Darkness Brings Two Together

Note- this story takes place roughly seven years after the end of 02, at the beginning of the summer before TK and Kari begin college.

Chapter 1: Outset

'Never leave anything unsaid when someone leaves, because you never if you'll ever see them again. A few unsaid words could haunt you for life and cause more hurt than you would believe.'

Somebody had told him that once, most likely Joe. For three years now those two sentences had haunted him, plagued his dreams, infested his thoughts and driven him mad with grief. All because he was too stupid and pigheaded to say two words, two simple words; and so the Kamiyas had moved to America he never heard from any of them again. All of this pain and hurt because he hadn't thought to say sorry until it was too late. The idea that for want of two simple words he had lost the love of his life was almost laughable, if he ever really laughed anymore he might have.

Today however he changed that. Today he was leaving to find her, and nothing short of the apocalypse would stop him; and even it would be hard pressed to do so.

"Going somewhere?" a voice asked from the doorway.

TK didn't bother to look up; he already knew who the voice belonged to. "Don't you have a tour to go on or a concert to practice for or something Matt?" he asked irritably, he knew exactly why Matt was here.

Matt cut right to the point, "She doesn't want to see you again. So don't bother going, besides you don't even know where they live." Matt had kept in contact Tai after he had moved. TK said nothing he just continued packing his duffel bag. "You still have a week of school." Matt reminded him.

"Grades are done," TK said, "this time's just a formality."

"Mom will kill you if you run off." Matt said trying a different angle.

"I'll kill myself if I stay." there was something chilling about how calm he was one he said this.

Matt shook his head in defeat. Sometimes TK could be as stubborn as Tai. Wordlessly he turned and left; he had to leave for the tour in an hour or two anyway, he might as well get a head start. He really didn't like what had happened to his little brother since he and Kari had gotten into their argument, it was sometimes like the two of them were complete strangers. Maybe just maybe this trip was what TK needed to move on, maybe.

Even as Matt was pulling away TK zipped his duffle bag, grabbed a bundle of cash and his airplane ticket, and prodded Patamon awake.

"Whasa matter?" the sleepy digimon asked.

"We're leaving." TK told him as he grabbed his old white hat off the top of the dresser and left the room.

"Where are we going again?" Patamon asked not fully awake yet.

"To visit Kari and Tai," TK explained, "or is this just your way of trying to talk me out of it."

"I'm not saying nothin." Patamon stated before lying down on TK's bag and resuming his nap.

Halfway around the world Kari Kamiya awoke with a start. Panting heavily she wiped the sweat off her brow. Just a nightmare she told herself silently, it was just another nightmare. Still spooked she brushed her now black hair back with her fingers and looked around her likewise black room. Her surroundings probably weren't helping too much she admitted. As she lay down she rubbed her fingers against the old camp whistle she still wore. As she always did before going to sleep Kari silently cursed TK, stupid ass that he was, for ruining her life. If she ever saw him again he wouldn't leave the encounter with all his bones intact that was for sure.

TK leaned back in his plane seat, it had taken nearly two years of begging, pleading, and hard work to get the money for the ticket but he had done it. And so here he was sitting in a plane over the Pacific Ocean going to see the girl, now woman, he loved. It sounded like the plot of some movie or romance story a guy wrote online. In his head he went over the plan yet again: the plane landed in Los Angeles, and once there he would … do something. He pulled his hat down so that it covered his face and decided he'd sleep on it, only thirteen minutes till the plane landed.

In his sleep he dreamt of Kari. Memories of the two of them flashed by like an old slideshow at a family reunion; choppy and slightly distorted, but still meaningful. It was one big loop of joy and sadness, joy and sadness; one after the other forever repeating. After three years of sadness it seemed time for some more joy in his life.