Title – Roses on the Bed

By – jenni-nikole

Disclaimer – People, all who think I own the X-Men, pay me $20 because if I own it, you ain't reading it for free!

Summary – Logan comes back to the mansion after Marie is attacked.

Chapter One: Don't look, don't touch

Marie was in the Med-Lab when he came back. It had been a year, a very long year. And the last week had been the worst. The mansion had been under attack again. Luckily, the X-Men saved the day. Unluckily Marie had been hungry and was the first to be injured. She was the only one seriously hurt. Her right arm broken in two places, both ankles were twisted and she was slipping in and out of unconscious bouts. When she was awake, she seemed delusional.


"Yes, Marie?"

"He found out,"

"What? Who?"

"He's coming back now,"

"Marie, what are you talking about?"

"Ah don't want him ta see meh! He'll touch meh!"

"Marie, lie down and get some sleep,"

"Jean, don't let him see meh like this! Please?"

"If you get some sleep, I'll see what I can do,"


Jean walked off shaking her head.

Logan burst into the waiting room, where Jean and Hank were talking. Anger written across his features.

"Where is she?"

He could smell the fear rolling off of Jean as she stepped in front of him.

"She doesn't want to see you, Logan,"

His face turned menacing and he let out a low growl. Tipping his head up slightly, he sniffed the air. His eyes locked on the door and he started towards it.

"Logan, stop! You-"


"Get. Out. Of. My. Way."

Jean stepped aside silently. Logan retracted his claws and barged into the Med-Lab. The sight before him scared Logan, badly.

Marie was connected up to half a dozen machines, and different limbs were heavily bandaged.

"Marie…" was the whisper.

He lunged forwards and grasped her uncovered arm.


Jean and Hank ran into the room just as Logan collapsed. Marie sat up.

"What the hell did he do?"

Three weeks later…

"Look, Marie, I've told you before, I just couldn't stand seeing you like that!"

"That's why you weren't supposed ta see meh!"

"Marie, I made a promise to protect you, and-"

"Yeah, and you see how well that worked out!"

A crestfallen look cross Logan usually stony face.

"Logan, oh, no, oh mah god. Logan, no. I'm-"

"Don't. You're right,"

Logan walked out of the room leaving a tearful Marie in his wake.

The next day, Marie decided to skip dinner. She hadn't see Logan all day. She decided to go to her room to gather her wits before finding Logan.

Marie's door opened with a low squeak. She grimaced. She'd have to see Scott about that. Marie walked to her bed, just wanting to flop down on it, but something had beaten her to it.

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