"The Playground"

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Author's Note: I'm aware that much of this contradicts the original plotline; however, I don't care, because I wanted to do the Titans as children, because it would allow for much character development and a good story; but the Titans don't become themselves at this point in time. You're just going to have to get over the fact that the character backgrounds are somewhat different than they are in the TV show (and perhaps the comics; I haven't read them).

This is my first TT fic. Enjoy!

The Playground.

The divine sanctuary of children. Here, sacred rituals are performed. Here, the young engage in joyous celebrations.

And it is here that the Titans came to be...

:First Recess:

The school bell rings. Children happily rush out of the building to their safehaven. They scatter, performing such rituals as tag, hide and seek, and lava monster. They swing on swings, slide on slides, and... monkey bar on monkey bars... Children playing pretend like there's no tomorrow.

Except one.

She prefered to sit underneath the slide, in the shade, alone. No one went near her, not knowing particularly why they were repelled by her, and tried their best to ignore her as much as possible. It had been this way ever since she transferred to the Jump City Elementary. When she first arrived, people would try to talk to her, get her to play, and she repeatedly refused the offer. After a while, they gave up, and left her to be in solitude as she so wished, and grew to pay no attention to her whatsoever. Thus, she sat alone in the shade of the slide. And it didn't matter to her. She became accustomed to the loneliness and took this time to meditate or read a book. She always wore a long, midnight blue cloak over her eyes, making her appear like the shadows she so belonged to; it kept her unnoticed. The way she 'wanted' it to be. The way it 'should' be.

But there's always someone who objects to these 'unwritten laws.'

Dick Grayson was your average fifth grader, if your definition of 'average' includes training with Bruce Wayne and fighting for justice alongside his mentor (with, of course, his secret identity, 'Robin') who had been given the chance to start a team of young superheroes so granted by his guardian. And this made him very happy, for his two best friends, Garfield and Victor, were perfect crime-fighting material; Garfield, alias 'Beast Boy', had the power to change into any animal, while Victor, alias 'Cyborg', was half man and half machine, after an accident on the jungle gym, and had superhuman strength, infrared scanners, and laser cannons (conveniently built into his arms). Grayson himself was trained in several forms of martial arts, and had numerous weapons, granted to him by Wayne himself. He had always been taught right from wrong, good from bad, law from crime. Thus, he became the noble goody-goody he is today.

And it was during this recess that he decided this segregation needed to be put to an end. Now.

"Dude? Dude? Dude!"

Robin spun around to see his green friend calling to him eagerly. He had not realized that he had been staring off into space. Particularly, the shadowy space beneath the slide. "Sorry," he said distractedly; his mind was still in deep-thought-mode.

"Yo, what's the hold-up?" the voice of his half-robot companion woke him up from what seemed to be a trance. Cyborg looked in the direction Robin's eyes were focused. "Aw, man, come on! Let's get our game on already! It's your turn to be the 'lava monster!'" But he could still sense an uneasiness in Robin. "Come on, Rob, forget her," he said approaching his friend, "She doesn't want to play or nothin'. Just sits there all day long. No point in feelin' bad about it. It's the way things are and the way they always will be."

"Dudes, come on!" Beast Boy shouted from the monkey bars, "This is our last year with recess and I want to make the most of it! Let's play already!"

"BB's gettin' impatient," Cyborg laughed. But Robin's gaze was fixed. He was determined to right this wrong. "Look, if you want, I'll be 'lava monster' instead. But we don't have all recess, you know. Now come on." And he retreated back to the playground equipment.

Robin sighed. It wasn't fair. She didn't have any friends. Seeing her alone everyday drove him insane. This couldn't be what she wanted. No one wants to be ignored. He had to do something. He turned back to his friends. "Alright, I'm coming." Their faces lit up with excitement.

"Finally!" they both sighed at once.

"Just give me a minute."

Instantly the light from their faces were gone. "He's going to ask her to play with us, isn't he, Cy?"


"Great." Beast Boy said sarcastically.

"Hey." The girl hesitantly looked up from her book, brushing her dark violet hair from her eyes, revealing the crimson chakra imbedded on her forehead. It glittered in a small amount of sunlight, and lit up her solemn face, if only for a little while. She returned to her initial position after seeing the boy in front of her. "Hi," came her quiet voice.

Robin looked at the spine of the book. It was thick. She must be smart, he thought. "Les Miserables," he read, pronouncing it how it may be read if pronounced in English. He tilted his head. "What does that mean?"

"Les Miserables," she said without looking up, correcting him with the French pronunciation of the title. "It means 'the outcasts.'" The way she spoke, it was almost hypnotic. Emotionless.

"Say it again."

The girl lifted her face again, chakra shimmering in the golden sun's rays, this time revealing a look of puzzlement and shock. "Les Miserables," she repeated, setting the book down on the ground beside her. A pause. "'The Outcasts.'" She looked at him strangely, not quite sure why he asked her to repeat the title, or why he was talking to her in the first place. This was reflected in her eyes, which Robin quickly understood.

He smiled. "Do you want to come play with us?" he responded to the unspoken question.

Her violet eyes stared in disbelief. "Who are you?" she asked finally, feeling a bit foolish.

"I'm Dick. Dick Grayson. But my friends call me Robin." He laughed. "You can call me Robin, too, if you want."

"Robin," she repeated. A pause. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Then, "I'm Raven," she said, mimicking, "just Raven. But my friends call me Raven. You can call me Raven, too, if you want." She giggled softly. Robin did the same. Soon they were both laughing together. It was a stupid joke, she thought, but funny just the same.

"So, you want to come play with us," he repeated after their laughter had calmed down, "Raven?"

Raven's smile quickly disappeared as she looked away. "I'd rather not," she sighed, trying to hide her disappointment. She did want to play with him. He was nice. After all, there was no recess in junior high. But a voice inside her told her to refuse, told her she needed to be alone, that she was always alone, that she was happier alone. Her heart sank.

Robin's look was one of discontent. "Are you sure?" he asked, almost begging. He hated for people to be alone. He knew what it was like to be without friends. He wanted to see everyone happy.

Raven lowered her head, letting her dark purple hair fall in front of her face, and lifted the hood on her cloak. "I just want to be alone," she whispered timidly, drawing her knees in close to her chest. She didn't want him to see the tears that started leaking out. No, she thought, no. I don't want to be alone. Please don't go away.

Much to her dismay, Robin stood up and brushed himself off. "Well, if you change your mind..." he started. Raven nodded. He didn't need to finish. She held her knees tighter, wishing she would just disappear.

And she watched them play, all the rest of recess, with her deep, amethyst eyes.

:End First Recess:

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