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"Does anyone know how we're supposed to get to Traverse Town without a ship?" Dess's comment was met with silence from her two companions. "Brilliant! We're stuck here without a mode of transportation while this planet is slowly but surely falling to the infestation of the Aliens."

"Hey, ease up Dess," Christine said, "Its not like we haven't been in this situation before."

Dess stared at her companion. "Name one- just one time- when we were ever in this kind of position."

Judging by the look on Christine's face, she was actually trying to remember something that had never happened.

Miako sighed, "Chris, stop it…you're hurting yourself. And if you think too hard, you'll probably blow a gasket."

Christine stuck out her tongue at her friend as she politely shot the birdie.

Miako chose to ignore this as she spoke,

"Anyways, what's the big deal? I mean, it ain't exactly hard to hitch a ride. People are fleeing left and right and are more than happy to give those less fortunate than themselves a lift."

Dess scowled, "What fairy tale world are you living in Mimi? Haven't you noticed that every time we even try to initiate conversation, the locals blink, scream, run…and then try to blow our heads off!"

"You know, I thought that was a bit odd!" Christine exclaimed from Dess's other side. "…Why do they do that anyway?"

"They keep screaming something about infested strangers and chicken soup….at least that's what I interpreted. It might've been tomato soup or something. Maybe even…oh to hell with it! We just need a damn ship to take us off this world!" Miako screamed throwing her hands up in frustration.

"You three need a ride out of here?" It was a gruff, baritone voice. The owner of said voice came into view as he rounded the corner.

Tall, with pale skin covering a tone body, cold gray eyes boring into each of them seemingly at once, and topped with short, buzzed white-gray hair, the man before them was an intimidating sight.

He wore a gray vest with a black tank top under it and a pair of black and gray camouflage pants. Heavy black boots housed his feet and black mid finger cut gloves adorned his hands. (A/N: For those of you who know who this is by now, spare me, I know I got the description wrong."

Dess however, looked him straight in the eye without blinking. "Yeah. We need to get to Traverse Town."

The man grunted, scratched his chin in thought for a moment, and then nodded,

"Well, c'mon then. My ship is leaving in five minutes." At their hesitant looks he added, "It's the last ship left that's leaving, and everybody else is gone. But if you want to get caught by the bugs…"

Hesitating no further, the trio followed the tall man for five minutes before arriving at his "ship".

"This….this is your ship?" Dess asked completely appalled, "This… 'thing' is a piece of shit! I bet you it doesn't even fly!"

"That's what I said when I saw it." Said a voice from inside of the hulking mass of metal. "But this ship can fly well enough; got us out of quite the situation a couple of years back."

They saw that this voice belonged to a woman. She was tall and slim with wavy long brown hair, but she was by no means frail. She too was tone and seemed capable of knocking out the taller man standing beside her.

"So what can I do for you ladies?" The woman asked as she cleaned her oily hands with a towel.

"We need to get to Traverse Town as soon as possible. Your friend here informed us that this was the last ship that was going to be leaving from here." Miako stated.

"You're right, this is the last ship leaving this world, but…Traverse Town…well, the last I heard it was completely infested. Nothing was left." Continued the woman.

"We just want a ride to Traverse, you don't even have to get off your ship, just please take us there!" Pleaded Dess. She needed to check if Kythe was there, she was sure that that was where he was.

The woman scrutinized Dess carefully. As she raised her hand to scratch her forehead, Dess finally noticed that he nails were colored a sickly acid green.

She sighed, "Fine. We'll take you to Traverse Town and help you look. If whoever you're looking for isn't there, we're gone."

Dess smiled her two other companions said, "Yes!" simultaneously and gave each other high fives.

"Oh, by the way," the woman said as she extended her hand to Dess, "The name's Ripley."

"Dess." They shook.

"And that ass over there is Johner." Ripley said jerking her thumb over her shoulder as she indicated the tall man behind her.

Although she didn't see it, Ripley was promptly awarded with the finger, compliments of Johner.

"So," Kythe asked when he saw Sora emerge from the makeshift hospital room, "How is she?"

"She's…she's fine. She woke up a few minutes ago." Although every one in the room, aside from Riku missed it, there was a faint blush running across Sora's face.

Oh, he so had some leverage.

"What'd you expect Kythe? For her to die?" Kit asked.

"Well she only cracked her head on the bloody concrete. That's usually enough to send some one into a rather severe coma." Kythe responded.

"So what are we gonna do about this whole infestation thing?" Seraph asked to no one in particular.

Leon looked at him, "There's only one thing that we can do. Take out the Queen."

"Take out the Queen? Take out the Queen! You make it sound so easy Leon! And here I thought you had experience with the Aliens!" Seraph shouted.

"Well, what's so hard about it?" Kairi asked from her corner where she was seated on Riku's lap.

"Well for starters," said Kit, "The Queen is about as tall as this room, as long as this room, and probably could flick her tail and destroy this room! That's what's bloody wrong with it!"

"Not to mention the fact that when we were with the Preds, they only went after the Queen when they were accompanied by at least five Blooded Hunters, fully armed and with a complete stock pile of backup weapons at their disposal." Seraph finished.

The room went quiet.


More silence until….

"Well, let's look at the bright side," said Riku, "At least Yuffie's alright!"

This statement broke the tension in the room and every one started to laugh. They continued to laugh until they heard a click! signaling, for the second time, the opening of the hospital room door.

"YUFFIE!" shouted all the occupants of the room. They all, excluding Sora, rushed over to greet her.

She was bombarded with several questions, "Are you alright?" "Poppy fixed everything right?" "What'd Sora say to you in there?" "Why was he in there so long anyway?" Yuffie looked for any means of escape.

Seeing his girlfriend's panicked look as she was relentlessly pelted with questions, Sora became protective.

"Hey! C'mon guys, get out of her face! I don't think she can even breathe! She needs space!" With that, he marched right over to the group, pushed them out of the way, grabbed Yuffie's hand, pulled her across the room, and opened the door leading to the magically expanded hallway which held several rooms where every one stayed.

He wrenched his room's door open, pulled Yuffie inside, and slammed it shut. Yuffie laughed.

"Thank you Sora!" she sighed wrapping her arms around his neck, smirking as she saw the blush she caused creeping up his neck and then to his face.

Quickly, so as to catch her off guard and to divert attention from his blushing face, Sora covered her lips with his.


They fell to the bed unconsciously but continued with the lip lock.

It took several moments for the couple to separate again, but when they did, it was to content, satisfied smiles.

"I love you Sora." Yuffie whispered as she snuggled up to him burying her face in his neck.

"I love you too Yuf, I love you too." Sora responded tenderly, wrapping his arms around her small, lithe body.

They fell asleep not too long after, to the rhythmic beats of each other's hearts.

Little did they know that the entirety of the group that been in the living room were right outside the door, each holding a little piece of flesh colored string.

"Do you guys finally see why I appreciate Fred and George so much?" whispered Seraph, "We never would have heard that without these things! Ruddy brilliant, Extendable Ears! Simply amazing!"

"SHHHHHH!" was the unanimous response.

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