OddWorld: Stranger's Aftermath Chapter 2: Escape of Sekto

My dam was destroyed. By a Steef. All my Walvorks? Died on the job. Perhaps that was for the best. They really weren't much for workers. None of them had initiave. And now I don't have to pay them. Not like I had any money on me. I left my body with the dying Steef on the shore next to the Steef that brought me down. So I had no money on me.

But I had money invested in a new company called Vyker's labs, and savings accounts. I had alot of Moolah, I just had to get to it. And to get to it, I would need the Gluckons. They're the only ones who could get me another body, and the resources to get back in some sort of profitable venture. I thought perhaps of investing in Fuzzle Pies and Scrab Cakes. They weren't endangered yet, and could be made cheaply and sold high.

But my escape. That is the story. If your interested in learning of my fortune making processes, you should read "Killing the Planet for Fun and Profit". My escape had to happen just after my dam fell. While everyone was running in panic, I dettached from that Steef's stinking head and made my way into the cold waters. It was interesting to be back where I came from, but it was in insult to have to swim in this water, that wasn't even sanitized.

Since I was already far north, I headed downstream. I knew that the Stranger would most likely know which way I was going. Bounty Hunters tended to have ways of finding out. And those insipid Clackers wouldn't help any either. Fortunately, there were Glukons to the south and west who would happy to hep when they heard of my abundant accounts and wealth of Moolah.

It's been eight days now since my dam came down. I had moved so far past the lands that the landscape had changed. The mountainous terrain had changed from NeedlePin Trees ((Oddworld version of the Pine Tree)) and mountains to flat plains. The water had been changing as I went fro m frigid to a rather warm temperature. The food had changed as well. Up north, I had to feed on small fish, but here I had found differant fsh called Gabbot's that I had been feeding on. They were far larger, and much more fullfilling, but annoyed me with their dislike to dying.

I was chasing down a young Gabbit in fact, who had strayed from the flock when fortune smiled on me. Just as I had wrapped my tentancles around the Gabbit and was about to eat it alive when I felt a net scoop me out of the water, in the meantime, losing my meal, which had begun to swim back to th Gabbot heard. So up I went in the rips of the net. At the the time I didn't think of it as fortune.

When the net had come out of the waters, I felt myself hit the deck of a filthy fishing boat. As my tentacles writhed about and I looked upward I could see metal legs and waists that seemed to be holding small worm-like creatures with red eyes. Sligs. Trusty little guards and workers. Why they were being worked like Mudokens made no sense to me.
"Hey! Hey! Look at this crap, Earl!" It said poking me with the blunt end of a fishing pole. I wrapped my tentacle around it angrily.
"Listen to me, simpleton. Do you knw who are fooling with?" I growled to him, now annoyed. This was unreasonable that someone of my wealth and prosperity be treated so.
"Feisty little Slog dropping ain't he? Ed?" it said with a sick chuckling as it poked me with a metal leg. I grabbed at it with another leg, growing more angry b the moment.
"You fool. This is Sekto, and I demand that you take me to a Glukon. I don't have time to fool with low-grade simpletons like you." I growled to them. I had no tolerance for insubordination of any kind.
"Sekto? Oh shit.." Earl said, backing up immediately. I smirked when I saw their sudden look of fear. Or at least I would have, had I had lips.
"Sekto? You mean the own that owned the dams up north? Sorry sir. Would you like to kill Earl for his mockery?" Ed said. Seeming to forget he was the one that started my humiliation.
"What? Ed you, bastard!" Earl snarled. He forgot his anger long enough to direct his thoughts back to my problems, picking me off the floor and putting me on a table that reeked of fish intestines and Gabbit entrails. Unfortunatly, it was the cleanest surface on the filthy vessel.
"Anything we can get you Mr. Sekto? Tea? Scrab Cakes? Paramite Pie? Fuzzle pie? Just don't hurt us..." he said looking nervous. It was nice to be back in control.

So, that was how I came back to power. Well, it's not entirely how I made my money again, but it was the start I needed. Once I got back to land; I could get money again, and perhaps get a small loan from some of the Glukons so I could start a new business on Oddworld.

I'm always here.