Chapter 3: My Prince Charming

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Lily's POV

I pulled out my own wand as the streak of red/gold came towards me. Before I had time to formulate a defense, it hit me, making me summersault backwards into a couch.

"What did you do to her?" James asked, his voice angry.

"She'll speak in rhyme to the rest of the day." Piper replied, and grinned.

"Well that's not very nice,

Remind me to take back your X-mas slice.

The day's no where near done,

And Piper Skeggs is a bum." I said, and clamped a hand over my mouth as I realized what I'd said. Piper and Sirius started laughing, and James chuckled.

"That's just to much Lils. Try not to speak for the rest of the day – you might scare the teachers," Piper laughed, "shall I wake Milly up?" A look of terror passed over Sirius's face, and James and I burst out laughing.

"Milly won't hurt you Padfoot," James replied when he got is breath back, Piper had disappeared up the girl's staircase.

"Um, yeah, I'll just go, and hide." Sirius muttered, and took off up the boy's staircase. I bit my lip.

I need to talk to James.

Yeah, and feel like an idiot when you have to rhyme.

Wait… parchment! Thank Merlin, parchment!

I grabbed the nearest piece of scrap parchment and a quill.

Its times like these I need a Biro.

(A/N: I'm not sure if Biro's did exist in –whenever- Lily and James existed, but this is my weird and twisted world, so who cares?)

Hey James, do you know how I could get this stupid spell taken off? I really, really, don't want to rhyme all day. It's too embarrassing.

I glanced at James, he was staring out into the distance with a glazed look in his eyes. The common room was empty, so why not? I pulled James towards me, and kissed him. He pulled me closer, until I was basically sitting in his lap.

"Could you two please keep off each other… FOR 5 MINUTES!" Piper shouted from behind us, having obviously come back from waking up Sleeping Milly. We broke apart, blushing.

"Sorry Pip." James muttered, using the nickname that really annoyed her.

"My name is Piper, Potter." She replied frostily, and smiled.

"So, when are you two going to tell everyone that you're going out?" Milly asked from beside her.

"We are not going out Melissa. We just kissed, that's all. So, have you noticed your mistletoe?" James asked, diverting the attention from us.

"Yeah, but I'm not worried about it." She grinned, "I'm off to find Paul." Paul Vibra was Milly's boyfriend, they had been going out for a couple of months, and luckily he had decided to stay at school.

"Oh, we were having so much fun torturing Sirius about it." James said, I sighed and she grinned.

"If I didn't know better I'd swear that you had some Slytherin in you." Piper muttered, and settled on a couch.

Pip, have you told Milly the good news? I wrote, and flashed everyone the piece of parchment.

"No…" Milly trailed off, grinning, and Piper blushed.

"Si- Siriuskissedme." She said in one breath.

"What? Sorry Pip, we didn't catch that." Milly said evilly.

"Sirius kissed me." She muttered. Milly squealed.

"Really Pip? That's great!" She began to dance around the room, "I knew it! Huh! Lils, you owe my 10 gallons." She said, stopping in front of me.

"What do you mean?" Piper asked, an undercurrent of slight anger in her voice.

We had a bet. I wrote.

"What bet?" Pip asked.

That you two would kiss before Christmas. Milly thought that you would, and I thought that you wouldn't. I told her, edging away from Piper, and where she was likely to explode.

"WHAT!" As I predicted, Piper exploded. The sad thing was that she had her wand in her hand at the moment, and all that anger had to go somewhere. It did in the form of a jet of gold light that exploded from the end of her wand, split into two, with one end heading towards me, and the other heading towards Milly. I quickly pulled out my wand.
"Progeto." I shouted, waving my wand. The jet of light stopped, frozen by my spell, a form of the Shield Charm and the Freezing Hex.

"Nice one Lily," James muttered, pulling out his own wand, "now what do we do?"

"Reducto!" I cried, destroying the frozen spell.

"Sorry Lils," Piper muttered, blushing.

"See ya guys." Milly said, heading out of the common room.

Do you wanna go and get Sirius? I wrote, showing James the paper. He grinned.

"I think Piper wants that honor." He smiled again as Piper blushed and went up the stairs.

Do you know how I could take this stupid spell off? I wrote. James shock his head.

"The only way I know is to let it run its course." He replied. I sighed, and snuggled down into his arm, enjoying the shared warmth. He grinned at me, "which means that unless you want to rhyme all day, you have to be silent." I rolled my eyes, "are you hungry?"

"I am." Sirius said from our right. I giggled.

"Umm, Pip, you need to retouch your lip gloss.

Yes, I am hungry, Mr Boss." I saluted James, while Piper and Sirius blushed. (A/N: Yes, I cannot rhyme to save my life, which is why Lily is going to be silent.)

"You know we're going to put up with those very, very bad rhymes all day. You do know that, don't you?" James asked amused. Sirius paled, and fell to his knees in front of Piper.

"Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE take it off!" He begged, and Piper grinned.

"Because you asked so nicely." She waved her wand, and there was a noise like someone cracking wood.

"I can talk!" I cried, and began dancing around the room.

"Lily, please, I'm scared for life." Sirius laughed. I stopped, and blushed.

"Come on, guys, I'm hungry." I pulled James to his feet.

"Ah, people, it's probably a good idea if you'd change before we go." He said. Piper and I looked down. I was still wearing my pj's with my dressing gown on, and Piper was wearing itty bitty little shorts and a over sized t-shirt that read: Lions For The Cup.

(A/N: Now, that could mean Quidditch, or Rugby League for Australia: Go the Brisbane Lions!)

We both blushed.

"How come you guys are dressed?" I asked. Sirius and James glanced at each other.

"You should know as well as I do that Padfoot's a big scaredy cat." James began.

"I take offence!" Sirius cried, interrupting James's explanation.

"Why?" I asked.

"Nothing." The both said at the same time. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever, please get on with it."

"Well, he's, well, not exactly scared, but he needed something of mine, and he doesn't exactly embrace the dark. So, he woke me up to go and get some food from the kitchens. We just got back a couple of minutes before you called me." He grinned.

"One of these days I'll figure out why you can send hours on food." Piper muttered. "Come on Lils, we need to get changed. NO YOU CANNOT LOOK!" she shouted, correctly interpreting the look that Sirius sent James. "come on Lils." She muttered, and dragged me up the stairs. Just before she could get us to our dorm, I asked in a louder then normal voice.

"I thought you said that you wouldn't mind Sirius seeing you, er, bare."

Piper turned around, her face set like stone.

"Get in," she muttered in a constricted voice. I looked at her, frightened, and half ran into our dorm. Piper closed the door, and set a silencing spell.

"Look, Piper, I'm so-" I began, but I was cut off by Pip bursting out laughing.

"Did you see the look on his face?" She managed to choke out after 10 good minutes of laughing. "It was priceless." She collapsed into peals of laughter again.

"Come one Pip, we have to change," I giggled. Ok, I hadn't seen his face, but Piper laughing is a pretty weird occurrence, and for over 5 minutes … … priceless.

(A/N: It's like that annoying Mastercard add, you know, where it's like:

Brittany Spears concert ticket: $80. Ski mask: $15. Dozen eggs: $6.50. Egging the crap out of an America Pop Princess: priceless. Sorry to anyone that likes her, and I don't have a grudge against Americans. If I had one, I'd forget it by now. Seriously, I have the worst… What are we talking about?)

Piper kept bursting out into laughter at random intervals through our dressing, which took rather longer then usual, as she kept trying on different tops and skirt combinations, and then throwing into the steadily growing pile of unwanted clothes. She finally decided on the first pair that she tried on, and wasted another 5 minutes deciding on a hair style.

"Oh Merlin, if this is what you're like when he wants breakfast imagine what you'll be like when he asks you on a date." I teased her.

"I know, horrific!" Piper replied with mock horror. I grinned at her, and absently ran a brush through my layered, shoulder length red hair that everyone says matches my temper.

"Still…" I muttered, losing my nerve and trailing off. Piper pounced on my words.

"Still what Lils?" She asked in a mock innocent voice. I gulped, and turned to face her.

"Nothing!" I replied all too quickly.

"I can tell when you're lying, you know." She replied smugly. I sighed.

"It's just … Well … When he kissed me …" I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"It felt right?" She asked gently. I gratefully nodded.

"It's like … I'm the only one in the world for him. He's … it's like he's the only one for me." I finished. Piper squealed, and jumped onto my bed.

"So, after 4 long years of James trying to get you, you've finally figured out that he's Mr Right for you." She sighed and flopped back onto my pillows. "It's so romantic." She sighed again, and I chucked my hairbrush at her and giggled.

"Well come on Pip, let's go meet our Prince Charmings." I giggled, and pulled Piper out of her comfortable rut. "Let's go Pip." She rolled her eyes.

"If you insist Lady Lily."

"Which I do." I replied, and pulled her out the door. I quickly took the silencing charm off the door, and we made our way down the staircase. Just before James and Sirius could see us, Pip pulled me back.

"What?" I whispered. We could see into the common room, but they couldn't see us. Piper smiled slightly, and pointed at James.

"Look." She replied. James had been pacing the length of the common room, and Sirius's voice floated up to us.

"Mate, I doubt that she's going to hid in her dorm just because you asked to go with her. She needs breakfast sometime or other. After all, she DID kiss you, so that obviously means that she doesn't hate you anymore, and if she did, she'd probably just curse or hex you. Girls just take a long time to get ready to go anywhere, she's not avoiding you Prongs." He reassured his friend. I smiled. Piper had always told me that there was a caring side to Sirius hidden beneath his devil-may-care attitude. I had never believed her – until today. I'd never thought that I'd find him comforting his friend, and offering advice. Put it this way, caring and Sirius Black usually didn't belong in the same sentence, but hey. Christmas was the season for forgiving and all that stuff. I smiled at Piper.

"I believe you." I muttered and walked the rest of the way down. James looked up, and his face clearly showed his relief.

"For a second there I thought that you weren't coming." He said softly. I blushed and looked at the ground.

"No, how could I resist?" I replied in the same tone. He grinned crookedly at me, and I felt my heart melt. "Besides, what was I going to do? Stay up in my dorm forever?" I teased. He shook his head.

"Would you give us the honor of accompany us to breakfast oh fair Lady Lily?" He asked with a bow. I grinned and took his arm.

"I would be delighted Lord James." I glanced over to Piper and Sirius, who were in a rather … embarrassing position. "Let's just leave them there?"

"Good idea." James replied, and quickly led me out of the common room.


Just as we were crossing over the door to the Great Hall, I quickly stopped. James did too.

"What's wrong?" He asked. I grinned and pointed up.

"Mistletoe James." I whispered, and pulled him closer. He grinned wickedly at me.

"Damn mistletoe." He breathed. I giggled as I felt his warm breath on my lips.

"Shut up James."


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