"The Playground"
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Author's Note: I'm aware that much of this contradicts the original plotline; however, I don't care, because I wanted to do the Titans as children, because it would allow for much character development and a good story; but the Titans don't become themselves at this point in time. You're just going to have to get over the fact that the character backgrounds are somewhat different than they are in the TV show (and perhaps the comics; I haven't read them).

Also, please note that "# Recess" doesn't necessarily mean the next day; it could be the same day or even the next month. In any case, I don't plan on writing 180 recesses for every day of the school year.x3 Just thought I would clarify that before any questions arose.

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EvilandBored: Heke,I take it you'refond of Robin x3 I wasn't trying to make him seem overly nice; rather, he's brought up as goody-two-shoes and was trying to do the right thing, no matter how weird he thought Rae was, because that's just the way he was taught. Of course, on the other hand, I was also trying to make the scene pleasing to Robin fans, too, and I couldn't make him be the total jerk you so view him as. xD In this chapter, I tried to show him a little more spoiled and obsessive, though I'm not quite sure if it worked out.

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And yes, Starfire will appear later. She just... hasn't. Yet. So, I made up for it with some fluff. Yay fluff! n.n

:Second Recess:

It was kind of irritating.

Ever since Robin spoke with her three days ago, that girl kept staring at them. She was an onyx statue; their every move reflected in her deep, indigo eyes, soaking up every action, hearing every word, yet unchanging as the sun. Was he the only one who noticed her behavior, or simply the only one bothered by it? He didn't know. But he felt akward withher watching them all the time, as if she couldn't stand to miss a single moment. He never saw her blink. He wondered if she was even breathing. Not that it mattered anyway. He wished she would just disappear.

"Boo-yah!" Came the shout of his half-robot friend; startled, Beastboy turned into a mouse. "I FOUND you! Now you're 'it'!" Cyborg smiled from ear to ear. The changeling turned back to his human form and glared at him. "...what?"

He sighed, partly because he couldn't stay mad at his best friend, and partly because he just had the living daylights scared out of him. "Dude, do you know what's up with that creepy chic?" He asked quietly, covering the side of his mouth with his hand so she couldn't see him.

His friend gave a puzzled look. "What do you mean?" he said loudly, causing Beastboy to wince because he was trying to keep her from listening. He turned around to see her gaze wasn't fixed on them, but on Robin. She watched him with intent as he sneaked toward the jungle gym, which they had named the 'home base.' Her expression was flat. Empty. He focused his eyes back to Cyborg.

"She's been like, staring at us forever. Like she's plotting our death or something," he whispered, as though her hearing the conversation would be his demise. He turned his head to look at her again, and watched in horror as her amethyst eyes slowly turned from her main focus and pierced into him, causing a chill to run up his spine. Cyborg laughed.

"Yo, chill, she doesn't seem that bad," his robotic friend suggested, "for all you know, she might be... and you're not listening, are you?" Cy's voice went from assuring to dull once he realized his green friend was, indeed, not listening to him.

His eyes were fixed to the dark depths of her empty stare; strangely, he felt like he shouldn't look away, like he couldn't look away. Was there someone behind those beautiful, hypnotic eyes, or was her body an empty husk? What went on in the mind of she who lived in the shadows? He searched for the answer in her gaze. ((A/N: Wow, he sure thinks poeticallyx3))

"...B? BB?" He could hear a voice slowly echo into his thoughts. Suddenly, he snapped back to reality and shook his head. Beautiful? Hypnotic? Ha! he laughed inside. What was I thinking. He blinked several times before turning back to Cyborg, afraid to look back and risk getting trapped in her spell.

"Woah," he said shakily, pretending he had just been staring into space, "Anyway, she's up to no good." He said firmly.

"Whatever," his friend got in position beside him and slapped him on the back. This was meant as a friendly gesture, but ended up hurting far more than he predicted. Beastboy pulled himself up off the ground and held his back in pain. "You're still 'it'!" the cyborg shouted into his ear, and he ran off to the jungle gym where he high-fived Robin.

Robin. He didn't even notice, did he? This was all his fault.

"Beastboy, come on, aren't you going to play?" Robin yelled. Suddenly Beastboy realized that he was acting just like Robin was yesterday. But he wasn't going over there. Definately not.

But he was afraid to move. He didn't like that girl looking at him.

"Ow," the changeling groaned, "my back!" and he dropped to his knees. His friends came over to tend to him. "I think Cy slapped me too hard," he whined. Actually, most of the pain had already gone away, but he didn't want them to know that. But as long as they were crowded around him, he wouldn't have to look at her.

"Sorry, BB," his half-robot friend apologized. He grinned. "Guess I don't know my own strength!"

"No kidding," he said dryly. Then he laughed. He couldn't stay mad at him for long. Robin and Cyborg started laughing, too. But Beastboy stopped laughing almost instantly when he saw her.

She was standing above them, her violet hair fluttered in the breeze brushing against her pale skin, and he noticed the bright red gem in her forehead glimmering in the sunlight. She looked down at him with large, indigo eyes. The girl gently dropped to her knees and gingerly placed a hand on his back. The changeling and his friends stared as her hand began to glow brightly, and as she slowly lifted it, Beastboy could feel the slight pain left over from the slap Cyborg had given him drain from his body soothingly. He felt like he was lifted on a cloud.

Cyborg looked from the girl, to Beastboy, to the girl, confused. Robin cleared his throat. "Um, Cyborg, Beastboy: this is Raven," he introduced. "Raven: Cyborg," he pointed him out, then to his green friend, "Beastboy."

"It's a pleasure." Raven's voice rang in his mind. It almost seemed sad, not empty, and as he thought of this he noticed that her eyes looked the same way now that she was up close. He noticed small trails drawn down her cheeks; by tears, most likely. He wondered why she had been crying. He looked deep into her eyes, searching for a reason.

He blinked several times. Had he been caught in a trance again? "N-nice to meet you," he said shakily. He could feel butterflies fluttering around in his stomache, until something clicked in his mind and shoo'ed them away. Dude, no way. That was just too creepy. Robin stood up, the rest followed.

"Well, Raven, you mind explaining?" Robin asked, awestruck. She looked at him, puzzled.


"How you did that!" Cyborg sounded just as excited. "That glowy... hand... thingy. That was cool!" She shrugged. The girl started back in the direction of the slide. Good riddance, Beastboy thought, she was starting to creep me out anyway. Yet something inside him said he should have thanked her.

"Wait." Raven felt a warm hand grasp her wrist, pulling her back. She stopped, not bothering to turn around.

"Raven," Robin coaxed, "why don't you come and --"

She jerked her hand away before he could say any more. "I'd rather not," she lied, looking him in the eye. 'Why are you lying to him?' a voice came from inside her. Raven knew she couldn't, she wouldn't, become attached to him. It would make her 'job' much easier if she was alone.

Robin's voice got quieter. "Please?" he urged. She turned started to leave when she was spun around fast. "Why don't you want to do anything?" the boy's growled, angry that things weren't going his way.

Raven's eyes began to glow. "What makes you think I have to do what you say?" she barked. "Do whatever you want, but know this: I don't want any part in it." With that said she turned around fiercely and stormed off, passing by her usual shelter and heading toward the trees on the outskirts of the playground to meditate.

He stood shocked by her sudden outburst. He wasn't used to people telling him what to do. Robin was always the leader. He made all the decisions. And he decided that Raven was going to play with them. He would make her, one way or another.

"Raven --"

"Go away. You're breaking my concentration."

It was only until after she snapped at him that she realized it wasn't Robin talking. She opened her eyes and turned her head around, and standing behind her was the green boy whom she'd helped earlier. "Oh," she said flatly, "I thought you were someone else."

Beastboy grinned. "Robin?" he said slyly, sitting down.

"How'd you guess?" Raven said sarcastically. Why are you sitting down? she thought, I'd really rather be alone.

"He can be a little bossy sometimes, but he's really a nice guy." he smirked. In fact, Robin had sent him over to talk to her, though he'd really rather play with Cyborg.

"Whatever." the goth said flatly. There was an akward silence.

The changeling scratched the back of his head nervously, "So, uh... thanks." he said timidly.

"What for?"

"Well, you know," Beastboy pointed to his back.

"Oh. Right. No problem." she said dryly. She sighed, because she knew he would start asking questions.

And he did. "Are you a doctor or something?"


"A super hero?"



She looked up at him. "Do I look like nothing to you?" her voice growled.

"Well, no, I was just wondering how you do that," he said innocently. She looked at him with a dry expression on her face. There was a pause.

"I don't know. It's a power I was born with," Raven explained.

"Can you do anything else?"

She smirked. She had never thought of her powers as 'cool' until just now. She focused her energy and chanted her mantra. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos...!" A few nearby stones were surrounded by black light, and lifted up into the air as Raven lifted her hand. She made a gesture which caused the stones to spin, faster and faster, until she released them and sent them flying in all directions, one nearly hitting Beastboy in the face.

"Watch it!" he yelled playfully. Raven grinned. Suddenly, one of the windows in the school shattered, causing him to turn and look and her to wince. She had forgotten to keep her emotions under control.

"What was that!" Beastboy yelled, shocked.

"What was what?" she said plainly. The changeling looked at her suspiciously. Surely she'd heard that.

The bell rang. Children started making their way back to the building. Beastboy stood up.

"Nevermind. Time to go." He offered his hand, but she got up herself.

"I can take care of myself, thank you," Raven said, quiet yet firm. She started to walk away, and BB did too, until she turned suddenly. "See you tomorrow," her voice rang softly, as she turned back toward the building.

Perhaps, Beastboy thought, she isn't so bad. He smiled and made his way to the schoolhouse.

:End Second Recess:

Sorry it took so long to get this posted; I had a brief writer's block (Couldn't think of a way to end it! xD) Still a kind of sucky ending, but... oh well. Be thankful for what you have.

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