Oddworld: Stranger's Aftermath Chapter 1: Burial for a Steef Head

It felt like losing. I don't think I ever missed a bounty. There was never anyone tough enough to take me. And it was only funnier to think I was normally the prey. My own joke while those Outlaw assholes went down.
It's snowing now. I haven't taken off the armor yet. I can't get myself to do it. The cold outside isn't doing anything to heal the cold inside. I thought I took Sekto down. I saw him get crushed. My eyes fooled me. I should start at the beginning, and this story starts at the ending.

Sekto was atop the tower, light filtering through like some of those story book pictures you see where the underdog fought the giant monster. He was in some sort of barrier. So I blasted the generators apart with everything I got. The inner pillar fell on his head. And I thought it killed him.
After the battle, I rummaged through the pile of rubble that had fell on him. He was laying there like a dead slog. I drug that piece of fuzzle dropping out by his shirt. All my ancestors, finally avenged. There was a window broken open, snow and cold wind flowing in. I could see my breath on the wind, and feel my heart slamming as I lifted him above my head, and shouted. Another one down.
Below me, the Grubs had started chanted my name, and I could hear it carried up with the wind. It was one of those moments you couldn't help but smile. But it was cut short.
Beneath me, I heard a groan, that rose to a screaming thundering crashing sound.A crack had started at the base of the dam and was racing upward to the tower I was in. The ground began to shake as the top half of the tower started to crack.

We fell.

I only really remember that feeling you get when your falling, or when your in a dream and you fall. Next thing I rememered, icy water was flowing around me, and some hand was dragging me out of the water. It was one of them Grubs.
"Steef! Steef! You're okay! Dude! I told you! If he could take down Sekto! He could survive that!" the Grub said in my defense to one standing by. I sat up, not really a cut on me. But I was usually lucky. I stood looking to the remains of the dam. I didn't bring it down. The Grubs did. Surprising little bastards. Didn't think they had it in them.
I turned, and all the Grubs were gathering around the body of Sekto. I guess his body survived the fall. I walked toward it, moving the two Grubs that had woken me out of the way, inspecting the body.
I had been smirking right up to the point where I had seen the legs. I wouldn't have known. It was like some sorta sick joke on me.
When I looked down to Sekto's legs;

He had Steef legs.

Shocked; I turned him over slowly. And what I saw made me flinch. Now, I had seen butt ugly monsters of Outlaws. I had been in prisons and seen what they did to each other there. I had seen giant Slogs, armies of Outlaws out for my head, and I took it with a steel nerve. But this froze the bones.
Where Sekto's head was supposed to be, there was Steef head. It was an Eldar Steef. The fur on his face was gone, and there were suction marks all over his face, like something had clung on and didn't let go. His eyes were all bluey-white colored like he was probably blind. And his horns had been cut off. Just like the horns over Sekto's desk. Then my fur stood on end when I realized why. So Sekto could sit atop his head and use his body.
Over my shoulder one of the Grubs had muttered, "Oh no..It's the Elder Steef.." and after looking up at me with those hauntin' eyes the Steef spoke.
"Is the water free?" he said in a voice that sounded like he hadn't used it in ages.
I turned to the Grub off to the side looking at him. He was looking at me silently, like he was waiting for my response. I just replied, "Yeah. It's all free"
The Old Steef smiled as best he could with shaking limbs, "It's free...It's fre." he whispered, before dyin.
I reached out closing his eyes, so he could rest in peace.

That was three days ago. I hadn't slept or ate since then. And the Grubs wanted me to go to the funeral. They didn't have to tell me twice. I wanted to go. At this point I felt like a Slog pile.
We sent him out to see near the dam. We figured it would be in respect that he be carried off where things would change.
A Grub was wearing ceremonial clothing that they wore to each other's funerals. They didn't know what Steef Head's did since it had been so long since they had saw one, and aparrently, my ancestors didn't share their secrets, religions, or ideas of afterlife.
"As with the life that is born from water, so do we ask that she take our lost. May this Steef go quietly into the waters of the Afterlife and be joyous." The Grub had said. I wasn't really paying attention to the words. I was too busy in my own thoughts.
They had fixed the boat I had rode to Sekto's dam, and fixed up so it would sail out as a funeral pyre. They had set the Steef up on it, and covered him in sticks and stuff. The Grub that was speaking earlier pushed it out into the water. Another one standing nearby gently laid a torch on it. As the current pulled the boat into the water, I could see the flames in the distance before they were blocked out by the snow and dying light.
One of the Grubs came up behind me. I heard him some ways off, since I had trained my ears to that sort of thing.
"Steef, we know your not happy since like Sekto got away, and you probably don't want to after all that's happened since it's really bad, but if you like you could stay here. Maybe there's more Steef!" he said in that odd voice.
I turned to him, "Yeah. That sounds pretty nice. But not now. Gotta find Sekto." I said before walking past down the path by the waters.
One of the Grubs had caught up with me and was walking beside me, "But Steef! We know what he looks like! Everyone does! If he shows back up? We can find him easy!" the Grub said, trying to get me to stay.
"Not an option. He's going to look for cover. He's got it in the water. But he's going to look for others like him so he can get all this back. There's gotta be others like him out there. Can't let it happen." I said dully walking away.
For the first time in I don't know how long, I felt truly alone. I had always been outcast, but you could get over that. Getting over being a freak was easy. But looking into the eyes of something that was dying. Something that you wanted to be a part of, and to have it fade away, was enough to make you ache.

Now, I gotta find anyone who would kill off the world for red carpets and big machines. Gotta bag em and bring em back. Dead or Alive.