Bridge and I were at lunch eating when Jack came and pull up a chair. He reach over to my tray and grabbed a couple of my fries. I just looked at him and smiled.

"Well, we can say that nothing really happen two days ago," Jack said looking at Sky and Syd as he chew his food.

"Were we really expecting any of this to change just because we were lost together," I said looking at my two friends.

"Whatever," Jack said as he reached for another fry but I slapped his hand. All of sudden Syd and Sky place their tray on the table.

"What are you guys doing? You don't want to ruin your reputation do you," asked Bridge.

"Yeah, what about your friends," asked Jack crossing his arm.

"Listen, we were thinking last night about what Bridge said and he's right. Why shouldn't five different people be friends," Sky said sitting down.

"Yeah, it's not like it's written in the school books," stated Syd.

"What about your other friends," I asked pointing at their old table.

"If they're really our friends then they'll understand," said Sky.

"You know what Sky, I thought you were a selfish football player but your cool," said Jack.

"Thanks man."

We sat around the table and talk about our times in the woods and just laughed about it. The lunch bell rung to end lunch and we all gathered our trays and head for class. Sky pulled me aside and we were faces to faces.

"Listen I took your advice and it worked."

"What advice?"

"About me doing something different to get my father to listen to me."

"What did you do?"

"I locked all the doors to his office and sat him down and told him how I felt about football and told him that I'm not like him. And if he don't appreciate that then I'm sorry to hear that but I can't be like him and if he can't accept that then he can't accept me as being a independent individual."

"And what did he say?"

"Well he didn't say anything at first but he said that he is sorry that he tried to live my life and that he won't do it anymore, but it'll take some time but he'll work on it."

"Well it's a start, but I'm glad to hear that you took my advice."

"I know. I'm a free man now and this free man want to ask you out on a date this Friday."

I was in shock when I heard him say those words that I wanted to hear for a long time.

"Well, what do say," he asked.

"Oh, yeah I'm sorry. I would love to go out with you."

"Great. See you around."

He walked off but turned back around to give me a long passionate kiss before leaving me alone in the lunchroom. For some reason I heard music playing and I found myself jumping up and down. Noticing my surroundings I quickly calm down and left to go catch up with the others.

After school Bridge and I waited for Jack so we can go to Bridge's house to do some homework. Jack came out with Sky and Syd following behind him.

"Hey, guys I brought two more with me on our study group," said Jack smiling.

"Great," Bridge added. " Let's get going."

"Hey Jack," said Syd. "I want to say that your jacket wasn't all that bad and I was wondering can I wear it."

"The fashion princess want to wear my jacket."


"Okay." Jack took off his jacket and put it on Syd. They smiled at each other and caught up with the rest of us. We walked all the way to Bridge's house and studied together. Not caring about anything else except the beginning of a new friendship.