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The best way to convey information is through written words and actions Anonymous

Sara knocked gently on Grissom's office door.

"We cracked the case" she said softly, "We got him"

"I promised I'd talk to you when we cracked it, didn't I?"

"Mmm-hmm." Grissom stood up from behind his desk,

"I'm gonna break that promise"

"Oh, OK, I'll go then."

"No! No, no, no." he walked over to her and took her hands, partially to keep her from running, "That's not what I meant"

Sara looked down to his hands holding hers and tilted her head "Well, what do you mean?"

"What I mean is, what I want to express to you can't be put in words." He brought one of his hands up to her neck, her eyes following its path, "So we won't be talking." He leaned in slowly, watching her incase he was about to do something she didn't want. But he was given all the reassurance he needed when she tilted her head towards him.

They closed their eyes and as his lips pressed softly against hers, Sara put her hands up to his neck and kicked the door closed behind her to keep out the prying eyes of friends and colleagues.

Alyssa sat in the empty hall of the CSI building, a box at her side. She took off her head phones as she saw Greg approaching her.

They spoke nothing of Felix or their mother but instead of their father. They both shed tears before opening the box. And more tears were cried when they opened an envelope that enclosed the money that had lead to their father's murder.

Greg kept a safe arm around his sister as they read their way through the letters.

Once they had finished, Nick made his way down the hall to them. He handed Greg another letter and explained it was from their mother. He hugged Alyssa and left them alone to read.

What they found was this:

Greg, Alyssa,

Please don't hate me. We needed the money. And your father had left us. It can't be that hard on you, but I am sorry.


Alyssa took the note from Greg's hands and ripped it in half.

"She doesn't know we found the letters. Dad didn't abandon us" she sniffed "I can't forgive her, Greg. Does that make me as low as her? I saw dad's body, lying there, lifeless. I can't forgive her for that, she had him killed for nothing."

"She tried to turn us against him. No one is as low as that. Especially not you." he stood and picked up the box under one arm and held out his spare hand to help Alyssa up "Come on kiddo, you're staying with me."

They walked outside and then drove home, not knowing how hard the road ahead was going to be, but somehow prepared for it.


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