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No one could believe it, and frankly neither could Raven. She sat there while the others were partying. Their tower was safe, Slade's plan has once again been trashed and not only that – Terra is back as a Teen Titan. This was all for more a reason to celebrate…so why didn't she feel like celebrating?

Without warning, the music cranked up – by Cyborg most likely – and everybody started to talk even louder. Raven grimaced trying her best not to cover her ears. 'I'd prefer hearing Starfire sing her Tamaranian folksongs.' Raven thought as the music blasts through the tower. People can here them from here to Gotham City, she swore they could.

Still, the air of celebration was wild and clear in the air, but for Raven, she felt a hang of uncertainness in the air. Terra just came back suddenly, and though Raven has kind of accepted her it was still all too strange. The moment Terra shows, Slade shows up. 'Just a coincidence,' thought Raven. Terra wasn't able to control her powers before, yet a month later (about a month) she has full control of her power. 'Excessive training,' Raven wanted to say to comfort her uneasiness, but that just didn't work. No matter how hard you train, you can't master your gift within a month. She exhaled deeply, annoyed.

Glancing at the others, they were cutting a rather large cake. A five layer cake with frosting and icing cover each and every spot. It was definitely cooked by Cyborg who liked having food being large in mass.

She turned her attention elsewhere – to the window. Outside, the city was clothed with light. Strange, at night right now it seems so beautiful, but this morning a giant mechanic worm was attacking the place. Isn't it always like this? They save the town constantly, and it was weary. So shouldn't she be happy that a new member came to help out?

'Try to be happy,' she thought then shook her head. Raven being happy – must be the end of the world for them. Then she remembered her emotions – her powers dwelling on that one thing. One wrong feeling and she could blast this whole city into shimmers. Though not something she wanted to do, ever; she protected this place for two years now, she's been attached to it just as she is to the Titans – or a specific Titan.

A frosting covered cake was thrust under Raven's nose. She fell back on the couch and looked up. Terra was standing there with the cake and a fork in the middle of the cake. "You want cake?" she asked.

"Pass," she replied looking at the rather fattening piece of meal.

"It's good," Terra taunted. Raven gave her a certain look and Terra knew she shouldn't go on. Taking a chunk, she placed it into her mouth. Raven made a face. Seems like Terra has the stomach to eat anything: Starfire's cooking, a messy-fattening cake like this…anything.

'I think I'm going to be sick,' thought Raven as she saw Terra finish the cake. Terra smiled at Raven.

"Thanks," she said.

"For what? I wasn't the one eating the cake." Raven still glanced at the rather repulsive desert made by Cyborg.

"For trusting me back then," she said. "And helping me; I couldn't have done it without you."

"Whatever," Raven grumbled. She doesn't do well in something like this, and she didn't care. The blast of music still warped around them. Raven wanted to shield herself from the music, but they'd find it defending.

"Can you tell them to turn," started Raven, but Beast Boy came rushing down and grabbing Terra's hand.

"Cyborg bringing out the pie!" he smiled. Terra blinks and smiles before she was pulled away by Beast Boy. That left Raven alone. On one hand, Raven felt rather glad she was left alone, on the other hand, she felt like an outcast. 'This isn't new,' thought Raven. 'I've always been an outcast.' But it was Beast Boy who always brought her in, and now that Terra came…

Raven stood up and walked pass them all, heading towards her room. The door swished open and closed and she continued to walk. Here, she was able to shield herself from the music. How can they stand such a loud, annoying music? She walked onwards until she heard her name faintly being called. She turned around and saw Beast Boy. She let her shield down.

"What?" she demanded.

"Don't you want pie?" he asked. "Come on, it's good!"

"No," Raven replied. "I'm not hungry."

"But you barely at dinner!" he protested. "Come on, just one bite?" Raven fought to keep her temper in. This was just one of the days where she felt her temper go anywhere. She inhaled and exhaled to keep her temper in check.

"No, Beast Boy, I'm not hungry." She said again before walking off. She felt Beast Boy's presence still behind her when she entered her room. She was rather glad he came to look for her; it was like the other times: Beast Boy coaxing her in so she'd have a place in the Titans and so on.

She sat took off her cloak and hung it on the rack while she slipped under the covers. She yawned softly. Was she really that tired? Without wanting to find out, she closed her eyes ready for sleep.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The Titans' alarms rang loud and clear at mid-day the next day. Raven was meditating in her room when the light started to flash red on and off. She grumbled. She needed her meditation, but when anyway. Heading out, she saw Terra behind her looking confused for a while.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Trouble in the town, I thought you were use to this by now." Raven said levitating onwards. Terra ran to keep up with her.

In the living room, the Titans gathered as the screen, once a window, on with the map of the city. Robin sat there navigating the crime scene. They waited patiently but wished the alarm would turn off. Finally, the beeping stop and the Titans waited for Robin's word.

"The bank; Cinderblock." He said in a fragment. There was no need for a full sentence, the understood it perfectly fine. Everybody headed out and Beast Boy went out with Terra, holding her hand.

A rock flew straight at Cinderblock as he emerged from the building. "Hey, Blockhead, why won't you just drop it before you get hurt?" Terra said in a loud voice. Cinderblock gave an indistinct cry and charged for them all. Terra got a barrage of rocks and rammed it against Cinderblock, but he kept running. "What the…" she started.

"He's a rock himself," Raven said. "The name Cinderblock mean anything to you?"

"Didn't think of it," Terra gave a nervous smile. "Incoming!" she cried seeing Cinderblock throw something at them. It was a car – a car with the family still in it.

"Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" Raven threw her hands forward grasping the car and focusing on letting it down gently. As she did, she glanced at Cinderblock. Her hands were surrounded with a black fire and she let it out. Hoping to strike Cinderblock and stop him, the attack failed when Terra threw in her rocks. "Why did you do that?" she asked.

"Sorry!" Terra said, "I didn't see it!"

Starfire flew onwards, her hands covered with the star-bolts. "HUAH!" she let it out in a quick blast, one coming after another. Cinderblock placed his hand up to defend himself from the attack. Before the smoke cleared up, Starfire shot out the green rays from her eyes. Cinderblock stepped backwards where he meet Beast Boy in a rhino form hitting him in the ankle. Cinderblock tumbled forward where Cyborg hit him with his sonic cannon and Raven's aura. A strong string-like cable surrounded Cinderblock and pulled him towards the ground. Terra created a cage-like barrier out of the town's concrete floor. Success!

"YEA!" Terra let out a triumphant cry. Everybody nodded along, happy to have defeated Cinderblock.

"When do they learn?" asked Raven. A sudden cry of Raven's name made her turn around – she was levitating in the air – and look down.

There was a large crowd of people, but that wasn't what made Raven quiver. It was what they were doing. They were cheering for Raven and some even dressed up like her. (With wigs, a cloak, and etc.) Some waved sings saying: "Raven's #1 fan" or "Raven ROCKS!"

"What is this?" Raven glared at the crowd as she landed. She glanced at the other Titans to see if they have something to do with this, but they were as shocked as she was. She turned to the crowd of people. "What is going on?" she demanded.

They were silent immediately and one person spoke, "Your fan club!"

"A fan club?" Raven couldn't think of anything to say.

"You're the coolest!" after that person shouted that, a whole barrage of words came tumbling out. Raven couldn't even hear what they are saying. A black fire surrounded her as she tried to keep her temper down. Finally, she snapped.

"ENOUGH!" she cried. "You guys just…"

"Allow me to apologize," said the first person who spoke. Luckily, he wasn't dressed up like Raven – few in the crowd weren't. "I should've none that they would've done something like this."

"Not our fault, man!" cried a girl.

"Actually it is," he replied. "And you call yourself a fan. Don't you know that she won't like something like this?" The girl cringed and seems to have ended up in tears. Raven gave a strange look at the boy.

"I'm leaving," she whispered turning. The boy grabbed her by the arm. Raven stiffened. "Let go of me," she breathed darkly. She turned around and he kissed her hand gently.

"Allow me to introduce," he said. "I'm Abe, milady."

"Milady?" Beast Boy whispered. "What's that all about?"

"I think they think Raven's a queen," Terra whispered.

"But why do the dress up as her?" Starfire asked.

"It's a fan club," Robin replied.

"But, 'milady' is too much," Beast Boy retorted.

"The 'milady' is right here if you want to know." Raven snorted. She looked down; Abe was still at a bow. Wow, a fan club just for her. 'Can things go any worse?' she thought staring at both Abe and the fan club crowd.

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