Chapter 1

"RWHC" Lana says as she answers the phone.

"Lana, This is Bob. I need to to send Dr. Delgado to my office as soon as possible." Bob tells Lana.

"OKay, Will do." Lana says as she hangs up the phone.

Lana goes into Lu's office and tells her she is needed in Bob's office.

"What do you need Dr. Jackson?" Lu asks as she walks into Dr. Jacksons office.

"Well...Dr. Delgado, I got some news today that you probably wont like to well. I just wanted you to knowthat Dr. Kilner is going to be working here again." Bob says looking at Lu and waiting for a reply.

"WHAT? You are going to let him work here, why?" Lu asks angrly.

"Delgado, I am sorry the board told me and I dont have a choice. He starts tomorrow."

Lu storms out of his office pissed as hell and hurt.

The Next Day...

Lu is walking up to get some lab results when she sees Kilner. He touches her should and says hello.

Lu goes into a rampage and jumps on Kilner. She is hitting and kicking him and wont stop, until 3 cops pulled her off of him and put her in handcuffs.

"Were going down town." One cops says and they lead her to a cop car and take her away.