The fire was the only thing that was keeping me warm from the cold temperatures of New Tech City Forest. It was also the only light I had that keep the darkness from engulfing me, which would prevent me from seeing anything.

Four different people sat around the same fire with me. We all knew that with the fire, it was the only thing protecting us from any danger that live within the forest and no one really wants to be here.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Delgado but you can call me Z and I'm one of the five people lost in these woods. Along with me in these wood is my very close friend, Bridge Carson, the New Tech High's smart kid and true friend. Next to him is Jack Landers, the New Tech High's punk and someone I know from home. Across from him is Sydney Drew, head cheerleader of N.T.H and rich girl, and next to her is Sky Tate, the high school's quarterback and daddy's wannabe.

I know what you're thinking.

What are these five different people doing in the woods and lost for that matter? Well it's a long story.

Let me take you all the way back to the beginning where we first got into this incident.

But just in case… I should take you back a little farther so you can get to know me and the four other people a little better.

Let just start… the day before all this happened.

Okay here it goes.