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'Dear Diary;

It's me again, as always. Been awhile since the last time I wrote something, but I've been busy. Today's the first day of college so I'm kinda nervous. I guess that explains why I'm writing an entry in the morning. Life's going well for all of us, I got a letter from Kari yesterday; she decided to go to college over in Japan, and TK somehow mustered up enough nerve and cash to propose to her. A bit early in my book, they're both still only eighteen, but if it's what they want they might as well go for it. I probably don't have to mention this but Kari said yes. I won't be seeing any ceremony though; they're going to get married over in Japan. I haven't heard anything from the others; Kari's letter said that Izzy and Ken are both doing well though, so I'm not too worried. No one's heard anything from Jack, but I'm not too surprised: he doesn't seem like the type to write letters. I hope he doesn't get his hand on my phone number though; he'd probably subject me to endless midnight calls (lol). As a birthday present TK and Kari sent me an advance copy of the new Teenage Wolves cd (Matt is soooo hot). Suckers, I'm born in May not September. Richard got what was coming to him; according to the papers he was arrested the day he escaped form us. It seems that he had been raping girls all over the Yonkers area, I'm really happy we managed to keep Kari away from him; I hope he gets the chair for what he's done. As Jack said my parents seemed a bit overly interested in getting me back into their affairs and, of course, introducing me to the sons of numerous associates. I'd never go out with any of them, there's just something they don't have. Demi agrees with me, and I see no reason to doubt his judgment. Maybe if one of them were a digidestined too it'd be different; after the whole digiworld experience it just seems like everyone is kinda boring. I probably should be going now; class is probably going to start soon.

Hasta luego, Lis

Melissa pushed her blonde hair out of her face and stretched backwards tipping her chair back. Her eyes glanced at the clock and she jumped in surprise. The chair tipped too far and she fell back first onto the floor. One of the good things about having money was that she wasn't staying in a dorm, one of the bad things was that the house wasn't all that close to the college. In a rush she grabbed her keys and ran out of the house, nearly forgetting her books in the process. After retrieving them and hurrying out she drove like she had never driven before.

Once she reached the campus she sloppily slid her car into a space next to a Volvo and leapt out. She ran full speed towards her destination, forcing a few people to jump out of the way of a girl who was nearly late for American Lit. She hurried into class and plopped down in a seat near the back breathing heavily.

Momentarily another person sat down beside her. "You know, after you nearly smack a person's car it's polite to apologize." the person said.

Melissa looked up about to do just that. Her mind froze when she saw a familiar face wearing ever so familiar sunglasses. "Y, you." she stuttered.

Jack smiled, "Yeah it's me," he told her, "I said we'd meet up again didn't I." Without warning he pulled off his glasses.

It was the second time Melissa had seen his eyes. She still couldn't tell what color they were but there was something different about them now. They weren't the eyes he had at the carnival, the ones she hated, they radiated a different feeling; friendship maybe. "It's good to see you again." she said before reaching out and hugging him, he returned the gesture. "You were right about my parents. They keep trying to drag me to these stupid parties and then try to set me up with these idiot rich brats."

Jack chuckled a little, "Maybe you should bring me along to one of these stupid parties." he suggested. "It'd probably cause a bit of a stir."

"That it would," Melissa admitted, "that it would. It might even get my parents off my back for awhile if you pretend to be my boyfriend."

"Glad to help." Jack said. A second later he stuck out his hand, "Jack Collins."

Melissa took his hand slowly and unsurely, "Melissa Drake." she hazarded.

Jack shook her hand, "Friends?"

Melissa smiled and nodded, "Friends." she said.