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"..." Speaking

"..." Satoshi's Thoughts

"..." Daisuke Thoughts

Satoshi smiled weakly when he saw the worried look on Daisuke's face. Which only meant he thought something was wrong with him, health-wise. "No, Niwa, there is nothing medically wrong with me. Besides my low blood pressure." He assured the redhead in front of him. Should he really tell him? There Daisuke was, in his room, just backed up against the wall. He didn't want to frighten the boy, or anything like that. But, he wanted to, no needed to tell him. Even if it would ruin their friendship. Though, Satoshi did not want to lose that; Daisuke was probably the only friend he had ever had. And he would really like to keep it that way, even if he did want more than just that.

Daisuke sighed in relief, that was good; he didn't want anything bad to happen to Satoshi. He had been through enough, all ready. "Then, what is it?" He asked again, really really wanting to know. He would make Hiwatari tell him, he never told him anything, and this was something he wanted to know. For some reason.

Once again, Satoshi advanced towards his friend; stopping directly in front of him, one hand placed on one side of Daisuke, planted firmly on the wall. His other arm just laid by his side. He made sure there was eye-contact, even if this was hard, he was going to tell him. His calm and collected expression stayed, like it usually was, hardly ever changing. "Niwa, there's something I need to tell you. Something that I've wanted to tell you for a while now. I," Come on Satoshi you can do this! Just say the last to words and then back away! "-I love you," He whispered in a doubtful manner. His gaze dropping to the ground after he said that, and he just waited for the redhead to either, One: Freak out, Two: Freak out and leave, Three: Freak out, hit him, and then leave, or number Four, which he doubted would be the outcome, Daisuke returning his feelings.

Daisuke's crimson eyes widened at least twice their original size once Satoshi was done with his, confession. Satoshi, Satoshi Hiwatari, love... loves me? Oh yeah, Daisuke was freaking out, but not out loud, in his head. He didn't plan on doing anything; besides stand there, staring at the top of Satoshi's head, like an idiot. What was he suppose to do? Satoshi was one of the most important things to him, that was for sure. One of his best friends. But, what about Riku and/or Risa? He was in love with both of them, he just couldn't decide on which one. They would never return his feelings for them, though. Risa was heartbroken over the disappearance of Dark, and Riku was busy ogling over some new kid in school. Just his luck, eh?

Cautiously, the boy lifted his hand, placing it under the Chief Commander's chin, to raise his head so he could look at him. Did, did he love him? Yes, of course he did. How many times had he -fantasized- over Satoshi((Dark kind of rubbed off on Dai)) How many times had he just spent all day staring at the back of Satoshi's head? Or drawing him in his free time? No matter what people said, about how cold and distant Satoshi was, or anything else, Daisuke thought of him as the most beautiful person in the world. Yes, he was in love with him. "You... you do?" He asked in a nervous whisper, his hand drawing back and laying down at his side.

Satoshi simply stared at him, surprised by his reaction. Surly, he would have thought Niwa would have run out of his room and out of the house, after telling him how disgusting he was for liking another guy. Him nonetheless. But, no, here Daisuke was, standing in front of him, looking nervous, and something else, that Satoshi just couldn't place. "Yes, I said it, didn't I?" He just had to say that line, didn't he.

Daisuke continued to stare at him, blushing furiously. It made him even more adorable! Oh how Satoshi just wanted to kiss him right there and then! But, he wouldn't, not yet at least. "H-Hiwatari, I… I love you, too... ."

"You... you do?"

"I said it, didn't I?" Daisuke copied, a smile spreading across his face.

Satoshi, still a bit shocked at his reaction, leaned in. Stopping just before their lips touched, to look up at him to see if it was alright. Daisuke made no evasive movement was made. Then closed his eyes and kissed him tenderly.

Daisuke responding almost immediately.

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