by: darkestbeforedawn

summary: mugen meditates on two things; "wants" and "needs". -yaoi- -mugen x jin-


Mugen desperately wants to fuck Jin. He wants to corner him one day, when Fuu was out of sight, shove him against a wall, and grind against him, clothes on.

He wants to hear him pant and moan, clutch his shoulders and dig into his back with nails, gaspingpantingmoaning.

He wants to see him on the edge of pleasure, beggingbegging him to make him his.

Take me, he wants to hear him say.

Mugen desperately needs to know Jin wants this as much as he does. He needs to know that there is only him, that bruised those lips, slowly removing his clothing.

He needs to hear him say his name over and over again, his name, lips bruised and his name, "Mugen" sounding like salvation to a sinner.

He needs to see him panting deeply, content and impassioned, looking at him, MugenMugenMugen, he would say.

Need you, he needs him to say.

"Mugen," said Jin, and the Ryuukyuu man wished he would say it again.


a sexually frustrated mugen, and a pissy authoress. such is the product. -shakes head-