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A/N: A dedication to Satoshi Hiwatari.

Daisuke stood outside of an old building, he wasn't sure how he had gotten there, or why he was there; but then again this had been where Satoshi Hiwatari lived- until he moved. Satoshi still went to the same school as Daisuke but he didn't come as often anymore and he lived a little further away and was surrounded by a fence- most likely his foster fathers doing.

The red-head sighed and started to walk down the side walk. He wasn't really going anywhere. But it was Christmas break and his parents- Emiko and Kousuke, his dad had come back, but only for a little while. Anyways, his parents and Grandpa had gone off somewhere out of the city. Leaving Daisuke here, alone. But that was of course his choice, he wanted to stay.

Dark was no longer a part of him. And Krad was no longer a part of Satoshi. Daisuke should have been glad, to have his own body back and everything, but Dark had always been there to talk with, even if they did fight; and now, now it was lonely. He wondered how Satoshi felt, alone locked up in that large house- with his foster father.

"Damn it," Daisuke whispered, as he shook his head. When he reached a weeping willow he stopped under it and looked up at the sky through its branches- watching the snow fall down from the sky. A smile slowly made its way on the red-heads face. He loved the snow. Even if he liked warm weather better. The snow was still beautiful. Blinking slowly, Daisuke walked a bit more until he was near the Hiwatari household. He stopped when he saw a flower. Crouching down, he stretched out a hand and brushed his fingers along the petals. The flower seemed frozen. It still had color- though it was a bit weltered. But other than that it looked perfectly fine, even though the other flowers were dead. "Frozen flower," he whispered, giving a soft smile. It reminded him of just how Hiwatari was. A Frozen Flower.

"Niwa? What are you doing here?" Came a cold but all so familiar voice.

"Huh? Hi-Hiwatari!"

Satoshi, actually, let out a light chuckle. "Why do you act so surprised when you see me?" he asked coolly.

"I just. Its nothing. Anyways, I was just walking around. My family went out of town to celebrate Christmas." Daisuke answered, looking down at the newly fallen snow on the ground; and the foot prints that had been made in it.

"I see," Was all Satoshi said, for quite a while.

They both simply stood in silence. Enjoying each others company didn't take much for the two of them. Satoshi was usually quiet in the first place. Though, Daisuke had the tendency to talk a lot, it didn't bother Satoshi as much as it should have.

"So..." Daisuke started, trying to create some sort of conversation between the two, feeling a bit awkward in the silence.

"Hm? What is it Niwa?" Satoshi asked, moving his icy blue eyes down to look at the red-head.

"Nothing. I was just going to try and think of something to talk about. It doesn't seem to be working though." Daisuke placed a hand on the back of his head and started to rub it, letting out a nervous laugh.

"Oh," The blunett blinked, he had actually thought he was going to say something. He should know better by now.

"Hey, Hiwatari..." The boy walked over and crouched down by the flower again; brushing his finger tips over its petals, making the snow that the petals had caught melt away.

Satoshi walked slowly until he was behind him. "What is it?"

"Look. The flower."

"Yes, what about it?"

"Its the only one with color."

Satoshi simply blinked, not really sure what the boy was getting at.

"Its just like you..." Daisuke trailing, letting his fingers drop from the flower to the ground. He really shouldn't have said anything. Now he felt more stupid than before. What was he going to do now? Hiwatari probably thought he was crazy, or something along those lines.

Satoshi Hiwatari turned his gaze to the young boy, watching him, wondering what was wrong, and what he had meant by his last statement. "How so, Niwa?"

"Huh?" Not really expecting a question like that, Daisuke had to think quickly, trying to put it in the correct words. Which was a bit difficult. He wanted to say something that would make sense and make him understand what he meant, without looking or sounding like a complete idiot. "Well...Its the only flower that's, well alive I guess, though it seems frozen. Because, although its living and a little weltered it doesn't seem like its not going to give up without a fight. Its trying to keep living...So it seems frozen, you know. Since, everything else around it is dead, and...Well you're kinda of like a Frozen Flower, Hiwatari." With that said, Daisuke looked up at him and gave him a small smile.

Satoshi Hiwatari blinked down at him, not quite sure what to think of what the boy had just said. Was that a good or a bad thing? But he smiled a little none the less. He thought it was, most likely, a good thing since Daisuke said it. "Its getting chilly. And since there's no one at your home...would you like to come inside, I could get us some hot coco." He offered-the same cool, calm and collected, yet slightly sad tone as always. Then, without waiting for any sort of response, he started to make his way towards his house.

Daisuke blinked. "Hey, wait for me!" He called up to him. He blinked towards the flower, quickly picked it and ran after him. He wasn't going to leave the flower out there, or it probably would die. So he was just going to keep it alive at Satoshi's till he went back home...


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