I Did Nothing

Disclaimer: All of this is based upon the lovely J.K. Rowling's work.

Warnings: Slight Spoilers for OotP

He cried…

…and I did nothing.

He suffered…

…and I did nothing.

He was in agony beyond agony…

…and still, I did nothing.

I just watched from afar as he toiled through hardship. I just watched as he was hated and feared and abused and neglected. I just watched because I could do nothing.

I have to do the best for the majority. I have to do what's best for the many, even if the few have to suffer. What does it matter if one person hurts?

What does it matter?

It matters a great deal…

…but still, I did nothing about it.

I have to think about what's best for everyone else.

So I left him there with those things that are most assuredly not human.

But it's for the best. Harry has to live with his relatives. Should he stay with anyone else… well, we wouldn't have the hero that we need.

So what if an innocent was punished; so what if an innocent paid for crimes he never committed.

It didn't matter…

…and yet, somehow, it matter to me as I watched him cry.

As I watched him suffer.

As I watched him in agony.

As I watched him die.

It mattered because I knew that he was innocent. It mattered because his godson had to live without him. It mattered because he was in danger. It mattered because he would mostly surely die.

And still, even with all that I knew would surely come to pass…

…I did nothing.

Ever Hopeful,