Robin staggered down the stairs, her mind reeling from the encounter she had just had with her other self. She wasn't sure when she had realized who the woman dressed in black was, but suddenly she just…knew.

Amon, the Adam of witches? Impossible! He hates them. And what am I supposed to do, go looking for him when I don't know where he is? Well, if I knew, I wouldn't have to look, but I don't even know which country he's in.

Allen…he reminds me so much of Amon. Maybe he knows the same kind of contacts, and would be able to help me find him…

She wasn't even sure when she made the decision for certain, but she found herself sitting in the same dark coffee shop with a black coffee on the table before her. She continued to muse on options, until the shop keeper (so much like Harry…why did she hurt so much to think of Japan? Italy was home!) approached to see if there was anything else the senorita required.

"That young man who bought me breakfast when I was in here that time-Allen?- how often is he in here?" She asked desperately, in an odd combination of Italian and Spanish that the two of them had worked out and understood surprisingly well.

"Oh, that one?" The old man laughed. "You could do much better than a womanizer like him! Isn't a morning he's not in here with some new blonde!"

"I see…" Obscurely, that hurt. Robin shook her head. "No interesan en un novio. Quiero informacion. Donde ere el?"

"Madrid. Salio a la semana pesada."

"Gracias…" That hurt even more. So he had already left. "Donde en Madrid?"

"I heard tell that he was seen around the Plaza del Sol," He answered in Italian.

Without even being sure of why, Robin knew she had a journey to make.


And so it was that Robin found herself staring out the window of a bus at the city of Seville. Oddly, though she had only been in this city a month or so, tears were standing in her eyes, and she held the hot coffee to her lips, enjoying the aroma, not sipping. So much had happened there...

I'm bing pulled in two directions. Half of me wants to stay in that city forever, and the other half is being pulled...somewhere. I'm heading for something...and it feels better. I'm leaving pain...Oh, Amon, I wish I could talk to you.

She shook her head, wondering when she had become so dependent on the partner who had never seemed to care at all...

Robin shook her head. She had too much to worry about as it was, without getting homesick for Japan. I spent only a short while in both Japan and Seville, certainly not long enough to get attached to either. So why do I feel like either one is more like home than Italy was?

Forcefully, she forced the pain from her mind and looked back at the city of Seville, raising her cup of coffee to toast the city that had altered her view so drastically,before turning to the bleak gray and brown hilly landscape of a country in a drought.


"No, we've not had any more reports of fire craft in Spain, other than housewives lighting candles and old gas stoves. Signor Allen, we'll let you know if and when we encounter a fire craft user of the magnitude you've described. Please be patient." The woman behind the desk sighed as she surveyed the handsome, dark haired man who stood across from her. For a moment, she allowed her professionalism to slip enough to think, I wouldn't mind taking this one home. Maybe I should transfer to HQ...

Magdalena wondered who this girl was, and why headquarters was so interested in her that an agent with an all-clearance pass would show up at the STN-E's door, asking about this Senorita Sena, much less a man this handsome! And the man was back about once a week to ask for more information. She sighed rather regretfully as the rather taciturn young hunter turned on his heel and walked towards the door, with a casually confidant swagger that could (and probably did) break hearts.

"So who is this girl, anyway?" She asked, expecting to be rebuffed with a "headquarters' business". Instead, he actually paused mid stride, and answered slowly,

"My partner. We were separated, and I believe that she may need some help. I want to find her again."

"Don't they have the non-fraternization policy in Italy?" Magdalena grumbled under her breath. Allen's ears were better than she had thought, for her replied to her comment with a low, sardonic,

"I never follow the rules."


Amon swore softly as he paced back and forth across the Plaza del Sol, watching the workers erecting the small stage for the night's performance. Some American pop band was going to be there, and he really didn't want to be there when the fangirls showed up. But he couldn't go back to his rooms, not with his mind as worried as it was. He glanced up at the elegant buildings rising above him, Espana moderna, and the heart of the city. The balconies gleamed red in the setting sun, and his black clothing attracted a lot of stares, even though it was June and barely in the seventies. His eyes traced the tourist shops, and he ducked to the western side of the Plaza and into the small cafe for a cup of coffee.

Anything to get me out of this madhouse. He thought, lifting his tail away from the back of his neck and leaned back. And I wish my Spanish were better. I thought he was asking me for a toothpick. Maybe I should have sent Doujima. She at least speaks the language.

His mind abandoned that thought as he sat up, nearly spilling the hot beverage into his lap. His mind was playing tricks with him again...he could swear he felt powerful fire craft, and close.

It wasn't an illusion. He could tell that much, even as the screams erupted outside in the Plaza.


Robin found herself emerging from the metro in a small island between two especially busy streets. Gathering her courage (and her long skirts), she followed a young couple as they dashed across between lines of cars. She sighed inwardly, once more wishing she were in the quieter, more genteel Seville.

Feeling more drained than even her sojourn in the coffee shop after the loud party of her roommates, she dropped into Pans and Co for a sandwich and a couple of cookies ("Best in the world," as the shopkeeper honestly assured her), to replenish her blood sugar levels. I shouldn't be doing this. I need to find lodging and a job. She scolded herself, reminded that she was getting low on Euros again.

However, sunset in Madrid wasn't something that one could be worried through, and she wandered through the Plaza, munching happily on her cookie.

There was no warning. None at all. One moment, she was watching the bustle with interest (openly gawking at the woman who covered herself with mud and posed as a statue with a cup at her feet as a tourist attraction), the next someone screamed something at her about "foreign interloper", as a heavy piece of wood was levitated from the stage and hurled at her.

Robin unleashed the craft she had kept in hiding for months, incinerating the board before it struck her. A woman in the crowd nearby screamed, setting off a general panic.

"Senorita, cuidado!" Someone shouted, and she turned to see another piece flying at her head, and she knew that this time, she couldn't call the fires fast enough.


She hit the ground hard, with only an impression of pale skin and black clothing. The wood crashed inches to her right, and she was hauled to her feet. "Damn your eyes, run!" Amon snarled, grabbing her by the wrist, and yanking her behind him. She could only stare in astonishment at him, hardly daring to believe he was there. He caught the third and final piece of the stage with a sudden updraft of wind, cursing the necessity of having to use his own craft to protect not only himself, but his partner. Within moments, he had yanked the hidden orbo gun free and used it, inwardly wincing as he realized just how few orbo bullets he had left, now that Factory had been destroyed.

Catching her by the arm, he ran with her, until they burst free of the crowds on the street Robin had crossed a few minutes ago. Pulling out a card, he handed it to her.

"Deja vu," He muttered, handing it to her. "Go to this address. They'll take care of you for me. I need to see about a few things."

She looked at him with round wide eyes. "You're going already?" I just got you back!

"I have to." He said, then realized something, and tugged her a few more steps to her right. She looked at him, confused, but also very hurt that he was leaving already. "Amon..."

"Do you know where we are?" He interrupted. She shook her head. He allowed a rare smile to cross his lips. "This is the heartstone of Spain. They say that if you step here, you will be drawn back to this spot some day." Robin continued to look baffled. Amon leaned in, and held her near for a brief moment. "Remember. We stood on this spot together."

With those words, he turned and melted into the crowd.