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Part 9. The Pussycat.

So this is the last part where all the secrets and what nots should come out, right? You should finally find out if Harry and Tom are to be married, if Draco has to fight over the custody of his baby, if Severus still gets some, and if Albus knows something you don't...

'Okay, what's wrong with Snape? He has been following us for the whole day!' Ron muttered as he, Hermione and Harry walked towards their common room after dinner the day before the wedding.

'I think he has a crush on you, Ronald,' Hermione informed his boyfriend, not one bit jealous. Ron stopped like he had hit a wall, looked at his girlfriend and turned sickly pale.

'Snape? You mean the greasy bat from the dungeons - the Snape who torments us every minute he gets - has a crush on me?' Ronald babbled and glanced over his back at Snape who was hovering near an armour probably 'checking the dust status'.

'Oh my god! You are right, Hermione! Remember what happened two weeks ago? I should have seen it. Harry, hide me!' Ron wailed as he sprinted away from his two friends.

'Did you really have to do that?' Harry asked the fuzzy-haired girl, still eyeing Snape suspiciously.


'Oh damn, they saw me and I'm supposed to be a spy!" Severus Snape cursed while checking the dust status. He had been following the young Gryffindors for the whole day, trying to prevent Potter from leaving the school to marry the Dark Lord. He didn't know why he endured this hell… Bouncing between two masters, both equally insane, and both loving the taste of citrus. Only Merlin knew why.

But he had promised Re--Lupin that he would look after the kid! He had been a fool at the time but a promise was a promise.

'Severus?' Remus whispered his lover´s name as he was about to do some very NC-17 stuff.

'Mmm?' his lover answered, enjoying the attention he was getting from Re--Lupin. He couldn't care less what the werewolf had to say, he just wanted the hands--

'I'm worried about Harry,' Remus said and lowered his head to its rightfull place between Severus' legs.

'You had to bring Potter into my bedroom, didn't you! I can't believe you, wolf. The only place that is Potter-free and oh God...uh-huh!' Severus moaned as Remus did some very not G-rated things to him.

'I´m really worried for Harry. I know you' - lick - 'don't like him' – spank - 'but he is the only one I've got left' – pant - 'please?'

Now, you have to understand that dear Severus lived 20 years in celibacy...

'Fine fine FINE, I will look after Potter! Now please get ooohhh...uhh...yes,' was the last thing that is still proper for your ears and eyes.

So here was Severus looking after the pain in his arse. He had decided that the best way to prevent the wedding was to follow the boy and to chain him down to the dungeons if he tried to leave the castle.


While Snape was polishing his chains, another two desperate young men in the castle were trying to think of a way to prevent the wedding. One was with child, don't ask me how, Malfoys don't bottom, and the other one with a href"http/images. letter pants /a .


'So Harry who are you inviting to your wedding?' Hermione asked as they had settled in front of the fireplace in the common room.

Harry looked up from the bag he was digging, trying get the wedding-invitations to be filled, and was glad that Hermione didn't faint anymore everytime he or she talked about the big day.

'Well, I was thinking of course the Weasleys and you and then Hagrid, Remus, Neville and mmm...uh Draco if he isn't already invited,' Harry said and placed the cards onto the table. The invitations were in green and had little hearts flying around them.

'Ah yes, what about Draco and the...the baby? What are you going to do about it? You can't marry somebody else and have a child with him! Oh please Harry you don't have to do this. You know I don't care about the thongs, I'm happy to give you all of mine, please just...just forget about this,' she pleaded with her eyes as big as Ron's freckles.

'But I can't Hermione! Don't you see it's not about the thongs, although I do love them… No, this is about me finally getting a family! I know we have had our differences, him killing my mun and dad...Sirius...Cedric...but you have to look deep into the soul! The soul of a lonely boy who was treated badly, who didn't get any love, a man who is my mate,' Harry ranted, holding his invitations close to his heart.

When Harry finally stopped his speech Ron came out from the badroom where he´d been saying hello to the porcelain beauty.

'Hey guys, did I miss something? 'Mione, you alright?' he asked as he saw that Hermione was about to cry.

'Oh yes, Ronald, I'm fine. Now let´s go, I need a drink!'

'What? Why?' the confused redhead asked as he followed his girlfriend to the exit.

'Because I don't what to be sober when the end of the world arrives,' she said and opened the portrait.


The almost big day.

'Who'ssss getting married tomorrow!' Voldy screamed as he happily sprinted by the sitting room where Lucius was drinking to his sorrow. Why, oh why had he let Draco bring those ugly thongs for him? When had his life gone from Voldy's bitch to Voldy's friend? Why couldn't he find someone special to share his life with. Ken had Ken and Severus had Lupin and now his Master had...had that cow!

'Luciusss, where are the ringsss? I can't find them! I sssswear I left them on my dessssk. Have you--Oh thank you Bella, where did you find them--,' and damn all hell, even his most brilliant plans were failing him.


Up there somewhere.

'Sirius, I'm telling you we have to find a way to go down there to stop this madness!' James wailed to his friend. They had been watching this insanity from the start and were both inching to get their dead hands to Dumbledore for letting this happen.

'Calm down, Jamie. I'm sure Harry is going to be fine, there's no need to rush into things. Just lay back and enjoy the company,' Sirius grinned and wiggled his eyebrows seducingly. It had been a while since they had last...About 17 minutes to be exact. And Lily was nowhere to be seen and he was sure if he went down there he would get the slap of his life...Moony...oh Moony could be very--.

'Shut up Padfoot! It's not your kid who's about to marry Voldemort! It's not your child who has knocked up a Malfoy - Malfoys never bottom! - and it's not your child who wears thongs!' James shouted pulling his hair with both hands.

'Well, he could have been!' Sirius shrieked and "ran" off.


Sunday arrived and with that came the wedding. There had been no traumatic attempts to stop the event so it didn't take much power from Harry and his friends to leave the school for the Riddle Manor early Sunday morning.

By noon the guests started to arrive and were directed to their rightful places by Wormtail.


The Wedding. The Weasleys

'But 'Mione you can't be drunk at Harry's wedding!' Ron wailed to his girlfriend who was sitting slumbly on her chair. The Weasleys and Hermione were gathered at the wedding-chapel waiting for the ceremony to begin and Hermione Granger had a glass of something stronger than butterbeer.

'You shoot up, Ronskins!' the witch said and took a gulp.

Ron decided to get help from his mum. He slowly turned to the plump woman sitting next to him.

'Mum, you have to do something to Hermione. She is more drunk than…well, she is drunk,' the youngest Weasley boy wailed and motioned to the girl arguing with some black hooded Death Eaters about who was better in bed: Richard Gere or David Hasselhoff.

'Not now, Ronny, mummy is also having a nice drink,' Molly said and drank the nice drink while her husband watched her silently.

'Oh, for fucks sake, you women!' Ron hollored, stood up and started to walk towards the gift-table to inspect it. He didn't get too far before he collided with somebody. Ron was about to fall when two strong hands grabbed him by his arms and prevented it.

'Mr. Weasley,' Severus Snape purred.

Ron lifted his eyes to his "saviour".

'I don't love you!' the red haired boy screamed when he realised it was his professor, and then ran off.

'I'm glad he doesn't. Otherwise I would have to bite him,' a warm voice said behind the professor while two hand sneeked aroung the black haired man's waist.

The Wedding. The ringcarrier and offspring.

'But father!' Draco Malfoy tried once again. He had been trying for an hour to get his way but his father turned out to be very stubborn about his request.

'Just give me the ring and say you lost it. We could all be happy if you did! I even got you Jon Bon Jovi,' Draco pleaded and pointed the rock star, bind and gaged trashing around trying to free himself.

'No Draco! I can't do it. If I did, Our Lord would never speak to me again! And if I can't get him, at least I'm going to take the little I can,' Lucius sniffed and grabbed Jon, disappearing with the man to the next room.

'Well baby, so much for that plan. What next, what next. Think Draco, think--,' the blond boy murmured as he rubbed his large belly.

The Wedding. The ceremony.

People had finally been seated and the groom was ready. The priest, abducted from Las Vegas, stood in the middle of the altar stroking his sweaty palms to his ropes. It wasn't every day you got to wed people this weird.

It didn't take long for the music to start and the double doors to open to let the bride in.

Harry wore plain blach ropes that were very similar to a tuxedo. His hair had been combed and his glasses repaired. As he walked toward the altar people stood up to honor him for being the other half of a holy matrimony. When he arrived to the altar he took a deep breath and smiled to his fiancé who was looking him up and down like he was the next best thing after Arnold Swarzenegger -- who was very desirable in Voldemort's list.

'Dear friends and foes, we have gathered here to celebrate this very unique, as I was told, occasion. The joining of Tom and Harry.'

The pries chattered for an hour about nothing at all and then finally asked for the rings which Lucius gave while tears leaked from his silver eyes.

'Now, if there is someone who is against this marriage they should speak now or be silent forever,' the priest said and glanced around the hall. No one stood or said anything. There may have been heard some drunken sniffing but it didn't count.

'Now if you could place the ring onto Harry's ringfinger Tom,' the man said and motioned Voldemort to do as he said.

Voldemort took the ring to his right hand and Harry's hand to his left and started to place the ring. When he tried to push is to the hilt there was a strange magical power which didn't allow him. Voldemort shrivelled his forehead and tried again but after five minutes he gave up and hurled the piece of jewel to the floor. As he was about to open his mouth and yell at somebody an owl flew in and settled onto his sholder, stretching its right leg to deliver an envelope.

The entire hall of guests was silent as Voldemort read and then re-read the letter. Finally he put the letter into his pocket and turned towards the quests.

'Well, I'm sssorry to sssay but there hass been a mistace. Potter here issssn't my mate and if you would excuse me I have to leave and find out who iss. Tata!' And with that Voldemort left Harry alone to the altar.

As they all sat silently they could hear Voldemort starting up his Batmobile and then accelerating away.

'Prace the Lord!' someone shouted.

The Wedding. The Pussycat.

Harry was very mad. He had been so close to finding his thongs and now someone had had the balls to ruin his wedding! For a moment Harry just fumed but then grabbed the ring from the floor and hurled it towards a mirrow that was hangging on the wall. The ring bounced and finally ended up falling into a flower vase. It went down jingling but landed onto something soft at the end.

Harry's eyebrows wrinkled as he and all the other guests stared at the vase. Suddenly a bright light shoot out from the vase causing it to burst. The radiation from the explosion sparkled to the mirror, creating a green portal.

'How in the name of Merlin did that happen?' Percy asked in awe.

'Look, I think it's the ring and MY thongsies!' Hermione shouted and pointed at the floor where the broken vase was with the ring and thongs among it's broken pieces.

'May I ask who summoned me?' a low and powerful voice suddenly asked.

Everyone turned to see where the voice was coming from. To the guests surprice the green portal now had a face in it. Without shame everybody pointed their fingers at Harry who himself was quite lost.

'Well boy, I have a busy life, so make it quick,' the face said.

'Make what quick? Who are you?' Harry asked and tried to look around for help.

'I'm Pussycat,' the voice said harsly, not liking that people didn't know who he was.

'Hmm, sorry...I don't know what--,' Harry mumbled and fiddled with the hems of his sleeves.

'I am Pussycat, the demon of visual desires. I live in powerful thongs and underwear. You have one request, to wish something you can see in this reflection-instrument,' the demon said and waited.

'Ah, well...my dad...yeah I would like to see my dad,' Harry said to the demon.

'As you wish,' the demon said and vanished. The green material started to spin like a windmill until it halted to a stop. For a while the mirror was black until brigh light started to drain from the frames towards the center of the reflection.

The wedding guests silently watched as a shape, no, shapes of humans started to appear.

'What the hell! Sirius where are we? Stop touching my arse!' a male voice chided as the shapes started to become clear.

'D-dad?' Harry asked with a trembling voice as he took a step closer to the mirror.

'Harry!' James Potter shouted as he turned towards the room full of people.

'Sirius, we made it! We can still stop it!' James hooted merrily as he hugged his friend who was also smiling at Harry.

'Stop what, dad? And why was Sirius touching your arse? Where's mum?' Harry fired.

'The wedding of course! No son of mine is going to marry some drag queen big flaming homo,' the older Potter ranted to his son and continued by shouting to the animagus next to him,' and Sirius I told you to restrain that hand, have to keep up the happy hetero image!'

Eyebrows were raised to that comment all over the room.

'No need to try Prongs,' a voice snarled from the back of the room.

'Moony!' Sirius shouted when he saw who the speaker was.

'Hello Sirius,' Remus said not smiling to his long lost friend, either of them.

'Potter, mutt,' Severus Snape acknowledged securing his hand tighter around his wolf.

'What the hell, Snivellus! Get your greasy hands of Remus!' Sirius shouted and tried to come through the mirror, not succeeding as he hit his head to it and fell from the view.

'Eh, Remus. Hmm...sorry?' James tried to calm down Remus who he saw to be near breaking point.

'No need to apologize James. What´s done is done,' Remus said and took Snape's hand and lead him out of the room.

'No wonder Harry is so gay. Now we know where the genes came from,' Hermione, still a bit drunk, giggled silently to her her boyfriend´s ear.

For a moment the room was silent. No one knew what to make of this mass of information. Because the day was already quite weird the guests finally decided to move on to the reception room and have little cake.

'B-but I'm pregnant!' Draco wailed and hurled off his large robes under which a huge stomach of nine months achieved in a week was revealed.

'Malfoys don't bottom, Malfoys don't bottom, never, never, never,' Lucius Malfoy started to hum.


The real mate.

As Tom stepped inside the room he saw the bed that would be the place they would use for-- He saw the windows that wouldn't bring him his freedom and he saw the chains on the wall...those made him a little bit happier.

He tried to breathe deep to calm down his nerves. It couldn't be that bad. No, he was just about to consume his mateness with his mate. His knees still felt like warm butter so he decided to sit down. He walked onto the left side of the large bed and made himself comfortable.

For a while he sat there until the oak door opened to reveal his mate. Albus Dumbledore closed the door behind him and smiled "kindly" to Tom.

'You know the rules, Tom. I won't let you die and you will give up your magical powers and disappear. Do you understand?' the older man asked as he started to open his purple-yellow robes.

'Yessss. I undersstand to conditionsss,' Voldemort hissed and tried not to look at his mate, as alluring he was. The sweet smell of green apples, salty sea and lemon was starting to be too much of a challenge to him.

While the letter hadn't explained anything, he sure did guess who his mate was when he arrived to the wrenched school. He could nearly pinpoint the moment he had realised who his mate had been all along. And for the simple stupidity he reminded himself to smack his face when he had enough time.

'Now, Tom, this would be much more comfortable if you lost some of your clothes,' Dumbledore said and pulled off his red thongs and, in all his glory, stood in front of Voldemort who was having troubles keeping himself from jumping onto the Adonis standing there all wrinkly and loose skinned.

'Ah, yesss...uh..of courssse,' he said and stood up, his legs shaking a little. He disrobed his black cloak and then started to open his shirt. I didn't take long for him to be as naked as his mate. After he had fully undressed he folded his clothes and placed them onto the chair next to the window.

When he finally turned to his mate he was sure he was blushing. It had been a while since he had had sex and, well, he wasn't in the best of shapes. And oh god...

Dumbledore just stood there watching him under those half-moon glasses. His blue eyes pinning his soul, releasing some weird waves down there.

For Merlin's sake stop this insanity. Voldemort's inner eye screamed. You are the Dark Lord, little things like sex are nothing to you! the voice continued.

'To the bed then?' Albus said and gestured to the soft sheets. He himself climbed first and then gazed at Voldemort demanding him to join him.

Voldemort took a hesitant step and then...he was there with him. Well at least he wasn't going to die. Living as a muggle was way better than dying...he tried to cheat himself.

They sat there for a moment not looking at each other until Voldemort felt the mattress dip and a hand on his thigh. It felt like pure fire on his grey-white skin. He didn't dare to look up to his old teacher's face, oh no, he decided it was better this way. The hand wasn't that large or overly broad. The fingers were long and quite skillful as he was about to learn later.

Dumbledore's hand had been rubbing him slowly, time to time tangling it into his beard. Without him noticing the older man's other hand grabbed his slightly bony one and guided it towards the erection between the Headmaster's legs. His breath trembled as his hand touched him for the first time.

'Stroke it. Now that's a good boy,' Albus panted as Voldemort took the first few strokes.

Tom is amazing. His bony fingers sliding up and down my penis. Oh, this has been worth waiting. All these years.

They pleased one another until Dumbledore forced Voldemort on his back. It didn't take long for Tom to realize what was about to happen.

'Don't even think I'm going to sssubmit to you. I'm the Dark Lord for Merlin'ssss ssssake!' Voldemort screeched trying to escape but Dumbledore crashed on top of Voldemort with his whole bodyweight and thus cut off his escape.

'Now, now, dear boy. There is no need to be afraid. Lemon Drop? It soothes the mind,' Albus said, his dick digging a hole into Tom's loin. And so poor Tom took the candy and let Albus have his wicked way with his body.

When Tom was finally calm Albus started to caress the slim body underneath him. He fingered the pointy ribs and the pot-hole of a stomach. When his fingers reached Voldemort's genitals (dick and left testicle, the right one was lost when he had his re-birth) he started to fist his prize.

Voldemort was doped so he didn't much care what Bumblebee did to him as long as it felt good. Fingers at his loose back door didn't even stir a response and when something slightly bigger than fingers entered him it was anygays too late. They had fulfilled the mating.


Voldemort woke up the next morning remembering nothing. His head felt like he had been hit by a herd of squirrels. His muscles cramped from every direction, his mouth was dry and his left testicle was dryer the Sahara. He rose from the strange bed he had been sleeping on. The room was light and quite roomy. He fumbled his clothes on which he found from the chair next to the window. For Merlin'sss sake where the heck am I?

'Good morning, Tom. I hope you slept well,' a voice too familiar said suddenly from the doorway. Oh ssshit! Not again! This wouldn't be the first time he had found himself somewhere he shouldn't. Like the time Sienna had surprised Jude with the "nanny" or the time when he had been in London and spend a night with Hugh Grant in the back seat of an automobile or the time he had accidently apparated in Tom Cruise's changing-room (while escaping Dumbledore) and had had a wild romb with the man while this Katie girl had been visiting her new best friend...some pepper girl or something, Voldemort didn't really care.

'Dumbledore!' Voldemort shouted and tried to find his wand which wasn't where it should have been.

'What have you done with my wand, old man, and why the hell am I here?' the snake faced man bellowed and pointed at the headmaster with his stick like fore-finger.

'If I remember accurately, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but last night, dear husband, we mated and thus you gave up your magical powers,' Dumbledore said and stepped into the room with a house elf following behind him.

'What? Mated? You mussst have lossst the little you had left up there! Harry Potter isss my mate and we were mat--,' Voldemort started but was soon shutted when Dumbledore gestured the house elf to stuff his mouth with cake tark.

'Well actually Tom, Harry was never your mate to beginning with,' the older man said and took a cup of tea. He stirred it once, twice, three times and then added four tea-spoons of sugar.

'Bu-but the thongsss! I sssmelled hisss ssscent on them! Veelasss are neverrr wrong in that area Dumbledore, you ssshould know that you old fool!' Voldemort laughed coldly and munched his tart.

'Well, then I just have to prove my word now,' Albus said and took a tart himself and continued,' don't I. You remember nothing from last night am I right?'

'Yesss,' the Dark Lord hissed and sulked.

'Well, shortly after the wedding had been interrupted because it wasn't the right one you got my letter where I explained that Harry wasn't your real mate.

It didn't take long for you to arrive here at Hogwarts and my office demanding answers. Still no memory?' Dumbledore asked from the now shocked Dark Lord.

'Sssome blurry partsss but--,' Tom said eyes un-steady.

'Ah yes, well let´s continue then. Where was I, oh yes you arrived and demanded some facts. And here we come to my brilliant plan of which I told you of course. It all started when you were a young boy. Do you remember your school days here, Tom? Days when it was impossible to avoid me? Days I would literally stand on your heels? Your veela magic started to work when you were in your last year here and it was making me crazy. Everytime I saw your taut little tussy walking past me I just wanted to grab it and..uh..well yes..ah,' the Headmaster stuttered a little.

'Why didn't I, myssself know about me being a veela Dumbledore? And if I remember correctly it'sss around 17 when veelasss ssstart to change. What happened to me then?' Voldemort asked, eyes redder then ever.

Dumbledore seemed to sadden a little. He sighed and then started once again with his story.

'You did it to yourself, Tom. You started to become darker and more evil. You even tortured some of the house elfs down in the kitchens. You changed slowly from Tom Riddle to Voldemort. All that dark magic you sucked inside yourself slowed down your 'normal' growth. Did you know that Veelas are actually born of light? No you probably didn't. Long story short you suffocated your true self,' the Headmaster stopped his speech.

'Why now? Why in the name of Salazar Slytherin!' Voldemort shrieked, his puberty voice cracking the windows.

'It was the right moment,' Albus said to his new husband.

'The right moment! How ssso? I'm the freeking Dark Lord! Couldn't you have waited until I had conquered the world?' Tom pounted.

'Well no. I had to use Harry's thong-obsession-phase to my advantage,' Dumbledore said and took another cake.

'I knew there was something wrong with them! How did you do all this?' Voldemort asked icely.

'Very easy, Tom,' Dumbledore smiled,'I just asked Dobby the house elf to switch mine and Harry's thongs and then I used a little, shall we say, persuation to young Mr. Malfoy and in no time you were very crazily trying to get to your "mate's" pants.'

'Fucking Slytherin!'

'Well yes, I did,' Albus said and wiggled his eyebrows.


Two days after the sex.

'Welcome to Paradise Beach, Mallorca,' the hotel manager said to Voldemort as he stood in front of the help-desk.

'How may I help you sir?' The blondish man asked and smiled tirely.

'There ssshould be a booking by the name of Tom Riddle-Dumbledore,' Voldemort said and winced.

'Ah yes Mr. Riddle-Dumbli-door,' the man said and checked the reservation from the notice-board.

'Here we are, room number 69. If you need any help with your luggage then please ask and I will call for the valleyboy,' the man said and handed Voldemort his key for the room.

'Pleasse call the boy. I have more thingsss with me than J.Lo hass assss,' Voldemort sighed.

'Marcello!' the manager shouted.

A young man in his twenties walked to the reception. He wore a white collar-shirt and black pants. He smiled pleasantly at Voldemort and then took hold of his luggage and started to walk towards the elevators.

Hmm, maybe thiss "vogation" won't be ssso bad after all,' Tom mused as he fallowed the tight arse toward his room.

The End.