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Chapter 1—The Beginning of Fate

Tiny fish darted around my legs franticly... Yep, fish. You know why? Because now, I'm standing behind a waterfall trying to hide for the sake of my life. My heart is pounding so hard that I could hear it, I wonder if my pursuers can. If they can, I'm dead.

I can't believe I'm so stupid. How I ended up in this world I mean. I'm already in ANBU and I still can't follow orders from my elders! Hard to believe huh? 'Don't take stuff that you find on the floor Sakura! It might belong to someone else or it might be dangerous!' Did I listen? Noooo! I have to be stupid enough to pick up this stupid ring on the ground. Don't worry, I'll explain later. But back to me not listening to my parents.

How could I be so stupid! If you have read this far about my complaints, then you might ask why am I even in the water, behind a waterfall trying to hide for the sake of my life. Well I have two simple answers to that question and I will gladly tell you. First: I need a place to hide. Second: Water washes away your scent.

'Washes away your scent?' You might wonder, and raise a questioning eyebrow looking at me in a weird way. Trust me; if you think I'm weird now, you would never believe what I'm going to say later. But anyways, yeah, water washes your scent so that dogs can't track you down. Ever heard of stories of 'Underground to Canada?' well it's about slaves trying to escape to Canada for freedom from the US. One of the things that the slaves do in order to survive is to run across the water so that the water washes off their scent. That way, dogs can't track them and their master's won't be able to capture the slaves that easily.

It's not the dogs that are chasing me. Pfft, I can fight a dog anytime. But what I cannot fight is a vampire. Yep a vampire. You're probably echoing the word 'vampire' as it rolled off my tongue. Well let me just repeat that for you so you know that I'm dead serious, I'll even bold it: VAMPIRE.

Well now that you know what I'm hiding from, I guess I should tell my story from the very beginning so you fully know what's going on and how I ended up standing behind a waterfall trying to hide for the sake of my life. ... Oh by the way did I tell you that I'm already famous here?...

It started out in my world as I walked out of my sensei's office, Tsunade-sama. She has given me another easy mission to retrieve this stolen scroll. I decided that since this mission is going to be so easy, I might as well take a long, nice shower in my house and grab something to eat. So, I took a long, relaxing, shower and got dressed in my battle outfit which consists of: a red tank top that matches my hair, black shorts, navy blue belt, and fingerless red gloves that reaches up to my elbow, with metal padding. I like to dress plain partly because I get too much attention from boys and fancy outfits get in my way.

Loading two kunai on my belt, one under my tank top (for emergency), and another one under my shorts (in case the one under my tank top is lost); I grabbed a sandwich I made in the morning. Putting on my boots while slipping another two kunai inside each (hey, you never know!) I set out towards the coordinates that Tsunade-sama had given me.

On the way I ignored the boys' gaze on my body—their just stupid idiots that wants nothing but pleasure. That's why I never dated well except for once butwhen a boy askssomebody out, most of the time they just want to use you and show you off to other boys. Anyways, on the way I met my former sensei, Kakashi. You see my parents died when I was two; Tsunade-sama was kindly enough to take me in. But instead of training me herself, she assigned me to Kakashi as a private teacher. Later, at age thirteen I left Kakashi and went to train with Tsunade-sama herself. The fields of medicine was my specialty, but I can still fight.

I'm the top girl in my village (not trying to brag or anything.), which means I can take care of myself.

I chatted with Kakashi for a little while before I head off. I told him about my mission, and he praised me a little. Then I got mad and scolded him as he took out that perverted book of his, 'Come, Come Paradise.' Yuck!

He chuckled a little as he partly listened to my rambling and partly reading his beloved book. Seeing that he almost forgot about me, and being so drawn to that book I bid him goodbye and continued along the path. Then I met Hinata-chan, my best-friend. I didn't talk to her as much as I talked to Kakashi, since she has her own missions to get to.

After we said our goodbyes I began to jump across the roofs of the houses until I arrive at the forest. Traveling in the forest for about an hour or so, I finally found the coordinates. Sure enough I found a man in his mid-thirties half asleep, apparently drunk. He was an ugly guy with a beard, but hell... why do I care. I took the scroll that was kept under his jacket. Man, he sure stank. There was no use killing him, so I just left.

Wow, that sure was a hard mission: Getting a stolen scroll back from a drunken guy. Whoopie for me. I quickly returned to Tsunade-sama's office and gave her the scroll. She told me to be patient, and when she finds a harder mission she'll assign me to it ASAP. But now I'll never get that hard mission, because I'm in this stupid world of stupid vampires, behind a stupid waterfall trying to hide for the sake of my stupid life.—I think I said that at least four times now, I don't care.

Going on…

Kanoha really is a peaceful place that's why there isn't really any hard mission to be accomplished. Seeing that there is nothing to do, I went to my usual training grounds. I train beside a clean middle-sized pond. Around it were numerous cherry blossom trees. By the way did I tell you that my name, Sakura, means cherry blossoms? And my favorite kind of flower is the cherry blossoms? Pretty obvious.

So, I walked along the pond enjoying the place. Nobody ever comes here, that's why I like it so much. I already trained in the morning so I didn't really feel like training at that time. Staring at the ground, feeling the gentle breeze again my face I saw something shiny at the corner of my eye. I quickly turned my attention to the object and went towards it.

It was a ring. (Catching up on the story now?) Well, the ring I found was a very pretty one. It must've been expensive too. It was made of silver with symbols engraved on it; don't start asking me what they mean cuz I obviously don't know. At the center there was a red gem; on each side beside the red gem was one little diamond each. Somebody must've been pretty sad when they found out that they lost it.

I sat on the ground leaning on a cherry blossom tree observing the ring as I held it in my hand. The ring was just so pretty, and I suddenly felt the urge to put it on. I was going to put it back where I found it anyways. And so I put the ring on.

It fitted perfectly as if were made just for me. I was mesmerized by its beauty; I held my hand high and let the sun rays shine on it. But in an instant, the red stone in the center began to glow brightly. I began to panic, suddenly I felt sick. So sick that I fainted.

I woke up, feeling better already. As my senses came to me, I observed my surroundings. I was definitely NOT in my special training grounds. In fact I was in a house, or rather to be specific in a room lying on the floor! Slowly I got up, and walked around the tiny room I was in. There were almost no furniture in this room except for a bed and table.

I found a door in the room and opened it. Outside the room were stairs. I walked down the room and entered another room. There seems to be only one big room downstairs, and a bedroom upstairs. As I came in, I froze. There were people, eating at a kitchen table and they too froze. There were two little kids, a mom, and their granny. (I'm guessing.)

I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. The granny however was the first one to speak. "Who might you be fine one?" she asks. "Um, my name is Sakura. And I don't know what happened but I suddenly ended up in your bedroom. Really sorry!" I apologized. They just stared at me. My, the old woman sure is taking this pretty cool, considering that she is just an old lady. Normally, old people would just absolutely freak out and beat you with their cane if they find a stranger suddenly popping up in your room out of nowhere. The others in the room seems to be scared out of their wits!

"You don't seem to be around here, your clothing is different, and where do you come from?" she asked.

This literally shocked me. Clearly these people don't know why headbands were created or they just have a really bad sense of fashion and eyesight. But then again I don't really know anything anymore and these people are not wearing headbands."Ah-hem, I'm from Kanoha, village of leaf." I answered. They the little kids and the mom just gaped. The granny seems to be calmer though. "Well, do you know where you are?" she asked. I shook my head dumbly.

"Young one, I have absolutely no clue where you are from but I can tell you that you will be considered different in this world." She said. I was really confused by then and maybe so are you, I mean WTF! This world, that world! What is she talking about!

I talked to the old lady and understood a little. Here is what I know and can tell you for sure: I am in a world of vampires and "mortals" (AKA:humans), this world and my world share the same time meaning today in my world and this world it's June, the 10th, in the year 2005 (Strange), the language here and the language back home is the same too (no duh, how on earth can I understand them then.—also strange), thiskingdomthat I'm inis ruled by a vampire called 'King Orochimaru' (the name gives me the creeps), King Orochimaru adopted two young kids that are princes in his kingdom. The oldest one ran away and joined some group the youngest one is still serving the king. Rumor has it that the youngest prince hates his brother and his 'father', and finally the last thing I found out is that at the exactly the tenth day of each month each village in the kingdom has to sacrifice a group of live humans and forty pound of gold to the king and his subjects, the number depends on the vampires. There are exactly over 100 villages in this world, the king and his blood-thirsty subjects suck the blood out of those sacrificed human for food. In the end there is always surprisingly left over humans. One guy, as they stated, escaped from the vampires and told all the people what they faced. At the end he got captured and was slaughtered. The left over was kept in the dungeons or as slaves so when the vampires feel hungry they could just take the left over human and drink their blood. (cruel and disgusting!)

I can tell, these vampires are smart. Instead of slaughtering their daily meals, they know how to ration their food supply-so they won't run out in the future.

Oh, I forgot one more thing… actually two more things. The first one is that people now the villagers think I'm a spy, vampire, or a goddess. Reason is my clothes, hair color, and being the first 'mortal' to ever slay a vampire. And today is thetenth day of the month which means some of these villagers don't want to sacrifice their own people but want to sacrifice ME! Of course for all those who thinks I'm a god, disagreed.

Great, just great! I'm in another dimension where people are trying to kill me. The only one that is not sane enough to hunt me or stalk me is that granny! All hail to 'The' granny!

So, let me just rewind the story a little bit. I was talking to the granny learning about the crazed, oh did I mention dangerous, world I'm in. After I was done, I left the house. Behind the door I could hear the mom, and the two kids telling the granny that I must be a spy or a vampire. However the granny said something about 'the prophesy is true…'—something like that. I'm just as confused as you are by the way.

As I walked down the street trying to calm myself down and figure out what to do, I noticed people staring at me, and whispering to each other. I looked at their clothes, rags and more rags. Females wore a ragged shirt and skirt, while the males also wore a ragged shirt but with a ragged pants. None, looked like me or had an head band. I heard people whispering, 'She is carrying the weapons that they use…'

Suddenly, at least four pairs of arms grabbed me, I managed to jerk away. Obviously these people were not ninjas or have any sort of power except for a weak chakra. The pairs of arms belonged to the villagers. They were crazy! They kept shouting,


'She's a human!'

'Feed her to them!' 'Get her!'

'No, worship her!'

'She'll help us!'

'Help us god!'

More and more came towards me; stalkers that believed I am god and suspicious people. I had no choice but to fight back. I kicked and punch, the sun had just set, one by one they fell before me. I didn't kick them that hard, only to make them go down.

Then this group of weird looking guys pushed away the villagers and came towards me. Well these group of weird looking guys that I sawwere actually real livevampires! I can see their fangs, pointy ears, everything that made them look like vampires. I must be dreaming, I pinched myself and it hurt. Lucky me...

At first they were shocked when they saw me. Then they think I some sort of an eccentric women.

"Well, look at what we have here." A vampire said licking his lips. "She sure is different from the rest." This time a female one said that. "And stronger too." Another guy added. "She's mine!" the first one called out. Then they all started fighting over who should get which part. I felt so loved.

The first guy, who seemed to be stronger then the rest won and approached me. I was really scared; I had never fought a vampire before. The villagers were all quiet observing us. I noticed that every vampire wore a ring just like the one I found but with a different color gem and symbols. Only the female one didn't wear the ring. Weird...

I sensed chakra coming from the vampire, he had more then the villagers that's for sure but…not meaning to diss this guy and be arrogant or anything but his chakra was lower than mine.

But then again, I never fought a vampire so I never know. Maybe vampires have some special abilities or something. Whatever that was even though this vampire is weaker than me I was still freakin' scared.

At first, he came coolly towards me as if I would just let him bite me. Fat chance! I jumped away, and he had this look of shock. Has he ever heard of people-who- are- not- dumb- to- just- get- eaten- by- an- vampire?

He recovered quickly from shock and began to chuckle and decided to take me seriously. He was fast but I was faster. His comrades were teasing him, and mocking him of how he can't catch a 'mortal'. Soon he was mad, and decided to stop chasing me and attack.

He got out a kunai and threw them at me. I ducked but didn't do anything. Why wasn't I fighting back I kept asking myself, and finally figured out that I was too scared. Swallowing my fear and dodging his punches and kicks, I finally fought back. Although I managed to successfully hit him to the ground he kept getting up as if no damage was done to him.

Well of course no damage was done to him except for his ego, because he is a BLOODY VAMPIRE! I am so stupid! Why can't I think smart for just one time?

Vampires are afraid of silver--at least in movies. But the rings that they wore are silver so that probably won't work. The day still had some light, so again they probably aren't afraid of sunlight. There was a little shop nearby that had strands of garlic hanging by the door, I can even smell it. But then if I can, so can the vampires. There goes another plan. Aargh, I need to rent better movies.

I looked around, hoping to find a cross or something but nobody was carrying that. My kunai won't work, I already tried that he just dodges whenever I throw it at him. I was running out of ideas fast. An old man was sitting nearby watching my little entertainment; he seems to be enjoying himself too. How nice. (Gotta change my attitude, too sarcastic these days.)

Anyways, this old man had a wooden cane on his lap with silver padding on the bottom. Suddenly, I finally had an idea. These vampires may not be afraid of silver on the outside but what about the inside. I quickly ran to him and 'borrowed' his cane. The vampire snickered, saying I'm too pathetic, a little cane won't hurt him.

I got mad, if there is one thing I hate it is when somebody thinks I am weak. Hey, just because I'm a girl that doesn't mean I'm weak!

I raced towards him and plunged the can into his heart. Instantly he turned to ash, my plan had worked; the ring he was wearing was on top of his remaining body, weird again. His comrades just stood there, gaping. I smirked and gave back the cane to the old man. The female ran towards the ash and started crying, calling out his name. The other male was backing away and telling the other to call for backup. This was bad, really bad. I can slay one vampire but not a whole army!

Already, I can sense more chakra coming my way. So I did the only one thing any person could do: run away. And now that you know the whole story of why I'm still standing behind a waterfall trying to hide for the sake of my life.

I held my breath as I saw vampire troops walking past the waterfall. They looked around, and smelled the air probably looking for my scent. They all looked my way, I'm doomed. They had found me, I'm dead meat. Why did I even become a ninja anyway! Look where it got me? I'm standing behind a waterfall trying to hide for the sakeof my life.--Okay that's the last time I'm going to say that. Promise.

To my surprise, they slowly dropped their gaze at my direction and went away. The ring that I found was safely tucked away in my pocket. I waited for a moment to make sure they were completely gone, and dove under the water. The pressure of the waterfall got me a little bit; I quickly surfaced and coughed out water. At least I'm not standing behind a waterfall trying to hide for the sake of my life.--Okay I swear the last time.

Crawling onto shore, I coughed a bit more until Inoticed a figure standing a few feet from me. Lifting up my gaze I saw what I would never want to see again: another vampire. Oh, did I mention a very HOT vampire?


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