Evan again - The CSI premiere inspired Alice to get back to this story. She says it's about the forensics so don't expect fluff.

CSI Hawaii

Kahala – Late Evening

In the luxurious home of Wayne Callahan, Hank Kainahui and John Simmons led the team in to process the house and Callahan's car. The dark-haired tech, Alice, began snapping shots of the front door, foyer, and hallway with a Canon EOS and then gave the clear signal. The team filed in and one member began filling out a log of everyone who had entered the house. Simmons handed another member a stack of post-it notes. "Start making room labels. You know the drill."

Simmons wiped the sweat from his jowls and motioned for Alice and the logger to follow; he was going to conduct a walkthrough to determine the areas they would need to focus on. They pulled on Tyvek booties and began moving in single file.

"This is going to be a long search," he groaned.

The three filed down the hall to the bedroom, where Gordon was shot. Blood spatter covered the walls along with drips and smears along the hardwood floor. Three brass shell casings lay scattered about at haphazard angles and a noticeable hole stuck out along one of the walls. Silently, Alice shot some additional pictures and they moved into the room, carefully stepping over the spatter.

"We'll do some analysis later. Whoa, check this out…." John said, his eyes growing big.

The walls were covered in Wayne Callahan memorabilia, along with items that only a teenaged girl would be interested in. The bed was unmade and appeared to have been used. What caught John's attention was the open wall panel that revealed an array of bizarre sado-masochistic paraphernalia. Alice gasped while she took another shot and, with a gloved hand, John pulled the wall panel out to reveal the leather and rubber items in all their glory.

"You never know about the rich and famous," Simmons commented as the camera flashed.

Eventually, they worked their way back to the computer room, where the window showed an open chat room devoted to children's interests.

"Sick bastard," Alice muttered, catching John's attention.

"Don't forget what I taught you. Make no judgments about the crime scene. We gather unbiased evidence for the detectives to interpret. Okay, I think the walkthrough is complete. Fortunately, we only have two areas to focus on. Let's get back and start the real work."

The three made their way back to the entry point just as Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle were walking in.

Detective Rob Taniguchi made a face as they approached. "I though you two were going to pack it in tonight. You must be tired after the flight," he said to Sara.

The CSI gave him a wry smirk. "You think I'd miss this? Not a chance. I insisted that Grissom bring us over."

Rob smiled as he pulled the crime scene tape up over their heads. "Welcome aboard. John is briefing up the search plan."

The two ducked under the yellow tape and approached the team. John gave them a warm nod as he began the brief.

"Okay folks, we've got blood spatter at the entrance to the master bedroom. I'll need measurements and detailed photos of those. Lisa, I hear you're an ace at that. We also located three shell casings and a bullet hole there too. I want someone to do the trajectory analysis on that. Best of all, Wayne the Drain has a hidden closet full of Sado-Masochistic items. Gil, Sara, bring the ALS and the RUVIS. We're going to need to look for body fluids and fingerprints. Down the other hall is the computer room. We'll need to recover the PC there. Hank, I hear that's your cup of tea. Rob…." John ended off.

The detective perked up, wanting to jump in right away to help identify Gordon's shooter.

"Rob, we'll need coffee and at least ten pizzas. Here's a couple hundred."

Taniguchi looked crestfallen, but understood that his objectivity might be off. "No, I got it. You guys just find me the shooter."

As Rob left, John clapped his hands and the play began.

The team pulled on their Tyvek coveralls and began lugging equipment to the two locations. Lisa led the way, carrying a glass tube with a magnifying glass on one end and a tiny ruler at the other. She sat down on the floor and began filling out a log, classifying the various drops and splotches that adorned the floor and wall. She measured a representative sampling as Alice took pictures.

"I'm going to apply a formula that should give me the angle at which the spatter struck the surface. I'll then use string to determine where Gordon was standing at the time in which he was shot," instructed Lisa. "Then, we'll do the trajectory analysis on the round in the wall. That will fix the shooter's position."

They then looked down at the three shell casings on the ground. "Nine millimeter Parabellum, by the look," announced Lisa. "Yes, the headstamp confirms it…. Let's get some photos," she added and the flash went off, announcing another picture being taken. Lisa then placed a ruler next to the shells. "One more."

In the bedroom, Gil and Sara began unpacking the RUVIS, an ultraviolet light source that would reflect off of oil, salt, and water to be picked up by a scope. They put on their goggles and Sara began shining the light along the walls, floor, and drawers as Gil looked through the eyepiece.

"I've got something," Gil said. "A cluster of prints on the wall near the hidden panel. Get the photo gal."

Sara yelled out, "Photo gal!" summoning Alice into the room with the camera.

Gil pointed to the wall. "Get some one to one shots of any prints," he asked as he began to unpack some fingerprint powders and a couple of wands.

The photo gal stuck a UV filter onto the macro lens of her camera and positioned a tripod in front of the fetish room. Sara held the UV light at the wall, casting a bluish glow over the white surface. A number of photos were snapped of the now greenish latents, all to be compared at a later time.

As photo gal stepped away, Gil moved in with a white wand, full of gold-color powder and began brushing the surface. Ridges and whorls magically appeared on the wall as the wand twirled in rapid twists, guided by Grissom's expert hand.

When dust covered the wall, Gil looked back to Sara. She knew exactly what he would need; they had worked so closely together for so long now. Sara brought out a fine, camel hair brush and began cleaning up each print, bringing it into sharp contrast against the white background. Gil nodded with approval.

He then took out some white hinge lifters and gently applied them to each print, center first. He smoothed out the clear tape, removing any creases or air bubbles. Then, with a smooth pull, he eased the tape off of the wall and sealed the lift.

"Number these if you would," he asked Sara.

Without another word, she logged each lift and placed them in a Ziploc bag.

"So Sara, how do you like Hawaii so far?" Gil inquired while he gazed into the fetish room.

"Other than the airport and hotel, all I've seen is a bloody house. I don't think I can comment yet."

Grissom smiled in the darkness of the chamber. "If it's any consolation, I still haven't been to the beach yet. They say it's nice."

This elicited a chuckle from his partner. "I would hope so. Okay, the ALS is set up. You want to scan the room?"

Gil stepped out and swapped filtered glasses, donning a crimson pair. Sara pointed the light wand onto the bed and began rotating wavelengths. Gil made a face.

"Not surprising…lots of body fluids," he announced, causing Alice to make a disgusted face. "Let's get some photos and then bag this stuff up…. Remember to only use paper."

As the camera flashed, Gil and Sara stepped into the fetish chamber and the room glowed like it was radioactive. "Someone was busy in here as well," Grissom said in observation.

He took a breath and was about to speak again, when Hank stepped in. "We need you in the computer room…you've got to take a look at this."