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Terra left the instance she saw that. A few nights later, Beast Boy and Terra both disappeared from the night leaving a hoard of robots in the Titans' Tower. Cyborg's alarmed cries rang through the tower sending chills of panic and terror to every Titan.

Raven grabbed her cloak and flew out and met up with Starfire and Robin in the way. A large blast blew the door open revealing the robots filing into the hallway. Starfire's eyes glow green and shot out star-bolts at the robots.

"What's going on?" Raven demanded. Robin looked around.

"Check each Titan's room." Robin demanded. Slightly befuddled, Raven turned into a black bird and flew quickly to each of the Titan's room. She stopped at Beast Boys first, since it was the closest.

His clothes lay in scattered piles around his room. Random junk piled up on the bunk bed and his desk covering most of his property with his property. Raven glanced around her wearily. Only one way to find out if something – like a spy device – is hidden in here; Raven lifted her arms up, "Azarath," her eyes turned white, "Metrion ZINTHOS!" Everything started glowing in black as the objects flew around. Raven found nothing and moved on to Cyborg's room, which was a bit harder due to all his technology.

Finally, she found a small fly-on-the-wall camera and destroyed it with much ease. Moving on to Robin's, she found one disguised as the mirror of Robin's mirror. Raven stuck her arm into the mirror and pulled it out.

Next was Starfire's. Raven found one as an ornament from her planet. Moving on to her own room, she found that there was one hidden within one of her books. Raven's cheeks flushed with anger. How was this possible? Ignoring that fact, she quickly destroyed the device and crushed it with her heels. Next was Terra's, which Raven suspected it to be full of Slade's spy gear.

Inside Terra's room, she found the pager. That's where she's been going every time that stupid pager ran.

"She sold us out," Raven crushed the pager with her powers. Her eyes blaring in anger as her energy whipped out almost destroying Terra's room. "I can't believe that I was stupid enough to trust her before." Raven stormed out of the room to report what went on.

She found Robin and the others. "Terra's not in her room." Raven said bluntly, they immediately got the hint.

Beast Boy returned looking hurt. He didn't even bother commenting on why the place looked like it turned upside down. He knew the reason. The Titans, all but Beast Boy, gathered around the living room, or what was left of it, for a meeting. Raven felt hate and anger rise up in her heart.

"I knew it; I knew we couldn't trust her." Raven spat. After that, she didn't pay attention to the conversation. Only bits and pieces transferred into her mind, but she was completely focused on Beast boy. He seemed so depressed. In a dog form, he curled around the box he made for Terra.

"Beast Boy…" Raven started as she walked towards him. He resumed his human form.

"Don't say it; I know it's my fault." Beast Boy said bitterly.

"No, no, that's not it." Raven said. He looked up.

"Then what?" he said rather testily.

"I'm sorry." Raven whispered. "It's my fault. If I hadn't done…what I did…then maybe she wouldn't leave." Her voice was in a low, soft whisper. Beast Boy glances up.

"It's my fault," he said. "I told her…the last thing I told her was that Slade was right and she had no friends." Raven sighed. "It's my fault." He whispered again.

"No, it's our fault. Our fault for trusting her," Raven decided. After that, they never had a discussion about this anymore. "Don't blame yourself."

Fast Forward: After Terra's Death

Beast Boy was gone again. He must've been with Terra again, well not really with Terra. Raven glanced around worriedly. Beast Boy won't go doing something overly drastic in depression. Raven got up quickly.

Everybody seemed strangely quiet. Terra' death shocked everyone. Not bringing it up or even talking seems to have harmonized things.

"Where are you going?" Starfire asked softly. Raven turned around.

"To look for Beast Boy," Raven replied.

As Raven predicted, Beast Boy was at Terra's statue again. Raven sighed. "Beast Boy," She whispered. Beast Boy didn't turn around but merely hugged his knees closer to his chest. "You can talk to me about it, Beast Boy." Raven said.

"I don't know," Beast Boy whispered.

"You…don't know what?" Raven asked.

"I don't know how I feel anymore. I mean, Terra…she's really special." Beast Boy whispered. Raven ducked her head pulling her hood on.

"And no one can compare to her," Raven finished the unspoken sentence.

"No," Beast Boy said. "You, you're…amazing." Raven realized that he was being a bit blunt on both description of her and Terra.

"You want to remain loyal to her?" Raven asked. "If you lo-love her, you…you…I can't stand between. Not anymore, I've done…a lot of harm. I've wrecked your relationship…and eventually drove Terra to go to Slade."

"No, I helped," Beast Boy said trying to laugh. "But, I love you." Raven gave a grim smile. "Do you love me back?" Beast Boy asked.

"Mm," Raven murmured. She glanced at Terra's statue. "We will bring her back."

"One day," Beast Boy whispered. Raven gazed at Terra's statue. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have noticed my feelings for Beast Boy. So, I guess…I have to say I'm sorry…and thank you. Raven realized. If it weren't for Terra…she and Beast Boy probably wouldn't have ever…become whatever they were now.

"Let's go back," Raven said.

"Sure." Beast Boy replied. Raven gazed up at Terra's statue one last time before holding Beast Boy's hand tightly and walking off.


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