Title – Roses on the Bed

By – JenniNikole

Disclaimer – People, all who think I own the X-Men, pay me $20 because if I own it, you ain't reading it for free!

Summary – Logan comes back to the mansion after Marie is attacked.


Marie slowly spun around and there was Logan. Leaning against her door frame. She wondered how she hadn't heard the squeak. Then she noticed the red roses in his hands. All twelve of them.

Chapter 3: Nails in the Bed

"Hey darlin'"


An awkward silence followed.

"Look Marie, I am so sorry!"

He offered her the roses, which she took gratefully. She held them to her nose for a second, and then offered him a small smile.

"Ah know you are Logan. And now ah know why you did it. Ah get it now, sugah. I forgive you,"

Logan's face brightened and he pushed himself off the door frame to stand in front of her.

"Really, you mean that?"

"Yeah, ah do!"

Logan picked her up by the waist and twirled her around.

"Thank God. These past few weeks have been hell,"

He put her down and she smiled teasingly at him.

"Ah don't think God had anything to do with it, though ah think Bon Jovi may have,"

"Glad to see you're a fan,"

"So, you still wanna lay meh down on a bed of roses?"

Logan pulled back the comforter on her bed, Red rose petals were scattered across Marie's eyes grew large.

"Well, you're going to have to sleep in here tonight!"

Logan looked at her confused. Marie continued.

"Well, if ah was to pull back you're bed coverings, would I find nails?"

Logan let out a laugh and grabbed her waist again. He fell on the bed bringing her on top of him.

The End