you talk about how one day you were gonna live on the beach… It must be nice to be able to walk out of your apartment and onto the beach." Trey didn't turn around, only nodded at the sound of his brother's voice. Ryan could feel his brother's pain, he could tell that whatever he'd told Summer in order to make her leave, whatever those words had been, they had all been lies. Trey had always been good at lying, it's just most of the time he did it for his own benefit. Ryan sighed and put his hand on his brother's shoulder, "It sucks huh?"

"Yeah it does." His voice dry and raspy.

"You gonna be okay?"

Trey pondered this question for a moment before nodding again. "Yeah man I think I am…" He gave himself a smile bittersweet smile, "For the first time in my life, I didn't do what was best for me… For the first time in my life I just did the right thing."


A/N: You know, I knew from the get go this was going to be a Summer and Trey story. It was a different idea, I haven't seen any other Summer and Trey stories. But I didn't expect them to grow on me like they have, I didn't expect to enjoy writing them so much, and to have it come so easily (which is why this story was finished so fast). Now the question is, should that be the end of Summer and Trey?