Okay, this is HakushoRurouni with a KH fic. As you can probably already see, the main characters in this story will be original characters, however Sora being the Keybearer has got to make an appearance. So with that in mind I'll try to have the other KH characters in the story as often as possible.

The Seventh Blade- Character Bios

Kythe- A lighthearted, happy-go-lucky boy, who was, at age 12 orphaned due to an attack by the unknown aliens. He was taken in by a sword master, named Adoy. Now at age 17, his master's old age finally getting the better of him, his happy-go-lucky attitude gone, he is out for revenge on the alien creatures that started the whole affair.

Classification- Sword Master

Height- 5'10"

Weight-150 lbs.

Hair color- steel gray

Eye color- light blue/green

Favorite quote- "Tell me, what's it like to live in a constant haze of stupidity?"

Kit- A serious martial artist, he was taken in by a mysterious alien race when he was less than a month old, due to the fact that his parents had left him to die in the desert village they lived in. While living with the ancient and wise Predators, they taught him every form of self-defense known to them. Because the race hunted the most deadly creatures in the universe, he was also taught to wield all of their weapons, however, his specialty is his dual disks, which can cut through anything and are as light as a feather. He is 16 and the youngest of the trio of heroes.

Classification-Disk Master


Weight-155 lbs.

Hair color-blonde

Eye color-cobalt blue

Favorite quote- "Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing."

Seraph- The comic relief of the trio, while he is the oldest, Seraph keeps a very optimistic outlook on life and everything in it. His mother was abandoned by his father and with her dying breaths, she begged the Predators to take him in. They did, and while in training on the Predator planet, he met Kit. The two are like brothers and are nearly unstoppable when they fight together. Unlike Kit, Seraph based all of his training on the Predators main weapon, the staff. He is 19 and is the accidental role model for the group.

Classification-Staff Master


Weight-150 lbs.

Hair color-dark black

Eye color- crimson red

Favorite quote- "If God didn't want me to do it, he would have stopped me!"

Dess- Probably the only girl in Hirosaki that can fight. She had been friends with Kythe, but then, suddenly he disappeared. When the news about his parents' deaths reached her and that Kythe had mysteriously vanished, Dess realized that her friend was still alive. Although she hasn't seen Kythe for five years, she has never given up hope that she will see him again. And now, with the invasion of the aliens and the addition of the Heartless, what better time to start looking for him than the present.

Classification-Twin Blade


Weight-110 lbs.

Hair color-black with brown highlights

Eye color-dark brown

Favorite quote- "The best man for the job is a woman."

Miako- One of the many females in Nagashima that has joined the war effort in order to escape the life of abuse she faced with her drunken parents. Above all however, Miako left to see new sites and a new life. When her regiment stops in Hirosaki, she spots a woman who is being attacked by the Heartless. Being the Good Samaritan she is, she goes to help and ends up meeting Dess who is likewise helping the woman. When introductions are made, the two become fast friends and Miako encourages Dess to join her regiment. Now they are both on the adventure of their lives.

Classification-Whip Specialist


Weight-112 lbs.

Hair color-Reddish/brown

Eye color-green

Favorite quote- "I can resist anything but temptation."

Christine- Another of the many females who join the war effort to escape their previous occupations. Before she joined her regiment in Nagashima she was a harassed brothel girl. Fed up with her "job" she sneaks out one night and with the aid of her profits and her bright intellect buys herself the only weapon she's ever needed, a gun. Once enlisted in the regiment, she uses her smarts to help many of her new friends, Miako and Dess, out of dangerous situations. Aliens, heartless, they're all need to do one thing…die.

Classification-Ammunition/Gun Specialist


Weight-115 lbs.

Hair color-blonde with brown highlights

Eye color-left blue right green

Favorite quote- "It sure beats working in the brothels!"

A/N: Well, there are the character bios. These are all original characters of mine. Sora and the other KH characters will appear in due time. Chapter one should be up soon, now that I've got the basics up.