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Chapter Thirteen – The Unlucky End

The number 'thirteen' is considered an unlucky number to most. It is cursed, superstitions say. Why should this ending be any different?

A Year Later

Sakura wondered blanking around Konohagakure, her village, her birthplace, her home. She had just finished running errands for the Godaime like old times.

Her body was healed from their wounds and healthy. She had been taking proper care of herself as instructed, but anyone who would've taken one look at her could tell that she was mentally sick.




Maybe even a tinge of fakeness. Her mouth would forever be curved upwards in front of others, but you could tell they were sad. Her eyes would forever be big and green, but you could tell they were silently crying.

Only two out of the Konoha population knew why. They were Uzumaki Naruto and the hokage.

It was hectic at first; just barely a year ago, an ANBU found her unconscious in Cloud Country and thought she was a defeated missing-nin. Upon bringing her to their hideout, Naruto, who happened to be the captain of the squad immediately recognized her and brought her back to safety.

She fell back into reality after a week and filled Naruto and the hokage in about everything that had happened, including the news about him. Days later, when she was in a better state, people began filing up in the hospital to see her and send her their greetings.

She was happy to be able to see them again. But they were all ninjas who had jobs, so they couldn't come and see her everyday. After a month, she was able to get out of the hospital and resume her old tasks and participate in missions. Things then became disturbingly normal.

No more dealings with vampires, evil kings, or deadly cults.

Her scythe was gone but his mark was still on her shoulder, reminding her that her whole adventure wasn't a dream. Nobody dared to question her about what had happened, she only confided to Naruto and had little talks about the past.

Today, she had come back from a B-Class mission and finished training with Hinata. Seeing that her fridge was empty, she decided to do some grocery shopping since Naruto and Hinata were going to come later and have a friendly dinner with her.

Arriving home, she got out her handy-dandy kitchen wares and an apron. Time to make the perfect dinner.

It was really a perfect evening that day. The sun was still blazing a magnificent orange and the peaceful sounds of nature filled the ears of many. But the animals in the forest, the birds in the skies, and the fish in the waters were very nervous today. Something big was going to happen. Deer, rabbits, eagles, and countless of animals lined up around a middle-sized pond surrounded by numerous cherry blossom trees. Something was rising from the waters. They could feel it.
Ding Dong!

"Naruto sure is early today." Sakura said to herself and rushed to the door. She had just finished baking chicken from the oven and made soup and salad. Dessert was still yet to be made. Quickly smoothing out her apron, she fumbled over the locks and opened the doors.

"Naruto, you sure are early for once." She chuckled then stopped abruptly as her eyes widened, seeing the man before her eyes. "What...the..."

"Hey Sakura-chan!" Naruto greeted cheerfully and held up two very large things that was longer than her arms.

"What the heck are these?" Sakura asked unsurely and poked at the specimen called fish.

"These are fish! Silly!" He laughed. "You know how long it took me to catch these?! Twelve fricken hours!"

"I never thought I would get to see edible fish as big as these besides sharks." She stated in wonder as she continued to poke at the gleaming scales.

"Well, these don't live around the waters in Konoha. I had to go to Waterfall Country to specifically catch these. I heard that they're very tasty." The blond drooled, thinking about how good it would taste if one added ramen to it.

"Alright, let's cook it...although I doubt if we can finish it all...oh my god..." Sakura gasped in horror.

"What, what, what?!"

Sakura, lost for words, pointed a shaky finger at a figure behind him. Naruto shot her a weird looked and turned slowly, trying to keep his balance since the two fish were very heavy. "What's so surprising Sakura-ch—o-oh my god..."

Both of them stared at the figure in front of them with eyes the size of pancakes. "W-what...h-how...y-you...b-but...w-when..."

"H-Hey you guys." A small voice greeted.

"H-Hinata-chan, what the heck is that?!!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah!! Hinata-chan! Is that what I think it is?!!" Naruto shouted and tried pointing at what Hinata was holding.

"Y-Yup! Freshly c-caught squid! M-My cousin just happened to come back from a mission in Rain Country, and the people there w-were so grateful that they gave him these squid. Its one of their main delectable, b-but my cousin doesn't like seafood so he gave them to me." Hinata explained.

"Are you kidding me? You're saying those are squids?!" Sakura cried disbelievingly, staring at the two long sea animals that were almost as tall as she was.

"THEY'RE HUGE!" Naruto shouted.

"Thank you! You spoke my mind!" Sakura thanked. "They're larger than Naruto's fish!"

"Hehe...then this only means one thing…" Naruto grinned. "SEAFOOD DINNER!"

"W-We better get cooking then." Hinata suggested, and she and her fiancé quickly went into Sakura's kitchen to get to work.

Sakura couldn't help but smile as she closed the door. She walked through her living room which led to the kitchen when she stopped suddenly.

That's odd...I don't remember opening the window'...she thought and went to close the living room windows. Not bothering to think about it anymore, she proceeded to the kitchen to help the two out.

The dinner turned into feast in the end, with lots and lots and lots of fish and lots and lots and lots of squid. All three of them had so much seafood; they vowed to never touch it again. It was nine-o-clock when they had finished and Sakura forced both of them to take the leftovers homes.

She was very tired and sped through the cleaning process so she could retire early to bed. Her bedroom was dark when she entered, not even bothering to open the lights; she collapsed down on her bed and closed her eyes.

"I am so full..." she groaned and touched her slightly bulged stomach. "I smell like seafood..."

"Yeh, I know...I can smell you all the way from downstairs..."

"Well I'm going to take a bath later so quite whining."

"May I join?"

"No, you may n...what the hell?!!" Sakura screamed as she stood right up and went into fighting stance. She looked around the dark room and found no one was there. "God...I think the seafood is getting to me..." she groaned and collapsed on her bed once again. "I'm probably allergic to them or something...I swear I just heard his mocking little voice..."

"Hn...I don't mock."

"HUH?!!" Sakura snapped her eyes open to find a pair of curious red eyes staring back at her. She was prepared to scream the loudest scream she had ever screamed in her life when a hand came up and muffled it.


"Hey Sakura."

"S-S-S-Sasuke?!" Sakura stammered and looked up as he took his hand off her mouth. She was still lying on her bed with him looming over her. She couldn't see his face except for his Sharingan eyes and cursed herself for not opening the lights earlier.

"I missed you while I was up there." He said sincerely and smirked.

"How did you...When did you...?"

"Hmph...and I was expecting a joyous hug and kiss." Sasuke joked sarcastically and grinned as Sakura suddenly clung to him and pulled him down onto the bed.

"I missed you I missed you I missed you!! I'm sorry for what happened back then please forgive me! I swear I will never do that again as long as I live and I'm happy that you're here even though I don't know how you even got here! You better explain to me later or else I'll bash you nice and slow!" Sakura sobbed, laughed, and panted from speaking without breaks.

"Slow down there Sakura."

"I can't! This better not be a dream!" She said flatly.

"Hn...then I'll show you this isn't a dream." He snickered and pressed his lips against hers hungrily as if there was no tomorrow. The kiss was long and passionate, summarizing a year of feelings into one. Their tongues flickered playfully at each other, all too real to be a dream.

"So care to explain? How did you find my place?" Sakura asked and smiled in the dark as she pushed Sasuke away before they get involved into another French kiss.

Sasuke sighed at her persistency and gave in. "I don't exactly know, but I remember suddenly appearing in this pond that was surrounded by cherry blossom trees--"

"That sounds like my secret training place." She interrupted and got a-second long sneak kiss.

"Let me finish will you?"

"Ok, ok...carry on Uchiha."

"Well it didn't take me long to find this village, but it did take me a while to find out where you live. You had no idea, how many times I have to run from the female population in your village. Its like they were bred to stalk."

"You're gorgeous, I know." She giggled in reply and pinched his cheeks teasingly.

"I prefer the word 'handsome' thank you very much. Anyways, I tried asking the guys in the village but they ended up giving me very weird looks and began challenging me to spar with them. It wasn't until I met this blond chick with a little blue diamond tattoo on her forehead that I had found out where you lived. She seems to know who I was..." he trailed off thoughtfully.

"You mean you met Tsunade-sama?!!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's her name."

"She's our hokage for god's sakes! The Godaime and Naruto are the only ones that know about you."

"Speaking of that dobe, I saw him and that girl who I presume to be his girlfriend earlier when I arrived at your house. I was tempted to show up in front of you guys but I figured all of you might scream and break my eardrums. Having you scream was enough, I don't need that dobe screaming. God, he screams like a girl." Sasuke chuckled, remembering the past.


" more question..."


"What's heaven like?"

"...I don't remember, I knew you would ask that. It wasn't full of fluffy white clouds...that I can tell you."

"I still don't get how you came here...I mean...I killed you back then...not that I don't want you to be here...its just...weird..."

"Some things are just best left unanswered...although I remember God muttering something about 'reward'." He answered impatiently. "Can we please continue?"

"But-mmmmm" Sakura got muffled once again by Sasuke's hungry lips and returned it willingly, still very curious about man in front of her. It was like, he was reborn...He seemed to have read her thoughts and paused for a moment, not even breaking their little lip contact.

"You really are annoying..."

"I can't help but wonder how come you're here seducing me right this moment."

"Hn...I guess God decided to be kind." He grinned and continued. "By the smell like fish..."

"Shut up."

This chapter 'thirteen' is different and not unlucky like old folks say because this pairing deserves something special.


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