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I am awoken sometime during the night, in a cold sweat, the rain is still pouring heavily and I can hear it banging on windows. As I open my eyes, I am suddenly, disorientated and scared. Though I remember the woman I am not familiar with my surroundings and I begin to feel like I am all at sea. The material bellow me is soft and comfortable. As I look around, through my sore eyes, I spot an old wooden bookcase, which is filled with a variety of books ranging from crime and obvious text books to romance novels and is positioned adjacent to the window. However, there are several other pieces of furnishings that are strategically placed. In front of the couch, which I lie on is a coffee table that appears to be of a similar age to the bookcase. There is also a TV next to the bookcase and a worn sheepskin rug in front of it. But, as I scan the room I notice a dark, mysterious figure sitting in a large chair near the TV at the end of the couch where my feet lie and there is a dim lamp, which is lighting the room. I am unsure of what I am to do, and as the figure rises I become scared as to what may happen next. Will she hit me? Will I ever leave this place? Was this to be my final resting place? I begin to shake fiercely and my vision becomes clouded, what if what I left behind is only to be endured again by a different force here? Yet, the woman stops short of the bed and sits on the coffee table in front of me and leans towards me. A tear escapes me before I am able to blink it back and trickles down my muddy face, but, as I flinch and brace myself for the pain staking slap that should following my tears I feel a thumb brush against my cheek and it is then I realise that, that slap will never come. I start jabbering off in-understandable sentences "I shouldn't be here, you don't even know me, I don't deserve your help, you should have left me to die cold and helpless, similar to the rest of my life, people aren't meant to be kind, they hit you and yell not care and help people, especially ones they don't know. I cry, so hard, as if the flood gates had been opened and my emotions role out like a roaring sea. As I sit there cry, the woman moves from her position on the coffee table and sits next to me, she wraps me in her arms and while I cry on her shoulder she says "You'll be ok, I'll find a way and never will I leave you."

Olivia's POV

Olivia's Apartment, 3am

She lay on my couch, frail and restless. She had been sleeping, albeit, dreaming, most likely of what had happened. She looked so small and helpless on the street this evening, her body so small and dishevelled, my heart went out to her, I will never leave her, I wish I could help her. What was I going to do? Should I call Cragen and tell him? Do I turn her over to social services? As another belting of thunder ran through the city, I see her awaken. She looks terrified; solitude and apprehension are written all over her face. I can almost feel her pain. I wander over towards her as she looks over my living room. I stop and sit on the coffee table trying to imagine what is going through her mind, but, it is almost useless. As a lonesome tears rolls down her cheek I can tell she wants to be brave and strong, but nevertheless, I brush the tear away from her featured. She looks almost shocked when I do so and she begins prattling nonsense and the most I can do I promise never to leave her.

She cried into my arms, her body shaking as I hug her tightly trying to re-assure her that I will not hurt her, and as she cries, I feel her pain, as if it is radiating from her small body.

Her crying sub-sides and her breathing becomes deep and even, as she falls into a sleep that will be haunted by painful memories of her past.

I wrap her in a large blanket, which I had draped over the back of the couch and leave her to sleep. I decide I should call Cragen and inform him of my situation as the possibility of clearing this entire "thing" for lack of a better word, up in 3 hrs is impossible.

"Cragen" a sleepy, yet surprisingly alert captain answers

"Cap' it's Olivia, umm how do I put this to you, I picked up a girl from the street outside my building last night and I'm wondering what I should do?" I ask hopeful that he won't bail her off to social services.

"Liv, what do you know already?"

"Well, she was definitely running from something or someone, she's terrified, very disorientated and broken. Capt'n could you assign El and I to her case, I think she really needs someone to trust right now?"

"What would this case be?"

"Possible rape and abuse to a girl under the age of 13," I reply hopeful he will not sperate her.

"Very well, you and Stabler can handle the case,"

"Thanks Cap',"

"See you at the precinct later, with our latest case,"


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